Sonny Carly and Jason reunion GH
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Sonny arrives home and enters the front door to find the house dark and quiet. Upstairs in the bedroom, Carly admits to Jason that she was in love with him back then at Jake’s and is in love with him now. Jason returns the sentiment, and they kiss.

Carly loves Jason GH

Sonny makes his way through the house and looks at the various photos of his family. As Carly begins to help Jason out of his tux, Sonny bursts into the bedroom. Carly sees Sonny and immediately faints into Jason’s arms. Jason lays her on the bed. Carly comes to and can’t believe it’s really Sonny. She jumps into his arms and embraces him.

Sonny bursts in Jason Carly GH

Carly asks Sonny what happened and where he’s been. He explains after the fall from the bridge that he was found by the banks of the river, and he didn’t have any memory of who he was until today. Sonny asks what has gone on while he was presumed dead. Jason says there is so much to explain, but they are just thrilled he is there. Jason hugs his friend as Carly weeps. Carly updates him on the family and the kids, and she can’t believe this is happening. She cries they gave up hoping for a miracle. Sonny understands they had to move on and is glad they had each other to lean on. Jason explains they did more than lean on another, they got married.

Sonny learns about the wedding GH abc

Sonny is stunned and asks when. Carly reveals it was just a few hours ago. Sonny realizes they are still in their wedding clothes and notes Carly’s dress is beautiful. Jason explains after he was gone, they received pressure from Cyrus and the Five Families. The two fill him in on what’s happened, how Carly had to take the lead, and then they married to solidify their partnership in the eyes of the others. Sonny admits it’s a great strategy.

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In the woods of Nixon Falls, Anna finds Peter and orders him to drop his phone and get face down on the ground. She also tells him not to think about reaching for the gun in his belt or she’ll put a bullet in his gut. Peter snarks that if she takes him into custody what then, does he tell the authorities he went on the run because Hamilton Finn tried to kill him. Anna informs him there is no real evidence to prove that, and nobody will believe it. As they argue, Peter reaches for his gun.

Anna corners peter GH

Elsewhere, Valentin grills Peter’s accomplice, who he’s subdued and tied to a tree. Suddenly a gunshot is heard in the distance and Valentin rushes off. Valentin arrives to find Anna has shot Peter in the shoulder. She demands to know where Drew is. Peter suggests she make him a deal for that information. As Valentin blasts him for trying to negotiate, Peter jumps off the side of the cliff and into the river below.

Anna catches Peter GH

Anna makes some calls and ponders the fall could have killed Peter, but Valentin doubts it if he’s anything like his father. After receiving more information on Peter’s accomplice, Anna theorizes he wasn’t actually hired by Peter. She suspects whoever Peter’s ally is, they, not Peter, is the one in charge.

At the reception, a frantic Maxie tells Austin that she needs to get to the Quartermaine’s given Peter’s alive. He wonders why she needs to go there. She says, “Because of the baby!” Austin is confused, and Maxie covers and says Peter could go after Valentin’s daughter out of spite.

austin grill Maxie baby GH

Meanwhile, Michael and Willow continue to dance and kiss. Michael brings up the future and possibly marrying again. Willow is happy where they are now and doesn’t want to think about another wedding so soon, but knows they are one another’s future. However, she would like to discuss their living arrangements, and him moving into the gatehouse. She wants to wake up with him every morning, so Michael agrees to move in. He takes her hand and suggests they go home.

Michael and Willow discuss future GH

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn asks Chase to stay because he may be able to help her with a jigsaw puzzle that has her stumped. As they work on it and talk about Bailey and motherhood, Maxie bursts in. She is relieved to see Bailey safe, and Chase asks what’s wrong. She tells them that Peter is back. Chase needs her to explain everything, so she tells the detective that Jax called her about Peter turning up in Nixon Falls where Nina is.

Chase has to leave GH

Chase excuses himself to make a call, and BLQ feels she should call Valentin and warn him, as he’s the best person to protect Bailey. She also realizes Maxie should move in, given the danger Peter poses to her. Maxie reminds her this is Monica’s house and the doctor already thinks she’s obsessed with Bailey. Maxie admits she also can’t live there and not take care of her daughter as if she’s not her own.

BLQ invites Maxie to stay GH

Chase returns and says he and Yuri have the house secured, and roadblocks are up everywhere to catch Peter. BLQ feels the tension in the atmosphere is bad for Bailey, so Chase offers to take her upstairs.

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At the hospital, Finn says he thought Terry and Liz were going out dancing tonight, but Liz says Terry had to do some late work with Britt. Britt tells them to stop discussing her as if they all don’t know what this is about. Britt takes Liz aside and confronts the nurse for deleting the notes on purpose to keep her busy, and thanks her for doing it.

Britt is sarcastic GH

Later, Scott arrives and tells Britt that he’s worried about Obrecht. He suggests they work together to find her and asks her to head to Kelly’s for a coffee break to talk. They depart, and Liz worries about Scott. She thinks he’s lonely after losing Franco.

scott worries about obrecht GH

Austin soon arrives looking for Britt. Liz and Finn tell him she went to Kelly’s for coffee. He asks them to tell Britt that Maxie wants her to know Peter is alive and could be headed back to town. Liz and Finn process the news as Britt and Scott return. Austin gives her the news about Peter so she can have her guard up. Britt calls Maxie to check on her, and Maxie tells Britt that she’s safe and Mac is sending a car for her.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Maxie’s car arrives. She tells BLQ to take care of her girl and thanks her. She quickly rushes out.

On the next General Hospital: Carly has one question for Sonny. Nina asks Jax if the nightmare is over. And Jason prepares to tell Dante that his father is alive.

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