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On the island of Crete, Anna and Valentin grab dinner at the hotel and she wants to work on retracing Chloe’s steps. Valentin suggests they take a night off for some drinking. As they sip their beverages, he broods about being back in Greece and his past obsession with taking his place as the Cassadine heir. He admits part of what drove him was to prove himself to Anna after he thought she rejected him. After all this time he finally feels free to pursue her and says she’s gorgeous. Anna thinks he’s had enough to drink, but he jokes she should drink more because it will make him look sexier.

Val and Anna in greece GH

As they continue to drink, Valentin pushes Anna to be honest and tell him what she thinks of him. Anna thinks given he won’t even remember his name in the morning, she’s missed his friendship and admits she likes him, a lot. She brings up her own past misdeeds, and that even though Robert knows her probably better than anyone, he never sold out like the two of them did. Anna sees Valentin and knows he sees her. He smiles and says he’s been saying that to her for months. They move in and share a passionate kiss.

Anna Valentin share Kiss GH

After the kiss, Anna thinks he needs to sober up and heads to the bar to order water and coffee. When she turns around, Valentin’s passed out at the table. Anna gets him back to his room and puts him to bed. The camera pans over to the Cassadine crest tattoo on his arm. Anna returns to the bar and asks the bartender to give her friend the message that she’s going back to the hospital. He assures her that he will. After Anna walks off, the camera zooms on the man’s own Cassadine tattoo on his arm.

Anna and Val drinking GH

In Drew’s cell, a guard tells him that he’s got company and tosses Obrecht in. She’s stunned to see he’s alive, and he wonders who captured her. Obrecht’s been sent to check him over, and to give him some antibiotics, and reveals that Peter August is the one responsible for his original abduction. She fills him in on Peter’s relationship with Maxie, and how he had to make Drew disappear so he couldn’t expose his past misdeeds. She goes on to say Peter even framed her for all his crimes, including Drew’s death, and she was tossed in Steinbauer for a while.

Drew questions Obrecht

Obrecht continues to fill him in on Maxie becoming pregnant, Peter’s plan to kidnap the baby backfiring and the fact that the baby has gone missing. She reveals that Peter is working with Victor to locate his daughter, which is all he cares about. Drew asks who Victor is. Obrecht tells him Victor Cassadine of course, who is very much alive. She explains it was Victor who kidnapped her on the way to try to kill Peter. Drew doesn’t understand what is in this for Victor. Obrecht assumes Peter has something that Victor needs, and once he gets it, Victor will likely end Peter’s life. Drew reveals his plan to escape, which she’s on board with. The guard returns and Obrecht informs him that Drew is ill and his kidney may be bruised, so he should be taken to the hospital. The guard says he’ll tell the boss as he drags Obrecht out.

Obcect shocked by Drew

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Yuri announces to Willow and Michael that Brook Lynn took Bailey upstairs, and Wiley has a visitor. Nina enters, and she can’t believe how much Wiley’s grown. Wiley gives her a hug, and Nina gives the boy a gift. Michael asks if this is just another quick visit, or is she back for good. Nina doesn’t know yet, but she’s said goodbye to her time in Pennsylvania.

Michael Wiley visit from Nina GH

Nina’s tone turns serious, and she thanks them for giving her a second chance with Wiley, and calls them great parents and decent people. They decide to give Nina alone time with Wiley and depart. In the foyer, Willow feels something seems off with Nina as if she’s lost or something. Michael thinks the visit with Wiley will be good for her then. Alone, with the boy, Nina reflects on the fact that this visit might be her last visit with him.

Nina's in big trouble GH

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At the Corinthos estate, Carly is surprised when Joss shows up with Maxie. Joss tells her mother that Maxie has something she should know. Maxie feels part of her should stay out of this, but another part feels Carly has a right to know. Maxie asks Carly to try and reserve judgment. Carly tells her to just spit it out. Maxie blurts out, “Nina’s known for months that Sonny was alive.”

Maxie confesses to Carly GH

Joss is stunned and realizes when she went to get her dad in Nixon Falls that Nina knew Sonny was there. Carly asks how long Nina has known, and how long has Maxie known? Maxie swears Nina just told her this morning, and Nina is remorseful for her mistake. Anger washes over Carly’s face and she says, “A mistake? Is that what we are calling it?” Maxie relays that Nina told her that she tried to call Carly and tell her about Sonny, but then they got into an argument. Joss can’t believe Nina kept this a secret for months because she felt her mom was mean to her and calls Nina’s defense a load of crap.

Joss is furious about Maxie's reveal GH

Joss apologizes and isn’t mad at Maxie, but it feels like she’s making excuses for Nina. Maxie insists what Nina did was wrong, but given her own past, she knows what it’s like to make bad choices out of a place of fear. She asks Carly if she feels like she’s really in a position to judge Nina. Carly admits she’s done questionable things and made terrible decisions, but Nina stole Sonny’s life for months out of spite. She won’t give Nina a pass or an excuse. Maxie knows Nina did something wrong, but she still loves her. Carly seethes that’s the painful part of loving someone who messes up, and Nina’s going to have to live with the consequences. Carly storms out.

Carly questions how long Nina knew GH

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Yuri announces to Nina that Wiley has another visitor. Carly waltzes in and Nina asks Yuri to take Wiley to his room. Once alone, Carly says, “You stole Sonny’s life, and bitch you are going to pay!”

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At the cemetery, Jason tells Sonny that it was his idea to have the funeral, and he pushed Carly to do it, but Sonny understands because they had to send a message to the families. Sonny asks for some details about what he missed, starting with why Dante showed up on police business last night. Jason tells him about Novak and Buscema’s unfortunate “accident” at the wedding, admitting that that they owe Wu for tipping them off regarding their plans. Jason also explains that Cyrus, who is in prison, was involved too. Sonny gloats about what’s going on in Cyrus’ head right now knowing he’s alive and his accomplices are dead. Sonny feels like he’s on top of the world.

Jason and Sonny talk Nina GH

Concerned, Jason asks about his bipolar disorder and if this is a manic episode. Sonny explains Phyllis saw the signs of his disorder months ago and got him on meds. Jason is sorry for what happened, but Sonny says this is not his fault, it’s Nina’s. Jason is confused, so Sonny explains that Nina found him in Nixon Falls months ago. Jason can’t believe Nina knew the whole time and told no one. He’s furious and doesn’t understand why Sonny isn’t angrier. Sonny calls Nina a sad, lonely woman, and he doesn’t see the point in wasting energy hating her. Perhaps he just doesn’t want to let himself get angry. Sonny again tells Jason they need to get rid of his tombstone.

sonny and Jason discuss Nina GH

On the next General Hospital: Scott asks if Ava still wants a divorce. Carly tells Nina that she’ll have to face the consequences. Sonny asks Jason if he left Britt for Carly. And Trina, Cam and Joss put their plan to trap Spencer and Esme into motion.

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