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At the hospital, Brando and Sasha find out the baby is doing fine. Dr. Navarro leaves them to arrange a tour of the delivery room and to see the nursery. Brando can’t believe this is happening, and says, “You, me and the baby make three.” Gladys appears and chimes in, “Make that four.” Gladys had a follow-up on her wound from the shooting and saw this appointment in his calendar for today. She asks if the rumor that Sonny is alive is true. Brando says it is. Gladys cries crocodile tears that no one thought to call and tell her, but who says miracles don’t happen. Gladys thinks Sonny being back is good for Brando, and suggests he hit him up for a job in one of his legitimate businesses because he can do better than the garage. Brando likes the garage. She urges him to try to want more, like better.

Brando and Sasha's baby news GH

Brando escorts his mother out to the hall. He makes it clear he wants nothing from Sonny and wants to make his own way in this world. Gladys asks if there is a place for her in this new family of his. Brando loves her, but he won’t have any part of her constantly picking at Sonny. The doctor returns and offers to take him and Sasha to see the delivery room. Brando and Sasha take the tour, which Gladys crashes just as Brando thought he had established some ground rules with her.

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At Spring Ridge, Alexis worries to Shawn about Spencer, who was Ava’s stalker. She knows Nikolas wasn’t the best role model, but he has a good heart. She’s sorry for talking about her family, which is likely why he didn’t come there. She asks if he has new leads on Hayden’s shooting. Shawn does and admits he may have been looking at the wrong Cassadine.

Alexis and Shawn discuss Cassadines GH

Shawn informs her about his talk with Jax, who admitted that it was Nikolas who ran Hayden out of town last time. Alexis knows they initially had a rough marriage but thought they were working together to oust Valentin. She also doesn’t see how Hayden is connected to Crichton-Clark. Shawn doesn’t know yet, but because of their friendship, he can drop the whole investigation. Alexis knows he deserves justice, and it would be hypocritical of her to stop him from getting it no matter what or who it leads him to.

Shawn has a theory GH

Nikolas returns to Wyndemere and tells Ava that he tried to find Spencer but couldn’t. Ava reveals he was just there looking for him. Nikolas sees this as a good sign, and that Spencer has realized he has to atone and meet him halfway. Ava was hoping he’d be remorseful, especially since Trina was there, but… Nikolas asks, “What happened?” She reveals Spencer showed no remorse because in his mind nobody got hurt. When she told him that they were back together, he didn’t take it well.

Ava breaks news to Nikolas GH

Nikolas thinks if Spencer came to see him, then at least he can do the same. Ava suggests he might need to talk to a lawyer. Nikolas is stunned to learn she had his son arrested. Ava says Spencer made it clear he wouldn’t stop, and only had him locked up because he needs to learn that he can’t mess with her. Nikolas understands, surprising Ava. Ava encourages him to visit Spencer, but not to bail him out. He needs to hit rock bottom. Only then will he realize he needs his father’s love. Until then, this cycle of anger will continue. Nikolas agrees with her that Spencer must learn his lesson and change. Ava says Spencer can be a better man, one like his father. Nikolas reflects on seeing Shawn with Alexis at Spring Ridge and worries.

Nikolas asks what happened

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Phyllis surprises Nina at Crimson. She reveals she came to return Sonny’s things, and she met his wife. She also wanted to see Nina. Nina tells Phyllis to let her have it. Phyllis isn’t there for that. They sit down and discuss Nina’s time in Nixon Falls. Nina knows she made mistakes, but she wouldn’t trade that time for anything. She cherishes getting to know her and Lenny. Phyllis gives her a photo of her and “Mike” and reminds her she got to know someone else too. She offers to let Nina keep the photos, but she refuses. Nina needs to forget about him because he wasn’t real. Phyllis says “Mike” was real and he made Lenny’s last days better.

Nina has to let go of Mike GH

Nina knows her lies cost Phyllis the Tan-O. Phyllis says a building is just stuff and it’s people who matter. Nina wishes she could see things that way. Phyllis believes if the time in Nixon Falls helped her heal, then that was important. She reveals to Nina that she didn’t give Sonny everything, and pulls out his broken watch. She found it on a walk after he tossed it away to leave his past behind. Nina says she at least has the knowledge that in one brief moment, “Mike” chose her. Nina offers to make sure he gets it back.

Phyllis and Nina discuss Sonny GH

In the Metro Court bar Sonny and Jax talk. Jax wants both Carly and Nina to be happy. Sonny wishes him good luck with that as Nina made her choices. Jax reminds him that he had a different life in Nixon Falls, and he was hoping he’d give Nina a chance seeing he has his life back. Sonny rants that she took his life from him. Jax reminds him that she gave him something else in return, her heart. Jax advises if he ever had feelings for Nina then recognize the good in her, despite her mistakes. He asks him to let go of his anger and walk away and leave whatever happened between him and Nina in Nixon Falls. Sonny appreciates the talk and departs.

Jax confronts Sonny about Mike GH

Sonny enters Nina’s office and finds her with Phyllis. Phyllis leaves them to talk. On her way out, she tells Sonny to remember the “Mike” in him, and be kind.

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Jason catches Carly placing a call to talk to Jax about Aurora Media and the future of Crimson. Carly knows what Jax is going to say, but she doesn’t care. She wants Nina to pay and lose everything. Jason feels this won’t help anyone, and she has more important things to do. Carly knows she must sit down with Sonny and have a talk with him about their wedding day and the feelings they shared. She fears it could change between the three of them. Jason believes Sonny will understand.

Carly wants Nina to lose GH

Carly admits she wonders if the man Sonny became, this bartender, has changed him. Carly reveals she asked him why he didn’t tell her that Nina knew the truth all along, and he said he didn’t want her going after Nina. Carly cries that she doesn’t know how to put what happened behind her because she still doesn’t know if this is her Sonny. Jason thinks whatever happened in Nixon Falls doesn’t matter.

Jason listens to Carly vent GH

Jax returns Carly’s call. He says his assistant said she wanted to talk to him about Crimson. Carly says she had an idea, but it was a bad one. Jax chuckles that she just admitted she had a bad idea. Carly hangs up and agrees to Jason that Nina is off-limits, for now. If Nina can stay away from her and her family then just maybe they can avoid a war.

On the next General Hospital: Nina asks Sonny if he’s ordering her to leave town, and Ava asks Scott why Nina might need a lawyer.

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