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At the Savoy, Portia drops by to see Curtis after receiving his text. Curtis asked her to come down to discuss a case he’s agreed to work on and brings her up to speed on the possibility that Drew Cain is alive. Sam arrives to find out Curtis’ new lead. He tells her about speaking to Phyllis, who knows someone who worked at both Crichton Clarke and the parent company. Curtis wants to talk to him, and Sam is eager to do so as well. However, Curtis worries Sam may scare this guy off because he was already hesitant to discuss confidential patient files. Curtis believes that Portia being a doctor could be of help. Curtis invites her to accompany him so he can act as her boyfriend.

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At the Corinthos compound, Trina and Joss wish Carly a happy wedding day. Trina and Joss go out to the patio, and Joss tells her how the sauce she gave her tasted exactly like Sonny’s. Joss sees something is bothering Trina. Her friend admits she doesn’t like Spencer’s girlfriend. Joss doesn’t blame her as she’s a bitch with a capital B. Trina tells Joss about Esme referring to Kiki as Lauren, and that nobody called her that. They change the topic to the wedding, and Trina thinks she should head off so Joss can get ready.

Back in the house, Carly is shocked when Monica drops by for a chat. Monica realizes she hasn’t given Carly her blessing. Carly gets it and knows she’s not the doctor’s favorite person. Monica explains with Austin’s arrival, she’s realized how much pain the Quartermaines cause one another. The two discuss their history and how Carly and AJ were experts at manipulating one another. Monica knew that her heart belonged to Jason back then, and their bond was unbreakable. Monica feels they’ll never be best friends, but for Jason and Michael’s sake, she’d like them to be civil in-laws. Carly would like that too. Monica tells her that she’ll see her at the wedding. As she leaves, Monica finds it interesting that after all she did to win Jason’s love back then, Carly finally has it now.

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At the PCPD, Dante apologizes for having to hold Jason, but the Assistant DA is going after him as usual. Dante makes some calls to try and get Jason sprung. He tells Jason that he hopes this won’t mess up his wedding day. Jason thinks this must be strange for him, him marrying Carly. Dante believes Sonny would approve as it was always him, Sonny and Carly.

The men discuss their past, and Dante coming to town to bring down Sonny not knowing he was his father. Jason assures him that Sonny admired and respected Dante. Dante gets a message and lets Jason know he’s free to go and wishes him luck today. Jason departs.

Later, Sam arrives to see Dante and tells him about Curtis’ latest lead, and she thinks they should do their own investigation between Drew’s disappearance and Lethe Unlimited. Dante wonders if she’s gung-ho to do this now this because of Drew, or what today is. Dante has an idea that could be of help.

Up in Jordan’s office, Shawn and Jordan discuss who could have killed Naomi and what they want to hide. TJ arrives to break the news that he has to cancel dinner with his mom. He’s surprised to find Shawn there. Shawn explains he’s helping Jordan with the case on who really shot Hayden. Shawn excuses himself to get him and Jordan a coffee refill. TJ questions his mom about bending some rules in letting Shawn help her with this investigation, and he knows it’s because of him. He thanks her.

Shawn returns with coffee and TJ heads out. Jordan receives a call with some information and jots down some notes. After hanging up tells Shawn that whoever Naomi traveling next to on the plane wasn’t a stranger as they booked the seats together. She has this person’s address but tells Shawn that she can’t bring him along because he’s not a cop. He understands.

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Back at the Corinthos place, Joss heads into the living room to find her mom not there. Jason arrives to pick up his suit, and Joss exclaims her mom is gone.

In Nixon Falls, Nina thinks about “Mike” professing his love to her. She goes into the Tan-O and is stunned to find the place a mess. “Mike” tells her that Lenny left them a surprise. He reveals that Lenny planned to redo the whole place after finding a leak in the ceiling. “Mike” says he placed all these orders with lumberyard before his diagnosis, and they are just now being delivered. “Mike” feels this was Lenny’s last wish so he’s going to go through with it. Nina sees it as a way to re-open the Tan-O with a new look that won’t have so many memories attached for Phyllis.

“Mike” hopes Nina pitch in and help with the design if he hasn’t scared her off. He hopes he didn’t pressure her, but he had to tell her how he felt. Nina says this place has become her home, and he is a part of that. She knows there are a million reasons they shouldn’t be together, especially given that when he finds out who he is this could all collapse. However, she can’t stay away from him, takes his hand, and says she loves him too. They move in for a kiss. After, Mike suggests they head to Philadelphia to have a night out on the town. He has some things to wrap up but will meet her at her place in a few hours. Nina can’t wait and takes off. Outside, she’s stunned to run into Jax.

At the Metro Court pool, Nikolas is hanging out with his son but is not in a festive mood because his divorce is about to be finalized. Nikolas talks about how far he fell when Spencer was gone, and that it was Ava who helped him change his ways.

At the gallery, Ava is on the phone discussing a move when she gets a surprise visitor. Esme apologizes for startling her and introduces herself as Spencer’s girlfriend. She wanted to see her works and may purchase a piece as an investment because her parents pushed her to invest in art. Ava asks if she comes from money. Esme explains yes and no, that she and her siblings were adopted because her parents couldn’t have children. She talks about her parents, who had a cool relationship, nothing like the love Ava and Nikolas have. She gets why they have a hard time staying apart. Ava regretfully reveals all her pieces are spoken for. Esme wishes her safe travels and departs. Ava then calls and orders someone to do the thing they were talking about.

Back at the Metro Court pool, just as Spencer is about to open up to his father, Esme interrupts. Nikolas heads to the bar to get some drinks and is served papers. He’s stunned that Ava filed a restraining order against him.

Meanwhile, Esme realizes Spencer is second-guessing breaking up his father and Ava. Spencer knows that he and his father can’t have a true relationship with this secret between them. She asks if he can have a relationship with his father if he stays with Ava? Esme assures Spencer that she’s looking out for him, which is why she just went to see Ava. Trina arrives to overhear this and wonders why Esme is bothering Ava when she’s packing up her life. Spencer explains to Esme that Trina is very close to Ava. Esme says she’s sure Trina is like a daughter to Ava, just like Kiki. Trina wonders why she’s not referring to her as Lauren anymore?

Nikolas visits Ava at the gallery and confronts her about the restraining order. He asks if it’s because he can’t stay away from her, or she from him.

Jordan arrives at a house to question the suspect she was given a tip on. She finds the house dark and locked up. Suddenly Curtis and Portia arrive, stunned that their cases have led them to the same person.

On the next General Hospital: Jax tells Nina why he’s in Nixon Falls. “Mike” becomes angry and asks someone if they have a problem with his name. Curtis wonders if his and Jordan’s cases are related. Jason makes an emergency call. And an angry Ava wonders who will protect her from Nikolas.

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