Carly gets surprise party at pool General Hospital
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Sasha runs into Willow by the pool, who updates her on Chase’s improved condition… and him learning that she was with Michael. Sasha tells her she’s worried Brando might be working for the mob again. Bobbie and Joss rush in as Carly arrives. Everyone yells surprise! Carly is starting to feel like a real bride.

Olivia asks Dante about Sam at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court bar, Olivia asks her son if he’s seeing Sam tonight. He says his personal life is personal. She heads off and Brando steps off the elevator. The cop congratulates him on becoming a father. He steps away to take a call as Sasha comes in and starts quizzing Brando about his ‘side gig’. He’s evasive but asks her to trust him. He gets worried when he learns the bachelorette party is there. She leaves for the bathroom and Brando tells Dante he has a problem. After he explains, the cop laughs and says he can’t help him with that.

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Curtis warns Sam off at The Savoy General Hospital

Sam drops by The Savoy to tell Curtis what she’s learned about Drew’s crash. He tries to usher her out but Michael and Spinelli wander in with Jason trailing after for his bachelor party. This is awkward. Sam asks for a moment alone with her ex. She’s sure the wedding will be everything he and Carly want and wishes them the best. He heads to the bar. Sam tells Curtis how Jason always chose Carly first. Now he doesn’t have to choose. She fills him in on what she’s learned about the crash. Curtis might know someone who worked at Creighton-Clark.

Later, Curtis calls Phyllis, who offers to get in touch with a file keeper from Creighton-Clark.

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Back at the pool, Olivia and Carly talk about the wedding. Olivia admits that if it were anyone else, she’d think she was moving too soon after losing Sonny. She looks forward to Carly coping with her new in-laws.

Brando tells Sasha about jis gigs by pool General Hospital

Sasha returns and again worries to Willow that Brando is back in the mob. Carly interrupts to say he’s not. Sasha continues to worry until Olivia declares the entertainment has arrived. Music plays as Brando enters dancing and starts stripping as the women gather around him. Once he’s dressed again, Sasha leads him away. He tells her stripping and cleaning grease taps are his side gigs. She says that’s fine as long as he comes home safe.

Carly fantasizes about Jason until Bobbie interrupts. She reminds her of how Jason has always been there for her and believed the best of her. Carly has never understood why Jason has always loved her.

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"Mike" and Nina discuss the future at Tan-O General Hospital

Outside of the Tan-O, “Mike” tells Phyllis that his relationship with Nina has hit a roadblock. They head inside and he worries about Nina pushing him away until he learns his identity. Nina walks in and Phyllis asks her why she can’t live in the moment with “Mike”. After she exits, Nina tells “Mike” how much she wants him… but he still needs to learn who he really is. He’s still determined to be with her because he loves her.

Jax drops by the Jerome Gallery to asks Ava what she knows about Nina’s new boyfriend. She’s not eager to confide in him but he insists he’s trying to help his ex. Ava says Nina has been evasive about the man she’s involved with. She mentions his name and asks what this is really about. He repeats that he’s just concerned and calls to ready his jet for Nixon Falls.

Sam joins Dante at the Metro Court bar. He’s distracted by thoughts of what’s happening at the bachelorette party. They flirt until he gets called off to work.

Michael and Spinelli at Jason's party at The Savoy General Hospital

Jason joins his friends at the bar in The Savoy. Spinelli tells them that Ellie has ended things permanently. As they chat, Joey Novak and his goons stroll in. He grabs whiskey and starts toasting to Carly. Jason tries to lead his friends away. When Joey asks him what it’s like to be “hitting his dead boss’ wife,” Spinelli punches him. The bartender calls the police. Dante soon arrives and arrests everyone.

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