Finn and Liz see Scott in a tree in the woods General Hospital
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Liz and Finn sit by their fire in the woods and share blankets. Before they can kiss, they hear something in the trees. It’s a guy in a parachute. As he falls to the ground, Wyatt the PC pioneer runs over to help. They’re shocked to discover it’s Scott. Wyatt calls for an ambulance while Liz wakes Scott up.

Finn and Liz are at General Hospital. He assures her that the staff will take care of Scott. He goes off to get the latest as Jordan arrives and asks Liz what happened to the lawyer. Finn returns and tells the commissioner that it looks like Scott was drugged.

The three of them check on Scott, who recounts what happened and asks after Liesl.

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Jax tells Joss his concerns at home General Hospital

When Jax gets home, he’s startled to find Joss there. She’s been cooking. The celebration dinner with Carly was a disaster. She’s starting to worry because her parents usually work things out faster. She thinks he’s stressed out about her mom marrying Jason. He explains that he’s more concerned about her safety. His daughter insists that she’s adjusted to having a bodyguard. As they eat, she’s disturbed that the sauce tastes just like Sonny made it. Trina picked it up at some bar in Nixon Falls. Jax flashes back to seeing Sonny at the barbecue after he was shot.

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Nina tells "Mike" they can't do this at Tan-O General Hospital

At the Tan-O, “Mike” tries to tempt Nina to dessert but she demands he hand over his shirt so she can wash out the pasta sauce stain. She fusses over his shirt until he stops her with a kiss and then leads her back to his room. As they make out, her hair gets stuck in his watch. She takes it off and sees the inscription on the back. “I’m sorry, I can’t do this,” she tells him. She doesn’t think he can give himself to her until he finds out who he was before he came to Nixon Falls.

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Cyrus talks taking down the Corinthos family in prison General Hospital

Mr. Buscema visits Cyrus in prison. If Renault wants his help taking down the Corinthos crew, he needs to know how Cyrus is going to help him with his business. Cyrus says Jason is only an enforcer, not a leader. Carly is a civilian and could go to the Feds. He suggests the Five Families use the upcoming wedding as an opportunity to strike. Buscema wonders what’s in this for him. “I want revenge,” Cyrus admits bluntly.

At the Metro Court, Gladys vents to Vincent Novak about how rude Carly is. He quizzes her about when Jason and Carly paired up. She tells him it practically started at Sonny’s wake and it didn’t stop him from playing tickle with Britt. When she complains about not being invited to the wedding, he invites her as his guest.

Britt questions Jason about the wedding at Metro Court General Hospital

Jason tells Carly that anyone who threatens her will lose everything. He helps her onto the elevator as Britt steps off. She forces best wishes to them and Carly departs. The doctor wonders at how Maxie has been making elaborate plans for the wedding and rambles about how none of this makes sense to her. She’s trying to move on. Her date arrives and she tells Jason to enjoy his evening. The date only lasts a few minutes before she makes up an excuse to leave while Jason watches from the bar.

Jason approaches Vincent, who assures him that the Corinthos family has nothing to fear from his family. He considers Cyrus his enemy.

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Back at General Hospital, Jordan calls Britt over. She, Finn, and Liz try to figure out where Obrecht vanished to. It’s clear Scott was pushed out of the plane and this was planned.

Britt drops by Scott’s room. He doesn’t know what happened to her mother.

Back in the woods, Wyatt finds a locket with pictures of Nathan and Britt inside.

Brando asks Sasha to move in at garage General Hospital

Sasha stops by the garage to see Brando. He asks if they should move in together. She didn’t know he was ready but will consider it. He talks about how busy they are and she wonders what he means when he mentions he has ‘side gigs’. Carly interrupts and Sasha heads to the lady’s room. Brando is informed that the problem with Cyrus has not gone away. He’s forged a relationship with someone in the five families. Brando doesn’t know anything but can check his notes. Sasha eavesdrops as Brando tells Carly he’ll try poking around to get his old colleagues talking. She interrupts and asks what Brando is being asked to help with. Carly tries assuring her she has nothing to worry about. Drunken Gladys stumbles in and tells Carly she will be attending her wedding after all… as Vincent’s plus one.

On the next General Hospital: Jordan and Anna discuss a mysterious case.

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