Phyllis pushes Sonny about Nina GH
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At the Corinthos estate, Carly has her morning coffee with Sonny and they share a kiss. A guard interrupts to let Sonny know that he has a visitor. Phyllis enters carrying a box and Sonny smiles as he introduces Phyllis to Carly. Carly thanks Phyllis for taking such good care of her husband, and Phyllis calls him a godsend to her and Lenny. Phyllis found some of Sonny’s belongings and wanted to return them. Carly decides to give them a chance to catch up alone and tells Phyllis she’s always welcome in their home.

Sonny and Carly get a visitor GH

Carly departs, and Phyllis admits she came for more than the box. She wanted to properly meet him. He introduces himself as Sonny Corinthos, and they hug. Phyllis also says she found photos of him and Nina, which she didn’t include in the box. She knows he left behind a complicated situation in Nixon Falls, and wonders if it’s as equally complicated now that he’s home. He says it’s been an adjustment. He inquires about the Tan-O, but Phyllis doesn’t know if she’ll rebuild or even stay in Nixon Falls. Sonny offers to put her at the Metro Court. She takes him up on the offer because she also has business with Nina. Sonny blames her for the loss of the Tan-O and doesn’t know why she’d want to see Nina. In spite of her mistakes, Phyllis knows deep down Nina has a good heart, and she can’t cut her out of her life. She asks Sonny if he can’t say the same.

Phyllis meets Carly GH

At the Metro Court, Nina meets with Britt and fills her in on Anna and Valentin’s leads on Peter, but so far there is no news on Obrecht. Nina asks how Britt is doing, and she says she’s been keeping busy with work. Nina asks about Jason, but Britt says that’s no more. Nina feels that’s due to her. Britt tells Nina that she did her a favor, as Carly will always come first for Jason and she’s nobody’s second. Nina decides not to stay for breakfast and pay for Carly’s inflated breakfast prices. Britt tells Nina to watch her back because Carly’s likely not done with her yet.

Britt won't be second choice GH

At another table, Portia has breakfast with Trina and wants to know all about her classes, and how working at the gallery without Ava is. Trina tells her that Ava didn’t leave because she unmasked her stalker. Trina fills her in on everything that went down, and the fact that she feels guilty for hurting Spencer. Portia assures her that this is all Spencer’s doing and notes the Cassadine men are not to be trusted. Trina feels like she also hurt Ava by keeping Spencer’s secret that he was in town for weeks. Portia says she can do something about that, so Trina decides to skip breakfast.

Trina shocks her mother GH

Up in a room, Spencer returns from a run and confronts Esme for telling Sonny that his father was going to take his daughter from him. She is sorry it blew up in their faces, but everything she did was for him. He knows and thinks it’s time to leave the scheming in the past. Esme thinks the same goes for his so-called friends. Spencer calls Joss and Cam true friends and the only real friends he’s probably ever had. There is a knock at the door, and a woman tells him that his card has been declined again. He asks her to run it again, but she says it’s been canceled. He knows this is his father’s doing and tells Esme that it’s time they pack.

Esme Spencer hotel GH

Esme and Spencer head down to the restaurant. He spots Britt and needs to have a conversation with her alone. Esme leaves, and Spencer approaches Britt. He tries to convince her to let him and Esme stay with her, but she tells him it’s not possible as she lives at the hotel. She wonders why he’d want to leave Wyndemere anyway. Spencer reveals he was kicked out and tells her the whole story. Britt scolds him for all the people he hurt. She understands making mistakes but tells him that he has to go to Nikolas to make amends. He begs Britt to at least get him and Esme a room for one night while they figure things out. Carly appears and tells him no way, not in her hotel after how he used Avery and Sonny in his vendetta against Ava. Spencer apologizes to Carly and Britt and departs. Alone, Britt defends Spencer to Carly and hopes he and Nikolas work things out. Carly thinks the two of them need to have a radically honest talk too.

Spencer has a proposal GH

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At Wyndemere, Nikolas kisses Ava and tells her that he’s never letting her go again. Nikolas gets an alert from a monitor he put on Spencer’s card and it tells him that he’s at the Metro Court. He makes a call and Ava asks him about it. Nikolas admits he’s written Spencer off. Ava worries that Spencer will see this as a punishment and it will only stoke his anger. She reminds him that Spencer only learned such behaviors from watching his father’s schemes, so don’t punish him on her account. Ava gets a message and says she’s about to get a visitor.

Ava Nikolas celebrate GH

Later, Trina drops by, and Ava is happy to see her and says it’s thanks to her that she has her family back. Trina comes clean about how she covered for Spencer for weeks, which allowed him to do what he did. Ava informs her that Spencer used her and she did nothing wrong. Trina will never trust Spencer after what he did to Ava. Suddenly Spencer appears looking for his father.

Trina visits Ava GH

Back at Metro Court, Nikolas arrives and runs into Portia. Portia is furious that his family has hurt her daughter. She tells him that he needs to shut his out-of-control son down, and the next time he sees Spencer, tell him to stay away from her daughter.

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At Kelly’s, Cam and Joss discuss Spencer and Esme being the stalker. Joss thinks Esme might be the one actually calling the shots. Cam reminds Joss that Spencer is no angel. Joss knows Spencer set this in motion, but she still wants what is best for Spencer, and Esme only brings out the worst in him.

Joss has news GH

Nina arrives, spots Joss and Cam, and realizes she’s the last person Joss wants to see. Cam gets back to work and heads outside. Nina tells Joss how truly sorry she is and goes to leave. Joss stops her and says she has something for her. She shows her the journal that Nina gave her for graduation, and she rips the pages out she wrote after Sonny’s funeral and the grief they all went through. Joss notes she didn’t just lie to them, but to her father, who was shot trying to defend her. Joss tears all the pages which are her thoughts to keep, but she never wants to see the journal or Nina again. She angrily hands it to a tearful Nina.

Nina pays a visit GH

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Outside, Esme approaches Cam and says she desperately needs his help. She reveals that she and Spencer were thrown out, and Spencer has been cut off financially. Esme cries that Spencer has lost his father and now his friends. She doesn’t want to come between Spencer and his real friends, which is what he calls her and Joss. Cam says he’s still Spencer’s cousin, and he doubts he’s lost Joss either. Joss walks out to find Esme with Cam.

Esme needs Cam GH

On the next General Hospital: Alexis advises Nikolas not to turn his back on Spencer, Spencer apologizes to Trina, Britt lets Carly know, “That’s not going to happen,” and Nina continues to face the consequences.

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