Sam considers who downed Drew's Plane GH
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On the plane to St. Lucia, the turbulence once again stops, and Scott wonders what is going on. Obrecht notices the plane is turning around. Scott tries to call the pilot, but nobody answers.

Obrecht afraid turbulence GH

The plane hits more turbulence and the oxygen masks descend. Scott convinces Obrecht to put on the mask. He tells her if this is it, that he thinks he loves her. Suddenly, Obrecht passes out, as does Scott after putting on his mask.

Scotty and the plane crash GH

Two men arrive and check Scott and Obrecht’s pulses. One makes a call and says, “It’s done” in an Eastern European language. The man tells the person on the other end of the phone that they have her, she’s sedated, and they’ll take care of Baldwin. The other man picks up Scotty and drags him off.

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In Nixon Falls, Nina asks “Mike” if he’s asking her out on a date. He figures they haven’t had a lot of time to spend together alone. “Mike” pulls her into a kiss. He quickly pulls away and points out every time they get close, someone from her past shows up. He worries Peter is outside right now. Nina assures him they’ve seen the last of Peter.

Mike and Nina kiss GH

Nina wonders why “Mike” was so angry with Peter. “Mike” believes Peter knows who he is, and he got bad vibes about him from the very beginning. Nina again reassures him that Peter is long gone and she hopes they don’t spend their first date talking about him. “Mike” says if he learned anything from Lenny, the future is unknown and all they have is right now.

Mike asked Peter about his past GH

“Mike” suggests Nina go change into something nice, and park outback when she comes back. She returns later in a dress, and “Mike” is in some fancy black threads. They head out front where “Mike” has prepared a romantic candlelight dinner at the spot they first met.

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At the Metro Court, Jason and Carly discuss Cyrus, who is has a new target. Jordan has assured Jason that it’s not them. Carly thinks it’s Laura, who is suddenly stuck in DC for weeks at a conference. Jason worries Cyrus could be after others if this is a personal vendetta. Carly learns Martin also checked out of the hotel, which worries Jason. He fears Cyrus could come after them eventually. Carly wonders who is helping Cyrus. Jason believes it must be one of the five families. Carly recalls she spoke to Vincent Novak, and he assured her that he was sending Joey out of the country. Jason remembers Buscema condemned the Novaks to him the other day. Jason thinks they shouldn’t rule out anyone.

Carly and Jason talk Cyrus GH

In prison, Cyrus meets with Mr. Buscema, who just flew in to see him. Cyrus asks what he has for him.

Back at the Metro Court, Anna, Dante and Sam discuss the new information on Drew’s plane crash that recently came to light. Anna says if there was another person on board the plane, then the WSB has kept their name out of the file for a reason. Dante wonders if her request for this file tipped off the mystery person and that they have given her only what they want her to see. Anna wonders why the coverup.

Dante has doubts GH

They think about how Victor and Helena used Crichton-Clark as their personal prison, and Victor was once head of the WSB and turned Drew into a super-soldier. Sam suggests perhaps the WSB took Drew’s plane down. Anna wonders if the anonymous passenger was just simply a Lethe Unlimited executive and an innocent bystander. Sam is quick to point the WSB wouldn’t cover that up. Sam ponders the other passenger must have had a connection to Drew.

Sam and Dante talk Drew GH

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Joss and Trina arrive at Jax’s house. When they find he’s not there, they get to work making a surprise dinner for her father. Joss plans on making a stew he loves that Lady Jane used to cook. Joss looks through the recipe books and realizes they’ll need pasta sauce for the appetizer dish. Trina has some from Nixon Falls and tells her how amazing it is. Trina rushes home and later brings back the to-die-for sauce. She promises Joss it will change her life.

Trina and Joss celebrate GH

On the docks, Jordan speaks to Shawn about his investigation into the missing Hayden. She pleads with him to let the police handle Naomi’s murder. Shawn doesn’t enjoy being on the sidelines, and she doesn’t need to protect him. He suggests if they work together that they could uncover the truth quicker. She accepts the offer and shares new information she just received on Naomi’s case. Jordan reveals Naomi recently flew from somewhere remote, and if they can find out where she came from, then it could be a clue to where Hayden is.

Jordan gives Shawn advice GH

Out in the woods, Liz, Finn, Violet, Aiden and Chase go camping. Cam and Jake backed out, and Liz has trouble putting together the tent together because the boys used to do it. Finn takes a look and gets it up in ten seconds. Liz calls him her hero. Chase reveals Finn used to go camping with their father all the time, so he’s a pro.

liz can't figure out the tent GH

Finn hoists their food up a tree to protect it from bears, while Chase takes Aiden and Violet to find more firewood. Liz still can’t get over him being such a master camper. Chase returns with the kids, and Aiden suggests they eat. They grab the food and head elsewhere.

Later, they return to camp after Liz and Finn accidentally fell into the river. Chase suggests they get warm by the fire, and he’ll take the kids to watch the meteor shower. As they sit by the fire, Liz snuggles close to him for body heat and scolds Finn for not sharing his blanket. He wraps it around her.

Finn and Liz get close GH

On the next General Hospital: Cyrus asks Buscema if he’s in or out. Nina tells “Mike” that she can’t do this. In the woods, Liz and Finn see something bright in the distance.

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