Peter blackmails Nina GH
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Chase works out at home doing squats while thinking about his talk with Willow. Finn drops by and is stunned to see his brother walking. The doctor wonders why he didn’t tell him. Chase reveals he told no one about his progress, including Willow. Finn is confused. Chase fills him in on Willow and Michael being in love, and Willow asking for an annulment. Chase defends Willow, and admits while he was initially pissed at Michael, he realized he’s the one who put their relationship into motion with his and Sasha’s lie. He wishes it was just some trashy affair, but it’s not, and that’s what hurts.

Finn offers Chase comfort GH

Chase knows Michael didn’t set out to hurt him, and he’s a good guy. Finn thinks his brother is being way more forgiving than he would be. Chase feels sad for what he’s lost but wants Willow to be happy, and she is. Finn asks his brother, “What now?” Chase plans to get on with his life and get back to work, and to being Violet’s favorite uncle. Finn has an idea and suggests he go camping with him, Violet, Liz, and her boys. Chase agrees to think about it. Finn lets him get back to work and heads out.

Chase talks to Finn about heartbreak GH

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow and Michael discuss sleeping separately the previous night, because she needed a minute after what happened with Chase. Willow fills him in on their talk and says both agreed they only want the best for one another. Michael wonders if there is a way for them to be friends again. Willow feels one day it may be possible. Willow notes it feels strange that they don’t have to hide anymore

Michael and Willow discuss Chase GH

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BLQ enters the foyer with Bailey and realizes she’s lost her favorite binky. She carries Bailey into the living room and asks Willow how Chase is doing. Willow says he’s hurt, and she knows Brook Lynn is close to Chase and admits this is her fault for not telling him the truth earlier. BLQ understands that sometimes life presents a crazy situation you are forced to deal with. She tells Willow while she messed up, it was out of care and selflessness. Willow is hopeful Chase understands one day.

BLQ hates Austin GH

Brook Lynn changes the topic to Michael handing Austin the keys to the kingdom. Michael says grandfather never changed the will, so a judge may very well likely rule against Austin’s evidence. However, if Austin votes for Valentin to stay, he hates to admit it, but Valentin is a good CEO and he’s now part of this family. Brook Lynn just doesn’t like Austin and she hasn’t seen him do one good thing. Michael asks Willow to help him out, but she sides with Brook Lynn. Willow gets major sketch vibes from Austin and doesn’t know if he has the family’s best intentions in mind. Brook Lynn beams that Willow is such a great addition to this family.

At the Metro Court, Maxie pockets Louise’s binky and approaches Carly to talk about the wedding plans. Carly thanks Maxie for taking this on, and admits this whole thing feels weird to her and she doesn’t know why. Maxie suggests it’s because she never saw herself marrying Jason.

Maxie plans a wedding GH

At a table, Obrecht joins Britt, who is reading the news that Carly and Jason set a wedding date. Obrecht fumes, but Britt has no regrets about what happened between her and Jason.

Britt has reason to celebrate GH

Maxie stops by to say hello to Obrecht and Britt. When she reveals she’s planning Jason and Carly’s wedding, Obrecht thinks Maxie has lost her mind given Jason broke Britt’s heart. Britt reminds her mother of what they were just discussing. She asks Maxie to make the wedding beautiful because she wants Jason to have his happily ever after, even if it’s not with her. Obrecht suggests Maxie arrange for a hair gets in someone’s soup, nothing huge, just a hiccup or two. Maxie smiles and says, “I’ll see what I can do!”

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In the Corinthos’ kitchen, Joss tells Jason about her terrible dinner with her mom and dad, who could barely hide their resentment for one another. Joss assumes this is due to the wedding. Joss loves her dad, but he’s wrong about this wedding and she is so happy Jason is marrying her mom. Joss knows Jason makes her mom happy, and her mom trusts him. She thinks her dad is being a total jerk.

Joss feels something feels off about the wedding GH

Jason believes Jax is allowed to be concerned because he and her mom don’t have a normal life. He also wants Joss not to worry and live her life and take advantage of this new opportunity to go to college. Joss notes this is weird because it’s the first time her mom can’t give her advice because she never went to college. Jason feels her mom has faced other challenges and knows how to overcome them. Both he and Carly are behind her. They hug

Jason and Joss talk about the wedding GH

Later, Jason arrives at the mansion and Brook Lynn decides it’s time for Bailey’s nap. She departs. Michael asked Jason over to tell him that he and Willow are finally together. Jason is happy for them, and he has something to ask Michael. Jason reveals he and Carly set a date, and he wants Michael to be his best man. Michael says he’d be honored, and they hug.

Back at the Corinthos house, Carly arrives and tells Joss that she feels bad for how the dinner last night went. She wants her to not worry about her and her dad and concentrate on college. Joss says she already talked to Jason about this and it’s good. Carly asks Joss to be her maid of honor, and her daughter accepts.

In Nixon Falls, Phyllis gets to work at the bar because she needs to stay busy. She also urges “Mike” to tell Nina how much she means to him. Outside the Tan-O, Peter thanks Nina for letting him crash at her place, and again reminds her that he could still take James if he doesn’t get Louise back.

Peter warns Nina GH

Peter and Nina enter the Tan-O, and Peter offers his condolences to Phyllis about her husband. Peter reveals he slept on Nina’s couch, which results in “Mike”  appearing annoyed. Peter says that he and Nina are simpatico because they both know what it feels like to lose a child. Phyllis has known the pain and lost a daughter. “Mike” asks how long Peter is staying. Peter thinks he’ll be staying for a while as he and Nina are discussing a project of mutual interest.

Mike worried about Nina and man GH

The local sheriff stops in to offer his condolences to Phyllis and thinks he recognizes Peter. Nina points out he’s a writer, and Peter says he’s just passing through. The sheriff asks where he’s from. Nina blurts out, “Port Charles.” Peter is quick to add as well as Manhattan and Los Angeles, noting he’s from all over. He reaches for his gun tucked in the back of his pants, but the sheriff eventually leaves. “Mike” departs with Phyllis to help her home.

Once alone, Peter warns Nina she just made a fatal mistake in dropping clues to that cop. He smugly notes it would be a shame if something happened to Phyllis or “Mike.” “Mike” returns and asks if everything is okay. Peter says he was just pitching a true crime story to Nina about a small town. Peter decides to take a walk and learn about the town. “Mike” offers to accompany him and give him the tour.

Peter threatens Mike and Phyllis GH

Nina calls Obrecht and says she has a problem and Obrecht is the perfect person to solve it. If she can’t, she’ll have to do it herself. Outside, “Mike” asks Peter why it seems that Nina doesn’t like him.

On the next General Hospital: “Mike” tells Peter to get out of town. Jax refuses to allow Joss to attend Carly and Jason’s wedding. And Scott tells Austin this is his ticket to a gold mine.

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