Nina is stunned by Peter's return GH
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At the hospital, Curtis rushes in carrying Jordan, followed by Portia. Austin is quick to examine Jordan and gets her into a cubicle.

Jordan rushed to GH

Portia is also taken to a room and given oxygen. She asks the nurse about Jordan, who agrees to go check on her.

Meanwhile, Austin gives Curtis the news that they are still waiting to find out how much carbon monoxide Jordan took in. Curtis goes in to see Jordan, who is on a ventilator. He kisses her hand and begs her to wake up.

Curtis fears bad news about Jordan GH

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Back in Portia’s room, TJ is surprised to find Portia as a patient. She informs him that his mom has been in an accident. In Jordan’s room, Austin speaks with Curtis. The levels of gas Jordan was exposed to are dangerously high. They may have to put her in a hyperbaric chamber, but if they can’t bring the levels down then she could die. TJ joins Curtis and Austin fills him in on his mom’s condition. TJ heads in to see his mom, and Austin departs to consult a specialist.

Portia is concerned about Jordan GH

Elsewhere, Brook Lynn and Maxie wait to find out how Jordan is. Maxie inquires how Louise is doing. BLQ details how she’s caring for her, and Maxie takes issue with the fact that Brook Lynn isn’t holding Louise enough and letting her cry herself to sleep. Brook Lynn assures Maxie that she’s parenting Bailey the best way she’s fit.

BLQ and Maxie argue GH

At the Metro Court, Sasha and Brando have lunch with Gladys, and once again push her to hurry up and move out. She doesn’t see the rush, so Brando drops the bomb that Sasha is going to be moving in. Sasha suggests Gladys’ new friend Vincent can find her a place. Gladys says at least he knows how to treat a lady properly. She reiterates she isn’t going to move out because Brando is hardly there anymore. Sasha teases he’s been busy making extra money with side gigs, and he’s become quite the entertainer. Gladys wonders what that means. When Brando reveals he’s a stripper, she spits out her drink. She thinks there has to be a better way to make extra money.

Sasha and Brando give Gladys news GH

In Nixon Falls, Nina tells Jax if Carly and Jason get married then Sonny can stay dead, and she and “Mike” can have a future. She begs Jax to just walk away. Jax can’t believe what he’s hearing from her. He reminds her how Valentin lied and manipulated her and passed Sasha off as her daughter, and she’s doing the same thing to Sonny. They debate back and forth whether “Mike” is better off not knowing the truth about who he is and remaining “Mike,” with Jax believing it’s not their choice to make but Sonny’s.

Jax argues with Nina GH

Jax tries to make Nina see that what she has with “Mike” won’t last, and he’s bound to remember and turn on her. He asks her to think about his kids, including Donna and Avery, who deserve a chance to grow up knowing their father. He also points out Sonny also has the right to know Wiley just as she does. Nina cries that Jax has won. She begs him to let her tell “Mike” the truth in private.

Nina begs Jax to keep quiet GH

Outside, “Mike” runs into Phyllis and fills her in that he told Nina that he loved her, and she told him the same. However, Jax is back, and Nina is talking to him right now. Phyllis wants to storm in there, but “Mike” says Nina wants to talk to him alone and he’s respecting her wishes for now. Phyllis notices his watch is gone, and “Mike” explains he decided to let go of the past and focus on his future with Nina. He vows come hell or high water, no matter what happens, he’s not letting Nina go.

Mike agrees to give Nina time GH

Back at the bar, Jax tells Nina he’s not leaving Nixon Falls until he knows she’s told Sonny the truth. Jax exits, and Nina calls “Mike.” Phyllis answers and explains “Mike” left his phone but is headed back to the bar. Nina hears the door open and turns around expecting to see “Mike,” only to find Peter standing there.

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Down on the Port Charles docks, Buscema calls a meeting with Miss Wu and Mr. Nova. They are planning to hit a warehouse during Jason and Carly’s wedding. Buscema also has a message from Cyrus, which the audience isn’t privy to. Novak says Renault is no longer a threat seeing he’s in prison, and after tonight the three of them will run Port Charles equally. They’ll make their move at the wedding.

The three families meet GH

At what used to be Jake’s, Carly and Jason share a kiss. Carly can’t believe this is happening. Jason asks Carly to marry him, and she responds, “With all my heart.” She wants this day to be about them and not the business. Jason is sure Maxie has that covered. Later, Jason gets a call from Tony and is filled in on Jordan’s condition. Worried Cyrus was involved they head to the hospital.

Jason and Carly's kiss GH

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Vincent Novak arrives at the Metro Court and interrupts Gladys, Brando and Sasha’s meal. As he flirts with Gladys, Sasha and Brando exchange concerned looks. Brandon and Sasha excuse themselves to get to an appointment. Vincent asks Gladys if Brando has a problem with him. Gladys explains he’s just working hard to support his family. Vincent tells her to stick with him and good things will come to her and her family.

Carly and Jason arrive at the hospital and Portia tells them what happened with Jordan. The doctor departs to check on the commisioner, and Carly heads home to get ready for the wedding. Jason meanwhile receives a call.

Carly and Jason learn about Jordan GH

Austin informs Curtis that the specialist wants to put Jordan on dialysis as the next step. TJ steps out from sitting with Jordan and calls Shawn to tell him what is happening. Curtis goes to be with Jordan and admits aside from what’s happened, he’s never stopped loving her. He urges her to fight as hard as she can to come back to them.

Curtis sits with Jordan GH

In the hall, Maxie tells Brook Lynn that she knows she’s doing the best she can, but she is Louise’s mother. Brook Lynn asks if she’s ready to claim Bailey as her own. Maxie believes it’s not safe yet. Austin arrives, so BLQ rushes off around the corner and listens in as Maxie asks Austin again if he wants to go to Jason and Carly’s wedding with her. Austin doesn’t understand why she’s asking him when she’s made it clear he’s a reminder of Louise.

Shawn arrives and meets up with TJ. TJ fills his dad in about what happened to Jordan. Shawn believes this is connected to the Naomi Dreyfus case, but he doesn’t know how Curtis and Portia got mixed up in it.

Meanwhile, Portia finds Curtis sitting with Jordan and crying for her to come back to them. Jordan stirs awake and looks at Curtis.

On the next General Hospital: Trina confides in Joss about Spencer, Valentin accuses Spencer of hiding something, Carly and Ava have a heart-to-heart, and Peter wonders how to deal with Nina.

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