Carly has questions for Sonny in their room General Hospital
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At the Corinthos compound, Sonny tells Carly and Jason that getting married was a great strategy but he’s back now. When Jason leaves to answer the door, Carly touches Sonny to make sure he’s real. He admits that he was happy for nine months of not knowing who he was. Now he knows that he was missing her and the kids. Stroking his beard, he recounts his fight with Julian and his dream about his father. He’s sure that she and the kids are what drove him to survive, but he kept getting distracted and forgetting about them. Rushing over to her dresser, she says it was torture to take off her rings. He slips them back on. They tell each other they’ve always been perfect.

Jason tells Dante Sonny is alive at Corinthos house General Hospital

On his way to the door, Jason stops and takes off his wedding ring. Dante arrives with questions about the explosion. The cop assumes that Jason dispatched the mobsters. Jason announces that his dad is there. Sonny walks in and hugs his son. Dante is shocked. He tells him how grateful he is for the chance to tell him he loves him and he’s glad he’s his father. Sonny loves him too. They embrace. Carly keeps staring at Jason.

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Nina asks Jax if it's over at clinic General Hospital

Jax returns to Nina at the clinic. She doesn’t know where to go now. She’s sure she’ll never be allowed to see Wiley again. Plus, she can’t go back to Nixon Falls after what she did. Phyllis pops in to say the Tan-O is gone. Jax walks out and Nina insists to Phyllis that she didn’t want to hurt anyone. Nina explains that Sonny became “Mike” for her and she fell in love with him. But she can’t make peace with how much she took from her and Lenny. Phyllis tells her she can’t undo her mistakes but she can move forward by owning what she did. She exits when Jax returns. Nina tells her she needs to face the past and move forward.

Chase has a confession for Willow at Quartermaine house General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Brook Lynn thanks Chase for putting the baby to sleep. Willow and Michael stumble in. Chase tells them they need to stop walking on eggshells. BLQ says they can all laugh about this someday. Michael gets a text from his mom and takes off. Brook Lynn leaves to take a call from Gladys. Chase tells Willow that he’s been getting better. He feels bad for taking advantage of the Quartermaine’s hospitality and aiding Austin. Willow says the last few months have been none of their finest hours. They are both happy they are moving on. After she heads off, BLQ returns, baffled by how civil he and Willow are. He gets a text that Peter is still on the loose. He asks her out for a drink.

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Cam warns Joss and Trina Spencer in on the way to pool General Hospital

Joss and Trina sit by the pool and talk about the end of summer. Joss is happy her mom is happy again. Cam brings them drinks and informs them that he invited Spencer. They worry that means Esme will show up too. Joss admits that Spencer can do something decent but will then instantly be obnoxious. He arrives in time to hear this and apologizes to Trina for his behavior. She offers to think about forgiving him. Putting a damper on the mood, Esme strides in and asks Joss how it feels to have a mob enforcer as her new stepfather. Joss tells her that she can make people vanish if she doesn’t like them. She gets a text and has to leave. After Cam heads downstairs to get food, Trina flashes back through everything that’s happened since Esme came and realizes she has been working with Spencer all along.

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Ava gets divorce papers at Charlie's General Hospital

At Charlie’s Pub, Kristina asks Ava if leaving town is the right choice. Ava is adamant it’s the only thing to keep Avery safe. She’s sure Carly will look after her. Kristina explains she didn’t attend the wedding out of loyalty to Sam and because it makes her dad’s death feel real. She hands Ava some mail. It’s her divorce papers. She admits she’s had second thoughts about signing them but knows it is the only thing to keep the stalker away. Kristina tells her that she and Nikolas have made each other better. She gets a text from Carly and has to go. Alone, Ava looks over the divorce papers but doesn’t sign them.

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Michael and Joss arrive at the Corinthos compound and are shocked to see Sonny there. Kristina arrives next and bursts into tears when she sees her father. There are lots of hugs and the family drinks champagne. Carly and Jason stare at each other until he mopes out.

On the next General Hospital: Anna receives a chilling phone call.

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