Mike notices Nina is startled at Tan-O General Hospital
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Nina is shocked when Maxie shows up at the Tan-O, eager to see her guy. She wants to stay for a glass of wine and talk about Louise before she heads back to Port Charles. Maxie explains that Peter still hasn’t been found. Maxie needs to see her daughter again and she’s almost strong enough to do it. She’s hoping she can stay in Nixon Falls with Nina for a while to prepare herself. When Nina gets a text from “Mike” saying he’s on the way, Nina tells Maxie she needs to leave immediately. She doesn’t want her to use the town as an escape the way she has. Maxie feels like something might be wrong. Nina talks her into leaving and Maxie walks out. As she exits the building, Peter steps out from behind some bushes.

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Olivia and Dante discuss Sam by pool General Hospital

Sam bumps into Dante, who is waiting for his mom and Leo by the pool. He can sense she’s still thinking of the phone call from Drew. She wants to find out what the WSB has on Drew’s crash. Leo and Olivia show up and the PI takes off. Liv immediately asks about Sam and needles him about having more fun. When Leo cuts his finger, his mother panics and leads him away.

Valentin and Anna discuss Drew General Hospital

By the pool, Valentin and Anna banter about Martin’s interest in her. Austin calls him to cancel their lunch. Valentin immediately asks Anna to lunch. Sam interrupts and asks them for information about Peter. She tells them about the call from Drew. Dante joins them as they mull over what could be going on. Sam asks if they will let her look at the WSB file on the crash.

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Jordan tells Kevin, Laura and Martin of Cyrus threat at home General Hospital

Martin arrives at Laura’s with Jordan. The commissioner informs them that Cyrus has put out a contract on his siblings. The FBI has a plan in place to protect them and will keep their families under surveillance. They have to go into hiding immediately. Kevin offers to go with Laura but she wants him to stay and keep an eye on Spencer.

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In the Corinthos kitchen, Michael tells Willow that they can’t keep living a lie. He’s willing to step back so she can be Chase’s wife. She feels like a coward and can’t betray Chase any longer. It’s time for her to tell him the truth. She claims she’s a terrible person but he insists she’s just brave. He beats himself up too but says that they had good intentions. As Willow heads for the door, Michael repeats he’s as responsible for this as she is and insists they do this together.

Brook Lynn confronts Chase about snooping at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Brook Lynn asks Chase how long he’s been able to walk. He’s not in the mood to explain. After she helps him sit, she grabs the papers out of his hands. She sees they contain what Austin has been looking for and realizes the detective must be working with him. He admits he’s helping him to get back at Michael. Once he explains why, she says he’s not just hurting Michael but her whole family. They debate what Edward would have wanted. She can’t believe the detective is turning his back on her family after all they’ve done for him. Willow and Michael arrive and announce they need to speak to Chase alone.

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Austin and Ned debate the lawsuit at General Hospital

Ned corners Austin at General Hospital to discuss the lawsuit. Ned asks him to name his price. He doesn’t have one. He wants shares from ELQ to honor his father. If he won’t accept money, Ned wonders what he will accept. The doctor suspects that he’s scared he might win. Ned insists there is no documentation to prove his case. Austin remains nonchalant. Leo and Liv step off the elevator. Austin checks him over and gives him a tetanus shot and a fidget spinner. He’s adamant that she bring Leo back for a check-up. After the family leaves, Austin asks a nurse to make sure Olivia brings the kid back so he can talk to him. When he checks his messages, he gets one from Chase saying he’s found the proof he needs.

On the next General Hospital: Sam considers her future.

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