Carly admits she's falling for Jason GH
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In the basement of the abandoned house, Portia cradles an unconscious Jordan and cries that Trina doesn’t know the truth about who her father is, and she’s made a colossal error in waiting far too long to tell her. She lays Jordan down and begins banging on the locked basement door for help.

Portia helps Jordan GH

Upstairs, Curtis arrives, hears Portia calling for help, and opens the basement door. She tells him there is a gas leak and Jordan has a head wound. He carries Jordan outside, and Portia examines her. Portia explains she took in a lot more of the gas, and with only one kidney, they must get her to the hospital immediately.

Portia cares for Jordan GH

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At the hospital, Maxie tells BLQ that her appointment is over so why are they hanging around. Brook Lynn wants her to ask Austin out for coffee. Maxie asks if she is trying to set her up. Brook Lynn thinks he might be a good distraction for her and could lift her spirits. Maxie quickly deduces that Brook Lynn is trying to use her as leverage in Austin’s battle with her family over ELQ.

BLQ sets Maxie Austin up GH

Suddenly Ned arrives and asks BLQ if she’s seen Leo, who disappeared on him when he turned his back for a split second during his appointment. She hasn’t, and Brook Lynn and Maxie assure him that he couldn’t have gotten far.

Austin finds Leo playing with a fidget spinner in an exam room. The doctor is surprised to see him and asks if his mom or step-dad knows he’s there. Leo says they don’t. Austin brings Leo out to a relieved Ned and his family and says Leo came to see him and show him his fidget spinner. Austin asks to speak to Ned for a second about Leo.

Austin worried about Leo GH

Austin and Ned step into a private room and Austin explains he asked Olivia for a follow-up not because of the cut on Leo’s finger. He witnessed some behavior in Leo that warrants more attention, and the boy might benefit from seeing a specialist. Ned asks, “In what?” Austin believes Leo would enjoy learning a better way to communicate. Ned admits his quietness concerns him, but Olivia won’t hear it. Austin asks him to push the matter because it could help the boy out. Ned agrees to talk to Olivia again.

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Ned concerned about Leo GH

Back out in the hallway, Ned rejoins BLQ, Maxie, and Leo, and tells Leo that they should head home. They leave, and Brook Lynn begs Maxie again to just spend some time with Austin and see where it goes. After relentless badgering, Maxie finally agrees but warns if Austin’s memory gets jogged about the night Louise was born then she’ll blame Brook Lynn. Austin walks by, and BLQ stops him because Maxie has something to say to him. Maxie asks if he would like to attend Jason and Carly’s wedding, which she planned. He tells her that weddings aren’t his thing. Suddenly Curtis, carrying Jordan, and Portia rush in calling for help.

Maxie upset with BLQ Austin setup GH

Down by the old Jake’s, Jason asks Carly what is on her mind. Carly says the other night at the Metro Court pool when they were dancing, it brought back all her old feelings from the past. Jason brings up how she was his first friend, the first person in town who accepted him and believed in him. He trusts her, so if she thinks they shouldn’t get married then they won’t do it.

Carly wedding day doubts GH

Carly admits that back then she fell in love with him, and the other night she realized she could fall in love with him again. She fears if they marry, then she’ll fall hard for him. If he doesn’t return her feelings, she worries she’ll start to resent him and lose him as a friend. Jason asks why she assumes she’d be falling in love alone. Jason confesses that he loved her back then as well, but he pushed those feelings aside too. However, they are coming back for him. Jason proposes they can stop the wedding or get married for real and spend the rest of their lives together. They move in and share a passionate kiss.

Jason comforts Carly wedding Days jitters GH

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In Nixon Falls, Jax tells “Mike,” “You’re not ‘Mike’ and Nina knows it!” Jax asks if he doesn’t want to know who he is. “Mike” admits he thought about finding out the truth, but asks if he had a family then why haven’t they come looking for him? “Mike” defends Nina for being good to him and says she’s his life. Nina begs Jax to leave this alone, but he can’t. Nina asks “Mike” to give her a minute with Jax alone. Before heading out, “Mike” warns Jax that if he hurts Nina then he’ll have to answer to him.

JAx confronts Nina and Mike GH

Alone, Jax asks how long Nina has been keeping Sonny from his family. Nina brings up how hurt she was to learn Jax and Carly kept the truth from her about Nelle, which is why she came to Nixon Falls. She came to be with Phyllis, only to discover Sonny was there. She realized quickly that he lost his memory, and the only clue he had to his identity was his father Mike’s watch. Jax still doesn’t understand why she didn’t tell Carly the truth. Nina explains she tried, but Carly just unleashed on her and threatened to dig up all her past misdeeds if she tried to sue for visitation rights in regards to Wiley. She knew it was wrong not to tell Carly.

Jax can’t understand how she could keep this secret for all these months. Nina considered coming clean, but “Mike” is nothing like Sonny and just wants a simple life. Jax asks if she’s told “Mike” that she knows who he is. Nina thought about telling him the truth, but she knows “Mike” wouldn’t be able to live with what he did as Sonny. Jax accuses her of not wanting him to return to being Sonny because she’s in love with “Mike.” Nina admits she is, and while Sonny wasn’t a good man, “Mike” is. Nina asks Jax to consider who is better for the world, Sonny or “Mike?” Jax says that’s neither her or his decision to make because there is only Sonny, who is married to Carly. Nina cries that “Mike” is happy and so is she, so is he going to take away her happiness again? Jax can’t look the other way, and it pains him to admit this, but Port Charles needs Sonny. He brings her up to speed on the danger to Carly, Joss, and the family business, and that Carly is going through with marrying Jason. Jax warns her if she keeps lying to Sonny then things will only get worse in Port Charles. Jax orders her to tell Sonny the truth because the wedding is tonight.

Mike thinks about the truth GH

“Mike” takes a walk and thinks about Jax’s words that he isn’t Mike and Nina knows it. He also thinks about Nina admitting what they had could collapse if he found out the truth. “Mike” takes off his watch and tosses it into the woods.

On the next General Hospital: Jason worries Cyrus may target the wedding.

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