Peter exposes Nina's lies GH
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At Springridge, Alexis talks to Harmony about Ryan, who is in his room resting. Harmony brings up Spencer’s girlfriend Esme. She calls her trouble and wonders why Esme was so fascinated with Ryan. She even notes that it appeared the girl was upsetting him. Alexis doesn’t understand how a teenager could upset a sociopath. Harmony believes her innocent act is a cover, and she’s just the kind of person Shiloh liked to collect for Dawn of Day… vicious like a viper behind the smiles.

Alexis in jail GH

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At the batting cage, Sam gives Dante some coaching on his batting stance. She also suggests he work on his home run victory trot. He thinks she should work her’s too because she has something to celebrate now that her parole is over. She thinks about what got her into prison in the first place and wonders if Shiloh knew what Peter may have done with Drew. Dante points out Shiloh is dead, but Sam mentions his side-kick Harmony, who would do anything Shiloh asked her to. They take off to speak to her.

Dante and Sam in batting cage GH

Sam and Dante arrive at Springridge and reveal to Alexis that they need to speak to Harmony about a case they are working on. Harmony swears she is working hard to clean up her life and doing nothing illegal. Sam explains they aren’t accusing her of anything, and that they actually need her help.

Harmony has a warning GH

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In the remote prison, Chloe checks Drew out and says his ribs don’t appear to be broken, just bruised. She doesn’t understand why Drew didn’t use the pen to pick the lock and escape, but he wasn’t about to leave her behind. They discuss the guards, who Chloe notes by their accents are from all over. Drew believes they are mercenaries for hire which could work to their advantage given they likely have no loyalty to their boss. When a guard bangs on the door, Chloe tells Drew to start moaning. He does, and Chloe explains to the guard that Drew’s lung has been punctured and needs a doctor. The guard goes to check on Drew, who quickly clobbers him.

Drew in prison GH

Drew and Chloe grab the guard’s keys and Chloe unlocks Drew’s cuffs. They lock the guard in the cell and make a run for it. As they are almost to freedom and trying to unlock the door out of the compound, which Chloe reveals leads to a courtyard with cars, another guard catches them. Drew attacks the guard and knocks him out. Suddenly the alarm sounds and Drew realizes they’ve likely found the guard in his cell. Drew gets the door open and tells Chloe to take one of the cars and go to a consulate or embassy for help. She takes off, and Drew is beaten by two more guards who appear. The sound of a car speeding away is heard in the distance.

Nurse chloe in prison with drew GH

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At the Metro Court, Joss confronts Spencer about pretending to be Victor and says he’s as selfish and dishonest as ever. They bicker, and Joss accuses him of using Trina and has no idea what friendship means. Spencer says he had a plan to stay low and under the radar until he was ready to deal with his father, and he never meant to meet let alone involve Trina. Joss tells him that he got Trina to like him and that’s how he got her to keep the secret. Spencer asks if Trina said she likes him. Joss wonders why he cares. Spencer admits he likes Trina too.

Joss is angry with Spencer's lies GH

Esme joins the two and asks what she missed. Spencer tells Esme that Trina told Joss that she knew he was in town before others and using a fake name. Esme thinks Trina must be so disappointed in him and suggests Spencer apologize for how he treated Trina. Spencer is shocked and says, “As if I did this all by myself.” Joss wonders if he had help. Esme quickly covers and says she is partly to blame because should have arrived earlier in Port Charles and made it clear that Spencer had a long-term girlfriend. Joss takes off to get ready for the wedding, stops at the elevator, and looks back at them with suspicion.

Joss confronts Spencer for lies GH

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In Nixon falls, Jax finds “Mike” searching the woods for his phone and quickly realizes Nina hasn’t told him the truth. They argue, and “Mike” doesn’t care who he was, all he cares about is his future with Nina. Jax tells him that the past always catches up with you, and today is his day. Jax reveals this is much more than just about Nina, it’s about the two of them. He lets “Mike” know that Nina isn’t the first or second woman they’ve fought over. “Mike” realizes Jax knows who he is, but he doesn’t care because all he wants is what he has with Nina there in Nixon Falls. Jax pushes him to go see Nina so she can tell him the truth. “Mike” warns Jax to stay away from Nina and storms off.

Mike questions Jax about his identity GH

In the Tan-O, Peter holds Nina and Phyllis at gunpoint. He tells them that they will never leave the bar again. Nina calls him an insecure bully who is all talk and warns him that Valentin will tell the police that she’s in danger. Peter plans to be gone long before the law shows up. Peter orders Phyllis to go get some rope and duct tape, and if she isn’t back in three minutes then Nina’s blood is on her hands.

Nina is worried about Peter GH

Once alone, Peter gloats to Nina that she should feel lucky that he’s freeing her of having to tell Carly the truth, and maybe she’ll be reunited with Nelle in hell. As Peter’s three-minute alarm sounds, he prepares to shoot Nina. Fortunately, Phyllis returns, and Peter orders her to tie Nina up. As she does so, Nina warns Peter that “Mike” will be back soon. Peter says she means Sonny. He relishes in revealing to Phyllis that Nina knows “Mike’s” wife and his kids and chose to lie about it. Peter stuns Phyllis with the truth that “Mike” is Sonny Corinthos, a man with a grieving wife and children back in Port Charles. Phyllis can’t believe this is true. Nina tries to justify what she did because “Mike” is a much better person than Sonny ever was. Peter thinks it’s time she finally shuts up and duct tapes Nina’s mouth.

Peter returns to torture Nina GH

Peter pours gas around the bar and tells Nina that she did this to herself. He points out on the bright side, he, Maxie, Louise and James will live happily ever after. Peter strikes a match and sets the bar ablaze.

Later, Mike returns to the bar and finds it on fire, and struggles to get to Nina and Phyllis who he can see inside surrounded by flames.

On the next General Hospital: Mike tries to save Nina and Phyllis. Jason and Carly’s friends and family gather at the church for the wedding. And Drew says to one of the guards, “So that’s who your big boss is?”

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