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Sam arrives at Dante’s room in Monte Carlo and has news. She relays Anna’s voice message about finding the real nurse hired to help Maxie, who told them about the prison she and Drew were being held in. Dante thinks they are off to Crete now. Sam already has the travel arrangements being made as they speak. Dante realizes they have some time to talk and brings up what she told him last night about where she stands with Drew. Sam swears finding Drew is all about Scout, not her. Dante believes her and has been thinking about what’s going on between the two of them. Dante likes her and doesn’t want to just be work buddies but instead would like to see where this can go.

Sam has news on Drew GH

Sam smiles, and Dante wonders if she’d be interested in going out on a real date. Sam replies that she’s very interested. Dante feels they should take things slowly, and Sam asks if that is because of Lulu. Dante knows things were over between him and Lulu long before her accident as Dustin was about to propose that night. He wants to move slowly so she knows this isn’t about getting over Lulu, but about the two of them. They move in and share a passionate kiss. After, Dante suggests they get to Crete and wrap this case up. Sam thinks that is a good idea because then they can focus on what’s going on between them.

Dante wants to take things slow GH

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Robert and Anna arrive at the hotel in Crete. Anna decides to check on Valentin, and later returns and informs Robert that Valentin isn’t in his room. She thinks something is wrong, but Robert suggests he may have run out on her. Anna knows he wouldn’t do that. As they bicker, Robert realizes Anna is soft on Valentin.

Anna worried about Valentin

Anna approaches the bartender from last night and asks if he gave her friend the message she asked him to. He assures her that he did, and claims her friend left in a fancy sports car that picked him up not long after she departed. Robert thinks that proves Valentin flaked on Anna. She doesn’t believe it and pins the man to the table and demands he tells her the truth. She spots his tattoo and wonders if he works for the Cassadines and if he drugged Valentin and did something to him.

Anna pins bartender GH

Suddenly a masked gunman appears and begins shooting at them. Anna throws the bartender aside, and she and Robert dive behind the bar. They return fire, and Anna hits the gunman in the shoulder. He runs off, and she assumes he was sent by Peter. In the woods, the gunman removes his mask revealing himself to be Drew, who looks at his wounded arm.

Drew is shot in the arm GH

Valentin is locked in a room at Victor’s compound when his uncle finally checks on him. Valentin snarks he thought perhaps Peter had him based on what he last told him. Valentin wonders if his uncle is trying to con him. Victor reminds him that he was the only Cassadine who was nice to him as a boy, and he still feels warm towards him. He claims he’s keeping him in this room for his own protection. Valentin asks what he’s doing to protect Anna from Peter. Victor tells him not to worry about Anna because she has Robert by her side now.

Victor warns of danger GH

Valentin inquires why he’s turned on Peter after helping him. Victor underestimated Peter, and the only thing preventing Peter from killing all of them is his pretending to help him find his daughter. Victor is desperate and begging Valentin for his help. Valentin doesn’t know why he should trust him, noting all they share is the same last name, and he’s not even a real blood Cassadine. He calls himself the spawn of Helena and some unknown groundkeeper. Victor says that’s not true and stuns Valentin by confessing that he is his father. Valentin asks why he’s supposed to believe that. Victor claims that he’s helped him as much as he could over the years, including making sure he got that job at the WSB. He hopes one day they can continue this conversation and move forward, but right now they must stop Peter.

General Hospital

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At the hospital, Maxie runs into Austin. She explains she’s there to buy flowers for Bobbie because it’s her daughter BJ’s birthday. Maxie relays the story of her heart transplant and then asks him about the tension between him and Brook Lynn. Austin is sorry if he’s causing problems for her best friend. Maxie stammers that she is not her best friend, she wouldn’t even consider her a friend. She calls BLQ a troublemaker and fills him in on her past schemes to break up her actual best friend Lulu’s marriage. He asks how long ago that was, and when he finds out it’s been a decade, Austin suggests it might be time to let that grudge go.

Maxie and Austin talk protection at General Hospital

Austin’s noticed some nice moments between her and BLQ. Maxie thinks about her conversations with Brook Lynn and is shocked that they may have somehow become friends. She thanks him for opening her eyes. Austin also knows Brook Lynn said she was the bravest person she knows. Maxie recalls that’s what she said to her as she took Louise away to begin their baby swap plan. She wonders when he heard Brook Lynn say that. He doesn’t know, but for some reason, he remembers hearing it. Maxie comments that BLQ isn’t one to compliment her, so perhaps he dreamt it.

Austin chats with Maxie at GH

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Chase and BLQ meet at the coffee house. She vents to him about Austin’s claim that Leo is autistic, which is causing problems between her father and Olivia. She feels Austin is lying to cause a wedge in the family and distract her father from ELQ business. Chase reveals when he was living there that Leo was shy around him a lot. He suggests she give Austin a chance and hear him out. This could also be good for Leo if there is an issue, and help broker peace between her dad and Olivia.

Brook Lynn complains about Austin to Chase General Hospital

Chase and BLQ arrive at the hospital and find Maxie still talking with Austin. Brook Lynn asks to speak with Austin calmly and alone. They walk off, and Maxie asks Chase what is going on. He explains that he’s tried to talk Brook Lynn out of continuing to be angry at Austin.

In a hallway, Brook Lynn apologizes for jumping on Austin about Leo. If Leo needs help, then she wants him to get help and asks Austin what he thinks is going on with Leo. Austin can’t diagnose him as he’s not a pediatric neurologist. However, he does think Leo could be on the spectrum.

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