Sonny threatens Nikolas at Wyndemere General Hospital
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Ava is at Spring Ridge taunting Ryan. This is better than him being dead. She twists his ear and heads for the door, bumping into Esme on the way. Esme claims she wanted to do volunteer work there. Ava warns her about Ryan and says even his blinks are dangerous. Esme tells her to have a nice time in Bora Bora. Ava is confused so Esme claims she must have just got something wrong. Once Jerome exits, Esme goes to Ryan and apologizes for the delay.

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Outside of Wyndemere, Cam and Trina show Spencer a photo of Sonny with Esme and ask what’s going on.

Sonny threatens Nikolas at Wyndemere General Hospital

Nikolas isn’t pleased that Sonny has burst into Wyndemere with his goons. Sonny says he would have killed him if he’d come home a day later. The prince is baffled. Sonny accuses him of plotting to run off with Ava and Avery. Spencer bursts in before the goons can drag his father off to beat him. Cam and Trina run in and admit they and Joss lied about the tickets to Bora Bora. They were just trying to prove Spencer and Esme were behind the stalking. The adults want an apology. Nikolas wants one from Sonny as well. He doesn’t get one. Spencer admits that he is guilty. He’s been the stalker all along. Esme set the car on fire. Sonny is appalled he used Avery to threaten Ava. He exits with his thugs. Nikolas begins yelling at his son for ruining the life he was building. He begs him to say none of this is true. Ava walks in and asks what isn’t true.

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Carly, Joss and Jax talk Nina at his place General Hospital

At his place, Carly asks Jax what else Nina could be keeping from her. Joss shows up and starts venting about Nina. He tells her unhappy people do desperate things. His daughter senses there is tension between them. Jax admits that he went to Nixon Falls and found Sonny thanks to a hunch he had. He claims Carly is angry he kept this to himself. After she leaves, Joss continues to vent about Nina and hopes her father is finished with her for good.

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Scott and Austin discuss his case at Kelly's General Hospital

Scott meets with Austin outside of Kelly’s. They chat about the trial. He’ll go to court in two weeks and the letter from Edward will be entered into evidence. Scott wants him to always expect the unexpected when dealing with the Quartermaines. Austin says that Michael seems reasonable and he can be very convincing when he needs to be. He thinks he got through to Ned the other day.

Maxie and Nina discuss Carly at Kelly's General Hospital

Maxie meets Nina inside Kelly’s. Nina tells her about her fight with Carly and Maxie apologizes for landing her in it. Carly still hasn’t clued in about the romance with “Mike.” Nina is leaving it to Sonny to explain. She tells Maxie about meeting Sonny in the graveyard and how confused her heart is. Maxie is sure he can’t really pretend that there was nothing between them. Austin drops by the table and Nina thanks him for all the help he gave Maxie. After Nina heads out, Austin asks to sit with Maxie. He admires her for how courageous she’s been in the Peter situation.

Nina bumps into Scott outside and he confronts her for getting Liesl involved in her plans for Peter. He’s determined to find Obrecht. He wishes she’d kept Sonny away. She says his loved ones are thrilled to have him back. The lawyer senses she’s fallen for him. He warns her that Sonny is dangerous but Carly could be worse.

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Brook Lynn and Ned discuss Austin at Quartermaine house General Hospital

Ned is on the phone at the Quartermaine house arguing with his lawyers. Brook Lynn bustles over and lectures him for being a jerk to Olivia. He explains that Austin suspects that Leo is on the autism spectrum and should see a specialist. BLQ says this is nonsense. Ned says Leo is exhibiting some signs. They debate this and then the topic turns to the court battle. Ned insists that the case and Leo are two separate issues. BLQ insists that Austin is exploiting the kid to distract him. She gets a text from Maxie saying she’s with Austin and heads out with Yuri. Leo comes in and barely registers Ned is there as he plays with a toy.

Brook Lynn barges into Kelly’s and lectures Austin, accusing him of using Leo. She insists he’s not part of the family.

Sonny arrives at home. Carly wants to talk about Nina.

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