Michael and Brook Lynn reject Austin at Quartermaine estate General Hospital
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At the Quartermaine estate, Willow begs Chase not to give Austin the power to go after the family. He caves and hands the evidence to Michael, declaring he doesn’t need any of this, and walks out. Willow chases after him. Michael accuses Austin of being underhanded. Austin reminds him he’s been sleeping with someone’s wife. He claims he’s only trying to right a wrong done to his father. Brook Lynn refuses to give him any sympathy. Austin repeats he’s not threatening their family. Michael accuses him of exploiting Chase. Austin points out he’s played dirty too. Michael decides it’s time to break the cycle and hands him the paper. He points out that the paper won’t be enough to change anything but wishes him good luck. As soon as the doctor walks out, Brook Lynn accuses Michael of costing them ELQ.

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Willow cries to Chase at his place General Hospital

Willow follows Chase back to his apartment. He doesn’t think there’s anything more to say. They run through all the times she failed to tell him the truth. She never wanted to hurt him but did. After the two of them recap their entire history, he tells her what really hurts is that she never loved him the way he loves her. She’ll always love him for what he did to unite her with Wiley. They agree to stop apologizing and she hands him her wedding ring.

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Mike comforts Phyllis over Lenny in garden General Hospital

In Phyllis’ backyard, “Mike” comforts her as she sobs. He reminds her of everything she’s given him. He’ll miss Lenny. She cries on his shoulder. After, he tells her that this feeling of loss is familiar. He just hopes that he finds the love she and Lenny had. She’s sure he’s already finding that.

Peter makes demands on Nina at Tan-O General Hospital

In the Tan-O, Peter asks Nina what Sonny is doing alive in Nixon Falls. As she looks down at the gun under the bar, Peter raises his to her head. She puts the gun away and offers him a drink. He demands her phone and gets her to sit down. Peter explains that he’s been lying low and searching for his daughter. If Maxie wants to have Louise in her life, she’ll have to share. He prods her to explain how she wound up there with Sonny after his memory loss. August assumes that she’s enjoyed getting one over on Carly but has fallen for “Mike.” She suggests he has a vivid imagination. After he threatens to expose her to Carly, he asks her to let him set up his base of operations there. He needs her to get information from Maxie and Valentin and threatens to take James as a replacement if she won’t help. Nina agrees to help. As they shake, “Mike” returns. Peter announces he’ll be sticking around for a while.

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Valentin catches up with Maxie at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Maxie promises Carly that the wedding will be gorgeous. As she putters away, she runs into Valentin and Louise. She tries to control herself as they catch up. Before she can run, he tells her there’s a chance that Peter has found Louise. He’s surprised when she doubts that. When he spots Austin walking in, he asks her to hold the baby for a minute.

Valentin joins Austin at the bar. The doctor shows him the paper and promises to see him in the ELQ boardroom.

Carly and Jax bicker about safety at Metro Court General Hospital

Cam and Joss join her mom and Jax. They sit down and recount what happened at Spencer’s party. Jax talks about how dangerous her life can be. Carly insists she’s fine. The topic turns to the wedding and things get tense. Joss senses something is up. Carly sends Joss and Cam away and then gets back to bickering with Jax. She tells him that the days of raising their daughter together are over now that she’s moving out. Carly can’t trust him anymore and it’s his fault.

Joss apologizes to Cam for her parents fighting. He assures her it’s okay and she makes him feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

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Spencer tells Trina not to lie about him to Esme at pool General Hospital

Esme and Spencer sit by the pool talking about their plan. He never asked her to set fire to Ava’s car. She points out it’s pushed suspicion away from him. Trina pops up. She pretends that she and Spencer barely know each other and he tells her to stop covering for him. Esme sends him away to get truffle fries and confronts Trina for having a crush on her boyfriend. She assures her she’s not into girl-on-girl rivalry and would like them to get along. He returns as Joss and Cam arrive. Spencer leads Esme away and she warns him that Trina knows things about him that could be dangerous. Trina admits to Joss that she’s not sure she’s on top of this situation.

Spencer and Esme sit at the bar. She suggests they audit some classes at PCU because she’s bored.

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