Anna gets a call about Chloe GH
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Britt finds Jason hitting the bag at Sonny’s gym. She didn’t expect to find the newlywed there. He tells Britt that he and Carly aren’t married, and the wedding wasn’t valid because Sonny is alive. Britt is shocked and asks what Sonny said about the wedding. Jason explains he understood, but now that Sonny’s back the circumstances have changed. Jason gives her the short version of Sonny’s situation these past months. Britt thinks this must be a major adjustment for him and Carly. Jason shrugs. “We’re okay.” Britt thought they were in love, so how do you turn those feelings off.

Jason's not married

Jason says his and Carly’s plans were made believing Sonny was dead, but he’s not, so they go back to how things were. The doctor snarks that Carly got her husband back and he gets nothing. Jason admits he deserves it. Britt knows he’s referring to what he did to her, and she doesn’t enjoy seeing him hurt. She doesn’t want to pile on more bad news, but he should know that Peter is alive. She also informs him of her mother’s disappearance. Jason offers to have Brick or Spinelli investigate it. Britt feels he has enough going on and she doesn’t need him to rescue her mother or her. She leaves.

Britt is shocked by Jason GH

Trina meets up with Ava at Charlie’s. They hug, and Trina pleads with her to stay. Ava can’t with the stalker still out there. Trina feels this is so unfair, and she’s sure the stalker is overjoyed thinking they’ve won.

Ava and Trina talk stalker GH

After Ava departs, Cam arrives and fills Trina in on Sonny being alive. Trina is happy for Joss but was hoping for her help. Cam offers his assistance. Trina reveals that Spencer and Esme are working together as the stalker, and she needs to find proof to keep Ava in town. Trina vents that Ava’s giving up everything because Spencer’s a brat. Cam admits that sounds like Spencer. Cam agrees to help but thinks the duo will just cover for one another. Trina believes they need to trap one of them.

Trina needs Cam's help

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Esme, Spencer and Kevin arrive at Wyndemere. Esme announces, “Happy moving day!” She thanks Nikolas for inviting them to stay there. Spencer tells his father that he’s still not sure this will work, but he wants it to because he misses him. Nikolas takes Spencer to the kitchen to help the chef learn how Esme likes her coffee.

Spencer moves back GH

Esme talks to Kevin and says she loves that he’s a psychiatrist because it’s an interesting profession. She was thinking of looking into pre-med with some classes in psychiatry. Kevin believes people interested in the cognitive sciences usually are looking for answers to their own upbringing. She finds the observation interesting given his own history and assumes it’s helped him deal with his own past.

Esme has questions for Kevin GH

Later, Spencer takes Esme up to see her room. Kevin asks Nikolas if he’s ready to take in Spencer and his high-maintenance girlfriend. Nikolas is just happy Spencer is in love and has someone who loves him back. Kevin inquiries about Nikolas’ own love life. Spencer returns but lurks around the corner and listens. Nikolas reveals to Kevin that he served Ava with divorce papers, and she retaliated with a restraining order against him. He wanted to fight the stalker together, but Kevin asks if the tables were turned, wouldn’t he do everything to protect Spencer? Spencer’s face looks regretful. Nikolas can’t fathom who hates him and Ava this much. Kevin believes it’s not about hate, but keeping him and Ava apart. Nikolas says having Spencer back is the only thing making this bearable.

Nikolas and Kevin talk love life GH

In the hall, Esme sees Spencer spying and asks what’s wrong. Spencer was just thinking about how much his father means to him. She gloats their plan worked and asks how it feels to get everything he wants.

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At the hospital in Nixon Falls, Anna informs Valentin there have been no sightings or leads on Peter, and the State Police thinks he drowned. She suggests they talk to Nina. Jax appears and informs them that Nina left and went back to Port Charles. Jax fills them in on Sonny being alive and Nina keeping it a secret.

Val wonders about Nina's secret GH

Valentin believes Nina had to have had her reasons and points out lies like that take a life of their own, he should know. Anna excuses herself to call Robin and let her know about Sonny. Later after Jax has departed, Anna returns and tells Valentin that if he needs to go home to be with Nina that she’ll understand. He feels the only way to help Nina and everyone is to find Peter and kill him.

Anna and Valentin discuss Peter GH

Anna tells Valentin about her discussion with Peter on the cliff, and how he was willing to make a deal in exchange for information on Drew. She believes Drew may really be alive. Anna receives a call from the WSB and relays to Valentin that a nurse was checked into the US consulate in Crete, and identified herself as the real Chloe Jennings.

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Nina arrives at Maxie’s place and Maxie is glad to see her, especially after her encounter with Peter. Nina cries that she’s to blame for his escape and has made a mess of it all. She fills Maxie in on everything, including Sonny being “Mike,” and Peter threatening to kidnap James. She explains her aunt Liesl was going to take care of Peter, but something happened to her. Maxie fills her in on Scott and Obrecht’s plane ride from hell, which is when Obrecht went missing. Maxie can see Nina is hurting, and she’s no one to judge given the mistakes she’s made and learned from. Nina wants to try and make amends, but Maxie suggests she give Sonny and his family space for now. They hug, and Nina heads out.

Nina confesses to Maxie GH

Alone, Maxie makes a call to someone and asks them to come over right now. Later, Britt arrives and Maxie says she has a theory about what happened to her mother.

Sonny and Carly enjoy coffee in their kitchen, and Carly notes this is the first time in months that her coffee tastes right. Sonny is glad to be home, even if he did sleep in the guest room. Carly says he didn’t have to sleep there. He didn’t want to wake her after she fell asleep. Carly’s had his stuff brought down from his attic, which she kept as a way to hold on to him.

Sonny and Carly reunion in kitchen GH

Sonny changes into one of his suits, and Carly tells him that he looks strong, confident, and sexy as hell. They hug as Ava enters and is stunned to see Sonny alive. The threesome sits down, and Ava explains to Sonny that she’s leaving the country indefinitely, which is why it’s good he’s back. She explains her stalker issues, including how they used Avery’s teddy bear as part of their games. Sonny slams his hand down and yells, “Son of a bitch!” Sonny doesn’t agree with Ava’s decision to leave but respects her doing what’s best for their daughter. Ava has to say goodbye to Avery and would like them to be there to help make it easier on her.

Ava sees alive Sonny GH

After saying goodbye, Ava leaves. Carly admits to Sonny that she knows how Ava feels. She knows what it’s like to turn your back on what you want and love to do what’s right. She cries the last thing she wanted to think about was Cyrus and the business, but Sonny says she did well. Sonny says now that he’s back, nothing will make him leave again. Carly knows he believes it, but there is no guarantee he can keep that promise.

Carly is worried about Sonny GH

Sonny goes to the cemetery and sees his gravestone. He turns around and finds Nina standing there.

Nina Sonny at Grave GH

Back at the compound, Jason arrives to see Carly.

On the next General Hospital: Sonny yells at Nina that he’ll never forget, Carly and Jason try and figure where they stand with one another, and Obrecht lashes out and blames Victor for what’s happened.

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