Peter grabs Nina at Tan-O General Hospital
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Nina is startled when Peter pops up at the Tan-O. He lets her know that he knows all about Obrecht’s plans to ambush him. She starts apologizing but he says there must be consequences. He takes her phone and gets her to call Valentin to find out what he’s learned about Maxie’s baby. He doesn’t have any information. Once she hangs up, Phyllis strolls in. She makes small talk, but when she goes behind the bar, she whips out a gun. Peter grabs Nina and presses his gun against her. Nina yells at Phyllis to shoot him. She won’t risk her life and puts her gun down. Peter drops Nina and picks up the other gun. He tells them they will never leave the Tan-O again.

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Ava asks Carly to take Avery at Corinthos compound General Hospital

Ava shows up on Carly’s doorstep. Although it kills her, she needs to leave Avery with her when she moves away from Port Charles. She doesn’t feel like she has any choice. Carly is shocked when she hears the details of the latest attack from the stalker. She agrees to look after the little girl until her mother can come back for her. Ava wishes her happiness with Jason.

Joss and Trina talk Spencer on Corinthos patio General Hospital

Out on the patio, Trina and Joss talk about the wedding. Joss senses that Trina is worried about what Spencer thinks of her. Trina admits she was into him but doesn’t know how to feel now. She also confesses that Spencer is Victor and she covered for him. That violated their sisters before misters rule. Joss assures her it’s okay. Portia calls her daughter away.

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Nikolas, Esme and Spencer have dinner at Metro CourtGeneral Hospital

Nikolas has dinner with his son and Esme at the Metro Court. They discuss horseback riding and Port Charles. Spencer is evasive when his father asks him what he’s been up to. Valentin interrupts, leading the father and son to leap up and get defensive. Anna arrives and ends the bickering. Nikolas tells Valentin that he will only ever be Helena’s castoff son. Anna leads her friend away. After Nikolas admits that Ava’s bodyguards beat him up, he stumbles off to get a drink. Esme tells Spencer that seeing him fight with Valentin was hot. When Nikolas returns, he asks his son if he’s willing to come home. Spencer is open to it. After his father leaves and Esme goes to the washroom, Joss shows up and confronts him for being Victor.

Back at the Metro Court, Valentin gets off the phone with Nina and Anna senses something is wrong. He feels like he needs to call Nina back to check on her. When he tries, she doesn’t answer. Since she mentioned several wrong pieces of information when she called, he assumes something is seriously wrong.

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Maxie asks Austin to the wedding at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Austin asks Maxie why she wants him to attend the wedding with her. She says her daughter is in the world because of him. She’d like them to start over. Brook Lynn eavesdrops. Austin doesn’t say yes. After he walks off, Brook Lynn comes out and starts arguing with Maxie about what just happened. Maxie is starting to think that ELQ isn’t worth all the emotional devastation that they are going to wreak. Maxie is grateful for all she’s done but she isn’t giving her a blank check to hurt people.

Jordan wakes up with Curtis at General Hospital

Curtis sits by Jordan’s side as she wakes up. Portia watches them and then walks away. Shawn and TJ are relieved to learn that Jordan is awake. He goes in to see his mom. Curtis admits that he let the perp escape so that he could go back to the house for her. Portia joins them and wishes she could have gotten her out earlier. Jordan says she saved her with all of her talking and she’ll never forget it. Austin comes in to check on his patient. Jordan asks everyone to leave while she discusses her bloodwork with her doctor.

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In the corridor, Curtis thanks Portia for being great. She thanks him for saving her life. Austin comes out and explains to the family that Jordan has kidney damage and is having renal failure. She needs dialysis and treatment at a specialty clinic in Albany until she recovers.

Jordan thanks Portia at General Hospital

Portia returns to Jordan’s room. The commissioner just called Mac to cover for her. She thanks Portia again for keeping her conscious. She’s sure Trina will understand if there are past mistakes she still needs to confess to. Once Portia leaves, TJ, Molly, and Shawn come in. They tell her to concentrate on getting better. After they leave, Curtis joins her. She says she won’t hang up if he calls. They get emotional and then she has to be prepped to leave.

Austin finds Maxie and tells her that he would be happy to be her plus one.

On the next General Hospital: Joss confronts Spencer about his secret identity.

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