Obrecht sees her kidnapper GH
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Ava arrives at the hospital and asks Epiphany for information on Scott. The nurse refuses to give her any because she’s not family. Ava storms off and Wyatt arrives and tells Epiphany he believes he can be of help to one of her patients.

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In the hall, Ava overhears Jordan and Anna asking Britt about Scott’s condition. Britt tells them he’s stable, which is more than she can say about her missing mother.

Ava sneaks into Scott’s room as he comes to. He’s touched that she still cares enough to visit him. She says of course she cares and then brings up the fact that her divorce still hasn’t gone through. She hopes he can nudge it along somehow because her stalker isn’t playing games. Anna and Jordan interrupt and escort Ava out so Scott can rest.

Back in the hall, Britt is introduced to Wyatt by Epiphany. The scout shows her the locket he found at the campsite. She opens it, sees her and Nathan’s photos inside, and realizes it’s her mother’s. They head in to see Scott, and Britt shows him her mother’s locket. Scott explains Obrecht gave it to him before everything went crazy on the plane and he stuck it in his pocket.

In the hall, Anna and Jordan discuss Obrecht and Scott’s trip. It puzzles Anna why they didn’t just fly commercial. Jordan reveals the FAA says the plane fell completely off the radar and could be anywhere.

Anna and Jordan enter to see Scott. Anna wonders why he spent so much money on a private plane. Scott says some low-budget airline that clearly was too good to be true scammed him into thinking it was a great deal. Scott details what he recalls from the plane ride. Epiphany interrupts with Scott’s blood test results. Britt looks them over and reveals that he was chloroformed. Anna then receives a message from the WSB on her phone. She explains they are clearly dealing with a master magician. Not only has Obrecht and the entire plane gone missing, but the conference that Obrecht claimed to be attending doesn’t exist and neither does the organization supposedly hosting it.

Obrecht wakes up in bed in an elegantly decorated room. She wonders where she is. She remembers the trouble and the plane and realizes she must find Scott. She tries the door but discovers it is locked. A man eventually shows up in a tux wheeling a cart with her dinner on it. She grabs the knife from the cart and demands he let her go. However, a second man arrives and takes the knife from Obrecht. They leave, locking the door behind them. Obrecht turns around to find another man standing before her and is stunned.

Obrecht kidnapped GH

Obrecht exclaims, “It can’t be! Victor Cassadine!” Victor (now played by Days of Our Lives’ Charles Shaughnessy) tells her that reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated. She asks what he’s done with Scott. Victor assures her that Scott is fine, having been thrown from the plane equipped with a parachute. He would never hurt someone she cares about. Obrecht believes he would because he lacks a heart. He pulls her close to his chest and points out that his heart is beating for her.

Obrecht wonders what Victor wants from her. He reveals he wants her companionship as usual. He’s been monitoring her and was alarmed to see how close she was getting to Scott. Victor claims he couldn’t bear to lose her to another man. She thinks he should deal with the reality of her relationship with Scott. Victor won’t accept it and suggests she forget about the lawyer. Victor tells her to enjoy her stay and locks the door as he leaves. She screams that she will find a way to escape him get back to Scott.

At the Metro Court, Esme and Spencer grab lunch. Spencer learns he’s been taken off the family account, so Esme covers the bill. She suggests he bury the hatched with his father, but he doesn’t know if he can forgive him. Nikolas appears, having been called by Esme in hopes they can work things out.

Nikolas sits down and swears that everything he’s done was out of love. They argue about what Nikolas has done to his son, including faking his own death. Nikolas blurts out, “I’ve already lost Ava, I won’t lose you.” Spencer says he can still have Ava, but he can’t have them both. He goes to storm off, but Esme stops him. She tells him that Ava’s gone, which was the plan, so he should figure it out with his dad. She says otherwise he’s broke with nowhere but his grandma’s to stay. Esme points out they are both high maintenance and Wyndemere is their best option.

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Esme and Spencer return to the table, and Spencer says he would like to work on putting their relationship back together. Nikolas hopes this marks a new day, and they can leave all the family ghosts in the past.

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At Springridge, Jax calls Trina, who is at the gallery. He questions her about the amazing sauce she picked up in Nixon Falls. He dying to meet the person who made it. Trina explains that she never met the cook, but the lady at the bar said the bartender made it. She points out that Nina is friends with the owner, so she may know the bartender. Jax flashes to thinking he saw Sonny alive there months ago, and thanks Trina.

Alexis appears and asks Jax what brings him there. He has a big decision to make and needs advice. He has already made huge mistakes with Michael and Carly, and worries what he does next could blow up in his face. She asks about the situation. Jax isn’t sure about all the details yet, but if he’s right, someone he cares about is about to make a huge mistake that will affect many lives. Alexis suggests he walk away from this situation and let someone else fix it. Alexis feels if this blows up, then he won’t be able to live with himself. Jax knows if he does nothing, he may not be able to live with himself. A guard alerts them to the fact that visiting time is over. Alexis wishes him luck.

Ava arrives at her gallery to find Trina working hard. Trina is stunned to learn Ava is leaving town to please the stalker. Ava is cutting ties with Port Charles, including selling Charlie’s. She won’t sell the gallery and has a new manager coming in, so Trina’s job is safe. Trina isn’t worried about her job, she is worried about Ava and cries she needs her. Ava embraces her.

Ava deduces something is bothering Trina, and it must be Spencer. Trina opens up Spencer and his girlfriend, as well as the trouble between Spencer and Nikolas. Ava hopes once she’s gone that Spencer and Nikolas can mend fences. She urges Trina not to give up on Spencer, and that he could use a friend like her. She suggests she go find the boy right now.

Trina finds Nikolas, Spencer and Esme having a pleasant lunch at the Metro Court. Nikolas leaves them and on the way out tells the hostess to reinstate his son’s account. Trina reveals to Spencer that Ava is leaving town to protect Avery. Esme thinks it makes sense because Ava wouldn’t want the same thing that happened to Lauren to happen to Avery. Confused, Trina asks who Lauren is and if she means Kiki?

Back at the gallery, Jax arrives to speak to Ava about Nina.

On the next General Hospital: Jax questions Ava about Nina’s new beau.

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