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At the church, Novak glances over at Jason. Spinelli approaches his friend and asks if he’s sure about this, not the wedding, but the other matter. Jason is, so Spinelli says they will have to let fate take its course. Monica arrives and greets her son with a hug.

In the bride’s room, Bobbie speaks to Carly about her disappearing act this morning and asks if she was having a case of cold feet. Carly explains she was feeling nostalgic about how she met Jason and everything that has happened to them over the years. Joss appears with the bouquet, and Bobbie tells her daughter that she makes a beautiful bride.

Carly, Joss and Bobbie at the wedding GH

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Trina meets up with Cam, who is glad to see her because with Joss on wedding duty he’s been bored out of his mind.

Trina and Cam chat at wedding GH

Ned tells Olivia to stop shooting dirty looks in Austin’s direction. She jokes, “How else am I going to curse him?” Olivia wonders if Austin is using Leo to try and ingratiate himself in the family and get a foot into ELQ. Ned feels Austin could be onto something in regard to Leo being so quiet, and for some reason, Leo has a connection with him. Meanwhile, Maxie asks Austin why Olivia seems so angry at him and if it has to do with ELQ. He explains it’s because of something involving his work as a doctor and Leo.

Olivia's upset with Ned GH

Gladys introduces her date Vincent Novak to Brando, and then vents about what Sonny would think of Carly marrying so soon after his death. Novak realizes why Brando seems familiar to him and asks if he worked for Cyrus. Brando confirms he was Renault’s driver, a job that almost got both him and his mother killed. Novak tells him that there is always room for loyal men like him with his organization should he need work. Brando believes it’s best he steers clear of his former line of work. Novak leaves them, and Brando argues with his mom about Vincent’s offer. Gladys feels he’s a fool to turn it down, but he promised Sasha that he’d stay away from that line of work.

Gladys and Novak attend the wedding GH

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Novak meets with Buscema and Miss Wu. He tells them the plan is still in motion and this will be a wedding to remember.

Families plot against Jason and Carly GH

Diane sits with Spinelli and they discuss watching the two people they never thought would get married marry one another. Meanwhile, Novak approaches Jason at the altar to apologize for his latest run-in with his nephew, and assures him Joey has been sent far away.

Jason gets an apology GH

Back in the bride’s room, Maxie finds Carly and tells her that it’s time to get the show on the road. Maxie heads into the chappel and asks everyone to be seated as the show is about to begin.

Maxie the wedding planner GH

As the music plays, Joss walks down the aisle and stands next to Jason and Michael at the altar. She’s followed by Carly. The wedding begins with a reading by Joss, and then Jason and Carly recite their vows. Jason says this is just the beginning of their life together, and Carly chooses to stand by him for the rest of their lives.

Jason and Carly at the altar GH

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In Nixon Falls, Jax won’t let Nina rush back into the Tan-O after “Mike” because it’s too dangerous. Inside, “Mike” stirs awake and once again has a vision of Carly from the back. He sees her walking away from him as he pleads with her to come back.

“Mike” passes out and then finds himself back in the woods with his father, who he recognizes as the man who helped him before. Mike tells his son that he led him to Lenny because he knew a fellow brother in arms could help him. However, now it’s time for him to go home. He asks his son to close his eyes, and suddenly some of Sonny’s memories of shooting Dante, and Morgan’s death, return. “Mike” is stunned at the man he used to be, a man who caused so much pain and death. Mike says despite his flaws and sins, he was also caring and compassionate. “Mike” thinks he was a criminal, and his family is better off without him. His father tells him those painful memories are just part of his story and he needs to look for the rest of the picture. Mike points out that the best parts of who he is now, come from who he really is, a protector and a friend.

Carly appears in front of Sonny, once again with her back to him. This time she finally turns around and “Mike” sees her face. Mike says his son may have found love in Nixon Falls, but he has a love in the real world that he has forgotten. Carly doesn’t speak, and “Mike” asks if she is part of that life. His father responds, “The best and the brightest.”

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Outside the Tan-O, paramedics arrive along with other emergency services. As some of them head in to look for “Mike,” the fire fighter in charge asks how the fire started. Phyllis explains it was set deliberately. A police officer joins to ask who started the blaze. Nina tells him it was Peter August, a wanted man.

As the emergency crews fight the fire, Jax confronts Nina about knowing that Peter August was still out there and not thinking she should warn people. Nina cries that Peter blackmailed her and was threatening to take James if she didn’t help him find Maxie and his baby. She tells him how Obrecht was supposed to take care of Peter, but Peter alluded to the fact that something happened to her. She won’t be able to forgive herself if she loses one more person she loves.

Nina wants to save Mike GH

Jax departs to alert others of Peter’s presence. Nina goes to check on Phyllis and promises her that she will tell Sonny the truth. Phyllis says he could die, and she wonders if he does, will Nina mourn “Mike” or Sonny? A firefighter appears and tells Nina and Phyllis that they got into the back of the building, but the way into the bar is blocked. Unfortunately, there is no way to reach their friend.

Elsewhere, Jax makes a call and implores the person on the other end to pick up.

At the wedding, Maxie sees Jax calling and is puzzled. Up at the altar, Carly and Jason light a remembrance candle for those they’ve loved and lost.

Back in the woods in Sonny’s mind, he takes Carly’s hand and is hit by memories of his life with her. Suddenly he stirs awake in the Tan-O and calls out to Carly.

On the next General Hospital: Nina cries to Jax that they have to save Sonny. Maxie wonders why Jax tried to call her during the wedding. And Jason remains concerned about the Novaks.

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