Valentin is captured by Victor
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Curtis is locking up his club when Portia drops by. She guesses she’s too late for a drink, but he tells her this place is always open for her. He pours them some wine, and she asks about Jordan. He tells her that Jordan is slowly getting better, and her numbers are heading in the right direction. He brings up the craziness at Barstow’s house. Portia asks if he found out the link between his investigation and Jordan’s. Curtis believes Barstow knew something about Noami’s killer and where Drew might be, and both pieces of information likely got him killed.

Curtis is happy to see Portia GH

Portia shifts the topic to Trina, who’s moving into the dorms, and she admits she came there tonight because she didn’t want to go home to an empty house. Curtis suggests they grab dinner and maybe check out another club so he can eye up the competition.

portia visits curtis GH

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In Monte Carlo, Dante talks with Dallas in her room under the guise of getting to know her. Dallas reveals she’s from Texas and went into work with a defense contractor before starting her own business providing consulting services. He asks what type of services, and she tells him any type that people need. She asks what’s with all the questions. Sam picks the lock and enters, and Dallas wonders if this is a robbery. Sam assures her they only want information from her.

Dante questions Dallas GH

Dante introduces himself and Sam, and they need to know if she ever worked for David Henry Archer, aka Shiloh. Dallas remembers the bastard, who was always out to make a buck for himself during their time in Afghanistan. They lost touch, but a few years ago he contacted her to fake a plane crash and make it look like no one survived. She explains how she pulled it off, and that she was paid two million for the job. However, Archer was only a go-between for a third party.

Dallas has answers GH

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In the compound in Greece, Victor hopes Peter is all settled in and reminds him that he needs to meet the terms of their agreement. He’s housed Drew for two years but needs to be able to access the conditioning his father installed in Drew for him to be of any use. Peter explains his father used a key of some kind to control him, but he hasn’t found it yet. It could be a word, a phrase, or an image. Victor feels Drew may not even be worth all this trouble, and it will cost him a lot to locate Peter’s daughter. Peter promises if Victor gets him his daughter and Maxie then he will provide him with the key to controlling Drew.

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In Drew’s cell, Valentin stirs awake in cuffs, and Drew welcomes him to hell. Valentin realizes he’s been drugged and asks where they are. Drew doesn’t know. Valentin remembers drinking in a village in Crete, which confirms to Drew that he’s in Greece. Drew realizes Valentin isn’t shocked to see him alive. Valentin lets him know that Sam got his call, which set him and Anna on the path to finding him and hopefully Peter August.

Drew rotting in prison GH

Drew confirms Peter was involved with his abduction, but so is Valentin’s relative Victor. Valentin thought he was dead and asks what he wants with Drew. Drew tells him that Obrecht, who is also there, believes Peter is part of a bigger plan of Victor’s. Obrecht feels Peter is working with Victor to find his daughter. Valentin knows Victor doesn’t work for free and Drew notes Peter is racking up a big debt. Valentin tells him about Chloe, who made it to safety. The Cassadine believes Anna will learn about Drew from her, and she’ll eventually realize he’s missing from their hotel. Valentin is sure Anna will locate them, but Peter will likely also realize their position has been compromised. Drew fears that means one or both of them are probably going to be killed. A guard interrupts them and orders Valentin out. Valentin urges Drew to get out alive, and if he finds Peter, kill him!

Valentin in prison GH

Valentin is taken up to see Victor. Valentin informs him that Drew told him about his return from the dead and that Obrecht is also there. Valentin knows he is working with Peter and warns him that Peter will double-cross him. Victor knows that, and suspects he’s already started. Victor states that unless they work together, Peter will kill them both.

Valentin meets Victor GH

Down in the prison, Peter appears gun in hand, in Drew’s cell. Peter warns him that he doesn’t want to shoot him, but he will. They argue, and Peter pulls out a tarot card, the tower card, and tells him that he’s active. Drew goes into a trance and says, “Reporting for duty.”

At the consulate, Anna is shocked to see Robert there. He reveals he’s come to talk to Chloe. Anna reminds him he’s the DA, not an active WSB agent. Robert wants to help Maxie and suggests they are better off working together than alone. She notes she’s not alone. When she reveals she’s working with Valentin, Robert can’t believe she’s still trusting that snake. She explains he wants to find and punish Peter as much as she does. The guard lets Anna know that Chloe is awake, so they go in to talk to her.

Robert surprises Anna GH

In the nurse’s room, Anna explains to Chloe where she is and introduces herself and Robert. Anna needs her help with a case and asks her to tell them what happened to her. Chloe recounts being hired by Peter to help Maxie with her pregnancy, but then she was abducted and woke up in a prison. She was put to work as a nurse and relays meeting Drew who helped her escape. Anna asks if she remembers anything about the location of the compound. Chloe knows it was near the ocean and explains she stole a car and made it to a little town and a bar. There she identified herself, passed out, and when she woke up she was at the consulate. Anna inquires how far she drove to get to the town. Chloe thinks it was about twenty miles.

Anna questions Chloe GH

Back in Monte Carlo, Dante and Sam return to their room. Sam suspects the third party who paid for the staged crash was Peter. Dante feels Peter couldn’t have done this on his own and he had to have had help, but he doesn’t know who or where to start. Sam thinks they start with Drew, who is fighting to come home. Dante wonders what will happen when he does. Sam says Scout will have to get to learn to know her father again, and Drew will have to figure out who he is. Dante has sympathy and knows first-hand what it feels like to have your head messed with. As they talk, Sam misses a call from Anna. Dante notes she and others have helped him find a way forward. Sam believes Drew will have to do the same, and she’ll help him, but the Drew Cain she thought she loved never existed.

Sam and Dante discuss Dallas GH

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