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At the Quartermaine mansion, Jason advises Carly not to go burning Nina’s life down and make her look like the victim. Carly agrees not to go after Nina, but can’t believe this is happening. She storms out as Ned walks in, asking what’s happened. Jason fills him in on Nina’s lies. Ned is sure Monica will be happy that he’s not married to Carly anymore, but she won’t be happy that Sonny’s back. Ned knows with Sonny calling the shots, Jason will be the one doing the dangerous work, which will kill his mother.

Jason doesn’t think Monica needs to worry. Ned asks him to consider how his choice to be Sonny’s enforcer is hard on his mother and the family. Jason notes he isn’t an angry twenty-year-old anymore, and he takes precautions to stay as safe as possible. Jason decides to stop by the hospital and see Monica and tell her what’s going on.

At Springridge, Alexis gets a visit from Shawn. The ex-lawyer asks for an update on Hayden’s investigation. Shawn tells her about Jordan’s injury, and that Curtis’ investigation into Drew’s whereabouts intersected with his and Sam’s investigation into Naomi’s murder. He fills her in on how the now dead Roger Bartsow, who flew on the flight to Port Charles with Naomi, also used to work at Crichton-Clark where Drew was held. Alexis tells Curtis about her connection to the clinic through her dead uncle and suggests Anna may be able to tell him more about the clinic.

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In Kevin’s office at the hospital, the doctor talks to Laura over the phone. She will be home soon, and he updates her on Nikolas and Spencer, and that Ava is still leaving town. Ava shows up and says she hasn’t left yet and still has unfinished business. After ending his call, Kevin tells Ava that Laura is expecting her to return once her stalker is caught. Ava stopped by to tell him the divorce papers are filed, and she’s said goodbye to Nikolas and Sonny.

Kevin has time to talk if she needs a session. She doesn’t, but does ask the shrink to make her a promise. She asks him to look out for Nikolas and make sure he doesn’t give in to his darker impulses. She’s worried when her absence sets in that he won’t react well. She gives Kevin a farewell hug and departs.

In the hall, Joss spies as Esme introduces herself to Sonny and informs him that Spencer is back in Port Charles. Sonny wonders if his nephew is in trouble. She says he isn’t, but his father may be. She tells him that she overheard Nikolas booking plane tickets for himself and Ava for Bora Bora, and it sounds like they are taking Avery.

Around the corner, Joss is unable to hear what they are saying, so she takes a photo of them. Sonny thanks Esme for coming to him and heads out.

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At Wyndemere, Cam asks Spencer what he could have possibly done that he feels he doesn’t deserve a relationship with his dad. As Spencer is about to open up about what’s been killing him, Trina arrives. She’s surprised to see Cam there, and asks if she’s interrupting something. Spencer wonders why she didn’t call first before coming over.

Trina claims she has to show Ava some documents before she leaves for Bora Bora with his dad. Spencer suggests she try the airport as they aren’t here. Spencer’s phone rings and asks them for some privacy. Trina and Cam step out into the foyer. There, Trina tells Cam he was supposed to leave after giving Spencer the information about Bora Bora so they could tail Spencer and see what he did. Cam says Spencer was almost about to confess, but she blew it with her unexpected arrival.

Meanwhile, Spencer takes a call from Esme, who tells him that she’s made sure Nikolas won’t take off with Ava. He demands to know what she’s done. Esme says someone is about to convince Nikolas to stay, and there could be fireworks at Wyndemere soon.

Back at the hospital, Kevin catches Joss staring at Esme and says hello to her. Esme glances over to see Joss. She approaches them and says hello. After Kevin excuses himself, Esme asks Joss why she was sneaking up on her. Joss wonders what she was talking to Sonny about. Esme explains it was just family business, and she doesn’t understand why Joss and Trina don’t like her. Joss tells Esme to cut the crap because she sees right through her, and whatever she’s planning better not involve her family. Esme warns Joss minding her own business is free, but getting involved in her business will cost her. Esme storms off.

Sonny arrives at Wyndemere and Spencer hugs him and is overjoyed that he’s back. Sonny asks about his father. Spencer assumes he’s on his jet or already in Bora Bora when Nikolas appears out of the blue. Sonny asks the kids to excuse them so he can chat with Nikolas.  Alone, Sonny’s glad he caught Nikolas before he left town. Confused, Nikolas reveals he’s not going anywhere. Sonny tells him, “No, you’re not.”

Outside, Cam and Trina get messages on their phones and look at one another.

Back at Springridge, Ava shows up and fills Alexis in on her plans to leave, saying she’s there to see Ryan and say goodbye to him. She heads over to the catatonic Ryan sitting in his chair, hissing that she knows he had something to do with the person stalking her. Ryan may have won for now, as she is leaving town. However, she will find out the truth and when she returns, he’ll rue the day.

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Carly arrives at Jax’s place and accuses him of conspiring with Nina. He tells her that he had no idea what Nina was up to, and he went to Nixon Falls on a hunch about Sonny. Carly feels he should have told her about this hunch, noting she would never have married Jason if she’d known Sonny was alive. Jax swears everything he did was to bring her husband home. Carly asks how he knew Sonny was there. Jax tells her about the sauce Trina brought home from Nixon Falls which Joss recognized as tasting like Sonny’s. That made him recall that after being shot months earlier, he’d caught what he’d believed to be a glimpse of Sonny. However, Nina had convinced him it was a hallucination.

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Carly doesn’t understand why he’s not angrier that Nina’s been lying to him for months. He explains that Nina believed that Sonny was mentally happier in Nixon Falls. Carly’s sick of the excuses and says he’s still protecting Nina because of his feelings for her. Jax laughs and says when he told Nina to tell Sonny the truth or he would, she accused him of always putting Carly first. Carly snarks she’s sorry she ruined things for him and Nina. Jax informs her that Nina’s moved on from him. Carly wonders what that means. Jax inquires what Nina told Carly about Sonny’s life in Nixon Falls. Carly realizes Jax knows something she doesn’t and wants him to spit it out.

On the next General Hospital: Trina asks Spencer to explain a photo, Sonny refuses to leave Wyndemere until he and Nikolas have an understanding, and Joss tells her mother and Jax that it might be best that it all comes out in the open.

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