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Outside the Tan-O, Nina calls Obrecht, who gives her instructions on where to send Peter so she can ‘eradicate’ him. Liesl says the world will be better off without him.

Peter saunters into the Tan-O and asks “Mike” where Nina is. Given his strong reaction to seeing him, “Mike” demands to know if he knows who he is. Peter claims he just knows the kind of guy Nina gets involved with. As things get heated between them, Nina bursts in and gets between them, sending Peter outside.

Nina gives Peter a tip at Tan-O General Hospital

Outside, Nina tells Peter that Anna and Valentin think his baby is in St Lucia. He threatens that if she’s lying about this, she won’t be the only one to suffer.

Nina goes inside and promises “Mike” that he won’t see Peter after today. He asks her out to dinner. Hugging him close, she thinks everything might finally be okay.

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At the Metro Court, Sasha, Brando, and Lucy sit at a table and discuss the apartments they showed Gladys, who didn’t like any of them.

At a table, Carly lectures Gladys about her attitude, telling her it better change if she wants to be part of Brando and Sasha’s life.

Dante and Anna discuss Drew at Metro Court General Hospital

At the bar, Carly looks at her ring and thinks of Jason until Anna interrupts. She congratulates her on her engagement. Dante joins Anna and she hands him the WSB papers on Drew. She assumes that Peter is responsible. The only other person who could be would be Helena and they’ve already sent someone to check Cassadine Island.

Anna and Obrecht chat by the elevators about the doctor’s plans for a romantic getaway with Scott. She asks Devane to keep an eye on Maxie. Lucy overhears this and runs off.

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Valentin reassures Austin at pool General Hospital

Austin and Scott sit by the pool. When Valentin walks over, Austin asks him why he should vote for him to remain CEO of ELQ. Valentin thinks he’s jumping the gun but would be happy to have his support. After he explains how much money he’s made for the company, Austin says anyone can claim to have good intentions. Lucy pops up and orders everyone away from Scott. She smacks him for hooking up with ‘icky’ Obrecht and orders him to snap out of it.

Maxie puts off Austin at pool General Hospital

Maxie jogs over to Brook Lynn by the pool. As they sit and eat, Brook Lynn unpacks the whole legal situation with Austin, who stops by their table. He hopes that he and Maxie can be friends. Brook Lynn says she has more friends than she knows what to do with. Maxie makes it clear that he reminds her of the night she lost Louise. He apologizes and walks away.

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Alexis and Sean talk Hayden at Spring Ridge General Hospital

Sam drops by Spring Ridge and finds her mom playing a game with Shawn. She tells them about the call she got from Drew. Dante calls and tells Sam there’s something in the file she needs to see. After Sam runs off, Alexis and Shawn discuss his investigation and he explains that Hayden’s mother was murdered. That only makes it harder to walk away. She suggests they work together on this.

Jordan warns Jason about Cyrus on pier General Hospital

Jordan arrives on the pier to meet with Jason to discuss his wedding. She wonders if he is expecting trouble and explains that Cyrus has been making threats. The commissioner asks if he has any idea who is doing Renault’s dirty work. He has no idea. She wishes he and Carly the best. After he leaves, Shawn joins her and says she made some valid points about his need to move on from the Hayden investigation, but he still has questions he needs answered.

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Back at the Metro Court, Sasha and Brando discuss him keeping his distance from the Corinthos family. She doesn’t think avoiding the mob and avoiding his family are the same thing. Gladys and Lucy return and she agrees to take whatever apartment she’s found for her.

Dante, Anna and Sam talk Drew at Metro Court General Hospital

Sam and Anna join Dante and he explains that Drew had someone with him on his flight. There’s no name but there is information on the corporation that paid for it. It belongs to the same company that owned Creighton-Clark.

Gladys joins the head of one of the five families at the bar and complains about how Carly has no class.

Jason arrives and tells Carly that Cyrus is making a move.

Scott and Obrecht board jet General Hospital

Scott and Obrecht board a private jet. As she sips champagne, she regrets this trip isn’t just pleasure for her. There’s bad turbulence and the jet starts to go down.

On the next General Hospital: Jordan works with Shawn to uncover the truth about who shot Hayden.

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