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At Maxie’s place, Scott arrives and finds Britt there. He assumes this is about Liesl. Maxie tells them after speaking to Nina, who had an encounter with Peter, that Peter told Nina that Liesl had been handled. Maxie explains that Nina discovered that Sonny was alive, and Peter was blackmailing her because she was keeping that a secret. Scott is stunned, but not surprised, because Sonny’s impossible to kill. Maxie continues to tell them that Nina and Liesl were plotting to lure Peter to St. Lucia where Obrecht would deal with him. Scott realizes that was the reason for the plane crash, but why throw him out of the plane and save his life? Britt believes it’s because her mother isn’t dead. Scott vows to rescue Obrecht and take Peter out.

Scott worries about Obrecht

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At Sonny’s gym, Joss gets a call from Cam, who is at Charlie’s with Trina. He hands the phone to Trina, who tells Joss that Esme is up to trouble and dragging Spencer down with her. Joss agrees to meet up with them. Before she can leave, Esme turns up and tries to get to know Joss better. Joss explains she doesn’t have the time to chat and that things have been all over the place since Sonny came back. Esme is shocked to learn Spencer’s uncle is alive.

Esme talks with Joss GH

Joss arrives at Charlie’s and tells Trina and Cam that she just ran into Esme, and she’s positive the girl is sketchy. Trina believes Esme and Spencer have been working together as Ava’s stalker. Joss asks Cam what he thinks? Cam finds it odd that Spencer was in town on the down-low, and he was furious with Ava for not testifying against Nikolas. They all know he can hold a grudge. Joss worries that Spencer is in over his head with Esme, and exposing him could get him into serious trouble. Trina says or it could exonerate him if it’s all Esme’s doing. Trina admits she actually has gotten to like Spencer and doesn’t want to hurt him.

Joss Trina Cam discuss Spencer GH

At Wyndemere, Spencer tells Nikolas that Esme left to go kickboxing and to shop for materials to redecorate her room. The father and son sit down for a game of chess, and Spencer talks about how he’s never met someone like Esme.

Nikolas and Spencer play Chess GH

Nikolas admits he thought his son liked Trina. Spencer says Trina is a nice girl, but Esme is his person. Esme rushes in and reveals that Sonny is alive. Spencer is overjoyed, and Nikolas realizes this means Sonny can protect Avery, so Ava may not have to leave. Nikolas takes off, and Esme moans that this is a disaster. She says they must do something to keep his dad and Ava apart. Spencer is sure that Ava won’t change her mind about leaving no matter what his father tries.

Spencer learns Sonny alive GH

Nikolas arrives at Charlie’s looking for Ava. Trina informs him that she’s already on her way out of town. The Cassadine asks her to help him find Ava because things have changed. After Nikolas departs, Trina tells Joss and Cam that she has an idea of how to trap Esme and Spencer.

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At the Corinthos estate, Carly tells Jason she’s beyond grateful that Sonny’s back, but she keeps wondering what happens next. She invites Jason in and explains Sonny slept in the guest room. She inquires where Jason went. He tells her he went home to his apartment. Carly can’t help but wonder if things were different if they could have had a wonderful life together. Jason has thought about that too. However he says things have to go back to the way they were, and she has a life with her family and Sonny. Carly cries he’s a part of that life and she doesn’t want that to change. Jason promises he isn’t going anywhere. Carly knows their marriage wasn’t legal, but she meant the vows when she said them. Jason did as well. Carly asks if they will be okay. He says they are okay and will always have each other no matter what. She rests her head on his shoulder and they hold hands. Jason decides to depart, but she stops him because they need to figure out what they will tell Sonny.

Jason Carly talk GH

In the cemetery, Sonny asks Nina if she’s stalking him. She explains she was visiting Nathan’s grave. She asks how he’s doing, but he tells her to stop acting like she gives a damn. He won’t forget that she let his family grieve for him. Nina knows it’s not enough to say, but she is sorry for the pain she caused him. He notes she hasn’t said anything about what she did to his family, and his wife Carly. Nina cries that Carly was trying to erase her from Wiley’s life, so Sonny thinks Nina kept the truth from Carly to make her pay. Nina reminds him that he urged her to fight for Wiley, but he says that was Mike, who doesn’t exist. Nina swears she didn’t plan to lie, but then she got to know him as Mike and they grew closer. Nina was hoping he’d understand. Sonny understands she stole his life from him. He points out if he knew who he was then he could have helped Lenny and Phyllis. He could have erased their debt and given Lenny more time and peace. Nina tells him what he gave Lenny was friendship and loyalty, and Mike was a good man, perhaps the man Sonny’s always longed to be.

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Sonny remembers everything that happened, including how she led him on. He calls it unforgivable. Nina knows nothing she says will make a difference, but she only wanted him to be happy. Sonny says he’s home now where he belongs and with his family. Nina promises to stay out of his way but again says she’s sorry for the time she took from him, and she’s sorry she let him fall in love with her. Sonny thinks about kissing Nina and tells her to forget Mike because he never existed. Nina refuses to forget what she and Mike shared.

In Crete, Victor checks on Obrecht, who’s angry that he’s kept her locked up in her room. He wanted to give her time to adjust to her new reality. Obrecht begs Victor to release her because she needs to focus on helping her daughter. Victor knows about Britt’s disease, and he used the conference on Huntington’s to lure her into this trap. He’d always planned to bring her there, but he had to speed it up when he learned what she was planning in St. Lucia. Victor believes she should thank him for saving her life from Peter.

Victor and Leisl argue GH

Obrecht warns him if Peter hurts her daughter, Nina, Maxie or James, then she will blame him. Victor believes they can help one another. He promises to let her see Britt if she collaborates with him on a research project. She reluctantly agrees to work with him, and he approaches her from behind to comfort her. Obrecht quickly turns around and holds a knife to his throat.

Obrecht furious with Victor GH

On the next General Hospital: Obrecht threatens Victor’s life. Joss tells Maxie if she knows something then she should tell her mom. Chase asks Finn what is going on between him and Liz. Liz asks Terry if she’s mistaken teamwork for something else.

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