Peter finds Sonny Alive GH
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In his cell, Drew sits on a cot and holds the pen he stole but his energy is fading. He looks over and believes he sees Sam and Scout standing there. Suddenly a nurse appears and identifies herself as Chloe. She bandages his wounds and reveals she’s a hostage too. Drew asks how she ended up there. Chloe recounts she went on a job interview to be a private nurse for a pregnant woman but was jumped and ended up in this place. In the distance, a woman screams. Chloe explains the woman, who is likely being tortured by the guards, was recently brought there from someplace even worse apparently.

Drew sees Sam and Scout GH

Drew suddenly realizes Chloe isn’t in cuffs. Chloe explains it’s so she can do her job. He thinks she can help them escape. Drew has a plan and tells her to call the guards and tell them that she found him with Russell’s pen. He can handle another beating, but this will get the guards to trust her.

Nurse Chloe helps Drew GH

Chloe calls the guards and tells them she found a pen on Drew and he was trying to escape. One guard takes Chloe outside, and the other gives Drew another beating. Later as Drew recovers he sees Sam and Scout again and swears he’s coming home to them.

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At the coffee house, Sam tells Dante that Scout’s father is alive, she just knows it. She thinks about all the time Scout has lost with Drew, who her daughter believes is a man in a story her mom tells her. Sam vows to strangle Peter herself if he’s alive for all he’s done.

Sam knows Drew's alive GH

In Nixon Falls, Peter spies through the Tan-O window and spots Nina. “Mike” asks if he can help him. When Peter sees Sonny he’s stunned. “Mike” says he looks like he’s seen a ghost. Peter quickly realizes Sonny has no idea who he is.

Peter sees Sonny GH

In her car, Maxie calls Brook Lynn and says she’s coming home tonight because she can’t stay away from her daughter forever. She explains Nina convinced her that she couldn’t keep running.  Maxie is about to go into Deception and says she’ll call her later.

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At the Metro Court, Jason tells Carly that this wedding can’t be a quickie courthouse one, it must look real and be public. Carly points out that this will mean what he has with Britt is over. Jason hates that he hurt Britt, but they have to do this and he believes it will all work out for them.

Jason and Carly discuss their marriage GH

Maxie arrives and Carly welcomes her home. Carly excuses herself to make a call, and Jason gives Maxie a hug. She tells him that her parents are bringing Georgie and James back, and she wanted to get back to work and normal life. Carly returns and reveals that she’s booked the chapel for the wedding. Maxie is thrilled by the news and offers to help plan it and she refuses to take no for an answer. When she asks what the budget is, Jason says there is none. Maxie exclaims this will be the wedding of the century.

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At the hospital, Britt tries to speak to Austin, but he rushes off because he has something pressing. Later, Liz approaches Britt to request time off, but Britt refuses because there is no one to fill in for her. Liz storms off and spots Terry. She later returns to Britt and gloats that Terry gave her the clearance for her days off.

Britt upsets Liz GH

Britt confronts Terry for undermining her by giving Liz the day off and how this makes her the bad gal. Later Britt overhears Terry scolding Liz for not telling her the truth about Britt denying her time off in the first place. Britt approaches them and reveals she has some good news. Amy is looking for more work, so Britt gives Liz the days she wanted off. Liz thanks Britt and says this will mean a lot to her boys as they are going camping. Liz leaves, and Britt thanks Terry for what she said to Liz. They shake hands and say, “Partners.”

At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow and Michael tell Chase that there is something they’ve been keeping from him. Willow sits down and tearfully says she never wanted to hurt him, but she needs an annulment. Cold-faced, Chase says he’s not surprised and that he knows she and Michael are in love with each other.

Michael and Willow tell Chase the truth

Chase knows she only married him out of pity and that she and Michael had sex on Wiley’s birthday. He asks why she couldn’t just be honest with him from the start? Willow cries that she was about to tell him the night he collapsed, and it became one other issue after another. Michael says it was just never a good time. Chase lashes out at Michael, who reminds Chase of the lie he and Sasha told them. Willow cries that when the truth about his and Sasha’s lie finally came out, she tried to forget how she had grown to feel towards Michael, but she couldn’t.

Stone cold Chase GH

Chase hates why she married him, but he gets it. Willow says she had every intention to be faithful to him, but that day she needed comfort and turned to Michael. Willow admits she is in love with Michael. Michael returns the sentiment. Chase is glad they are finally being honest and says now it’s his turn. He shows them that he can walk. He reveals that he first was able to walk the night of the party, and Austin helped him to go and surprise Willow. That’s when he realized their marriage was over. He relays that Austin convinced him to keep playing the role of the dutiful wheel-chair-bound husband until he could find this. He shows them the paper indicating that Edward wanted Jimmy Lee in his will after all. They beg him not to give that to Austin.

In the foyer, Brook Lynn calls Nina and is upset she pushed Maxie to come home because it risks exposing their plan. The doorbell rings and it’s Austin, so she ends the call. Austin needs to see Chase. BLQ knows all about how he used Chase for his own benefit. She calls him a true Quartermaine for using Chase’s pain, and this clearly is all about money for him. BLQ believes Chase is a good guy and he won’t betray her family. They head into the living room and Austin announces he’s there for the proof Chase has.

BLQ furious with Austin GH

Back outside the Tan-O, Peter introduces himself to “Mike” as Peter Sinclair and says he’s a well-known author and just surprised he didn’t recognize him. “Mike” wonders what a hotshot like him is doing in Nixon Falls. Peter says he went on a bit of wanderlust and has been searching for his place. “Mike” tells him the bar is closed but he can give him some water for his journey.

“Mike” heads inside with Peter, and Nina is stunned to see him and drops a tray of glasses. Peter comments, “Nina Reeves! What a small world.” “Mike” assumes that they know one another. Peter quickly introduces himself to Nina as Peter Sinclair, and notes they run in the same publishing circles. He sees that she too found herself in this sleepy town, and she found “Mike.” “Mike” explains how he found himself there because he woke up nearby with no memory. “Mike” leaves to check on Phyllis and deliver an old photo album to her. Alone, Peter wonders what Nina’s gotten herself into now. Nina, behind the bar, reaches for the gun in the lockbox.

On the next General Hospital: Nina asks Peter what he wants. Willow and Michael thank Chase. Maxie sees Valentin with Bailey, and he tells her that the situation involving Louise has an update.

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