Spencer apologizes to Trina at Wyndemere General Hospital
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At Wyndemere, Trina is annoyed that Spencer still isn’t sorry for what he did to Ava. After Ava leaves them alone, Trina tells Spencer he needs to up his apology game. He tries apologizing to her again. She vents about how much he scared her. Spencer insists that he’s sorry he lied to her; she means a lot to him and he wants them to be friends. Ava returns and Trina takes off. After pouring a drink, she tells him that his battle against her is over. She rants about how he hurt her. He throws her betraying his father back in her face. He may be sorry for how far he went, but he’s not sorry for going up against her. Ava says she’s not going anywhere and there will be hell to pay if he comes after her again. She calls the police in and has him arrested.

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Brando and Sonny discuss choices at Corinthos compound General Hospital

Brando gives Sonny a hug at the Corinthos compound. They catch up about Renault and Sasha’s baby. Sonny is surprised to hear that Brando has left the business for a quiet life. He’s disappointed but gets it, adding that the most important thing is family.

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Nikolas and Alexis argue about Spencer at Spring Ridge General Hospital

Nikolas drops by Spring Ridge and informs Alexis that he and Ava are back together. He fills her in about his son being the stalker. She suggests he drove him to it when he faked his death. However, she’s sure they can work it out. That’s not what he wants. Alexis says his son is acting just like him and he should be better for Spencer’s sake.

Esme apologizes to Cam and Joss outside Kelly's General Hospital

Outside of Kelly’s, Esme tells Cam and Joss that Spencer has lost his father and friends. She’s sorry for the role she has played in all of this. Seeing Spencer in pain is torture. Cam has agreed to forgive her so she wonders if Joss can too. Joss says she will find a way. After Esme heads inside, Joss complains to Cam that that was all an act. They debate it. She’s sure Esme is using Spencer. They don’t know anything about her and she suspects that Esme has pushed Spencer to act so extremely.

Inside, Esme gets a call informing her she got the internship at Spring Ridge. On her way out, she tells Joss how lucky she is to have Cam. She encourages her again to forgive Spencer, adding she’d be wise to accept her as part of the deal.

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Nina and Sasha talk mistakes at Crimson General Hospital

Sasha strolls into Crimson and tells Nina that the magazine’s circulation is up. The topic turns to Nina keeping Sonny a secret. She understands why Nina did what she did, but she’s sure she will suffer for it for the rest of her life. Becoming a mother has taught her how horrible what she did to Nina was. She showed her what it looked like to be a loving mother. Pacing the room, Nina rehashes everything that happened in Nixon Falls, claiming she wasn’t just trying to get back at Carly. Sonny was different there and at peace with the world. They chat about Sasha’s pregnancy until Brando drops by and takes Sasha away. Nina thinks about Sonny and catches her breath.

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Jax joins Shawn at the Metro Court bar to discuss Hayden. He explains that Nikolas scared her out of town. That’s news to Shawn. He takes off.

Carly and Britt discuss Jason at Metro Court General Hospital

Carly corners Britt to discuss Jason. She apologizes for talking “a bunch of crap” about Jason to her. Carly explains that she and Jason’s marriage was more than just a business arrangement. They were going to be happy together as a real husband and wife. Now Sonny is home and they want things to go back to the way they were. Britt says that’s not going to include her getting back with Jason. They agree Jason is amazing but Britt doesn’t want him back. She’s glad this happened before she could fall for him because she’s realized he would always put Carly first. The doctor accuses her of being in control of Jason’s life. Carly says accepting her place in his life is the price of admission and Jason is a hard habit to break. “Not for me,” Britt says, walking out. Sonny wanders in. After Carly walks off for a meeting, he heads over to Jax and says they have a lot to chat about.

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