Obrecht threatens Victor on island General Hospital
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At the Corinthos compound, Carly asks Jason how they can make things okay for Sonny. He says Sonny doesn’t know it was almost real and it’s over. She’s worried about how he’s been dealing with his bipolar disorder. Jason repeats that the life they were planning is done and their feelings will go away. Carly is worried that Sonny will get paranoid. Everyone at the wedding could see they weren’t just getting married for gang politics. He says he will tell Sonny the truth if asked, but they didn’t do anything wrong. She prayed for him to come back but it’s disorienting. Jason repeats that everything will be okay.

Jason and Carly discuss their next move at Corinthos compound General Hospital

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Nina apologizes to Sonny in cemetery General Hospital

In the cemetery, Sonny tells Nina that she was in love with a man that he’s not. If he’d wanted to tend bar, he would have stayed in Brooklyn. He admits that he was happy as “Mike” but that was only because he had amnesia. He’s sorry she fell in love with “Mike,” but his falling in love with her was an illusion. Every day she thought about telling him the truth but she couldn’t when she saw how happy and safe he was. Sonny says they were great together but insists it wasn’t real. Nina insists that the man she fell in love with was part of him. She knows she betrayed a lot of people, including their grandson. He accuses her of playing God with his life. Now she has to face the fallout. She’s really sorry. After she walks away, he sighs. He tries to talk to his father’s grave. Jason interrupts. Pointing to his own tombstone, Sonny says they need to do something about it.

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Maxie and Brook Lynn talk Sonny at Charlie's General Hospital

Maxie joins Brook Lynn at Charlie’s Pub while Yuri stands guard. When Joss strolls in, BLQ learns that Sonny is still alive. Joss gives her the whole story while Maxie fidgets. When she realizes that Maxie knows something about what happened when Sonny was away, she urges her to talk to Carly.

Joss takes Maxie to the Corinthos kitchen to talk to Carly.

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At the Greek hospital, Anna and Valentin discuss Chloe’s trail and speculate about what happened to her. They realize that Cassadine Island is close by. He rehashes his relationship with the family and admits that he’s starting to like the man he’s becoming now. So is she. They get an update on Chloe from a doctor and then leave to ask questions in the village.

Obrecht threatens Victor on island General Hospital

On Cassadine Island, Liesl pulls a knife on Victor and threatens to kill him. He’s sorry that she lost her son and that they are going to have to do things the hard way. Peter suddenly appears and pushes a gun against her back. Obrecht is appalled to see they are working together. Happily, Peter explains that he burned a pub to the ground with her niece inside. When he levels the gun at her, Victor orders him to put it down. He has one of his goons drag Obrecht off to be locked up. Once Peter walks off, Chloe’s doctor calls Victor and informs him that two WSB agents visited her.

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Chase and Finn discuss Liz at General Hospital

Liz bumps into Finn at General Hospital and they share an awkward moment before she jumps on the elevator. Chase pops up and asks what’s up between him and Liz. The doctor admits they almost kissed and he doesn’t know what she wants. They grew close under intense circumstances. It’s unclear how this could work under normal conditions. Finn worries that Violet might get attached to another relationship that falls apart. Chase tells him he is overthinking this and urges him to talk to her.

When Liz gets to the nurses’ station, Terry shows up and starts quizzing her about Finn. Liz fills her in about the near-kiss. She’s not sure what’s really between them now that things have gotten back to normal. Terry gives her the same advice Chase gave his brother. Moments later, the nurse bumps into Finn. He asks her to trivia night.

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