Sonny is unconscious in fire at Tan-O General Hospital
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“Mike” notices the Tan-O is on fire and sticks his head in, yelling for Nina. She and Phyllis try to yell through the flames but are gagged by the smoke. When “Mike” tries to smash through the front door with a chair, Jax grabs it from him, warning there could be a backdraft. Instead, they go through the service entrance. Jax carries Phyllis out, but when “Mike” tries to lead Nina out, a burning rafter falls on him. As Jax pulls Nina out of the building, he refuses to let her run back in to rescue “Mike”.

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Maxie and Britt discuss the wedding at General Hospital

Britt bumps into Maxie at General Hospital and notices she’s dressed for Jason’s wedding. Britt wishes that her mom was around, even if she was planning Jason’s murder. She’s worried that Liesl may be in trouble. Maxie is sure that Obrecht can survive anything. Britt is startled when Austin shows up as Maxie’s date. When he mentions the wedding, Britt looks upset, tells them to have fun and walks away.

Liz offers to support Terry at General Hospital

Terry tells Liz that she needs to relax and let loose. Maxie approaches and asks them to take Britt out since she’s down in the dumps. A few feet away, Westbourne calls Scott and asks if he’s heard from her mom. Terry can see her co-chief is upset but doesn’t really want to spend time with her. With a shrug, Liz says it’s her call.

Later, Liz claims there’s something wrong with the notes from the staff meeting so the co-heads decide to spend the evening working on putting them back together.

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Michael and Jason discuss the wedding in chapel General Hospital

Michael finds Jason waiting in the chapel. The younger man admits that he’s always wanted him to be with Carly. Jason reminds him that he was the first significant thing he and Carly shared. Michael is a big part of why they’ve stayed together. His marrying Carly means a lot to Michael.

Spinelli joins Jason and admits he’s always been in awe of his friendship with Carly but never thought this day would come. He assumes that Stone Cold and Carly have already been through all the tests that are required to make a strong marriage.

Olivia and Ned arrive and he comments on all the security, adding that he thinks they should call and check on Leo. When he mentions that Austin seems concerned about the boy and his problems with communication, Olivia insists he doesn’t have any problems.

When Maxie and Austin arrive, he asks if there are things he should avoid bringing up that would upset other wedding guests. She gives him a list — and of course, it’s a long one! — and then heads inside to talk to Spinelli. Austin stays back to chat with Olivia and Ned. He asks about the legendary chaos which reportedly unfolds at Quartermaine weddings. Irritated, Olivia tells him to stop nosing around her kid. The doctor says that everyone might benefit from a specialist’s opinion. Liv accuses him of trying to use her child to weasel his way into the family. Things are tense, so Maxie returns to calm them down.

Carly and Joss are excited for the wedding at chapel General Hospital

Carly sits at her makeup table and thinks about Jason’s proposal. She looks at her dress and smiles. Joss enters and tells her mom she looks perfect. Thinking of how things might change has held Carly back, but now she’s ready for whatever is coming. She admits that Sonny will always be with her but Jason is her best friend and she loves him. Her daughter says that losing one love does not mean it is impossible to find another. Carly tears up and they hug. She hopes that Joss finds someone she can be as sure about as she is about Jason. Once she’s dressed, Carly is ready to get married.

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Sam questions Harmont at Spring Ridge General Hospital

At Spring Ridge, Sam and Dante ask Harmony for her help. She gets defensive when they ask about Shiloh and his former associates. Refusing to answer, she walks away. Alexis follows her across the room and offers assurances that Sam doesn’t think she was behind Drew’s disappearance. Harmony insists she’s trying to move on and turn her life around. But after thinking it over, Harmony tells Dante and Sam they should look up Dallas Kirby, warning that they should proceed with caution, as the dude is dangerous.

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Drew negotiates with Russell in cell General Hospital

Drew’s jailer, Russell, throws him onto his cot in his cell. Drew has noticed that the other guards speak Greek and wonders if his boss is a Cassadine. Russell jabs him. Drew says that if Russell is in this for the money, well, he can provide a whole lot of it in exchange for his freedom. He’s sure that the nurse will escape and manage to expose them soon. Drew repeats his offer of a reward in exchange for taking him to the American Consulate, suggesting this would be a better alternative to being busted.

On the next General Hospital: The surprise return of an old friend changes everything.

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