Nina pushes Mike away at Tan-O General Hospital
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“Mike” and Nina return to the Tan-O and talk about how all the people of the town came out for Lenny’s funeral. “Mike” says love is the thing that matters most. They remember how much Lenny loved to dance and say how lucky he and Phyllis were to be together. Sitting on the floor, they rummage through Lenny’s trunk to find things for a memorial wall. As “Mike” looks at a wedding photo, he gets a flash of Carly. He snaps out of it and tells Nina about the blonde woman with a wedding bouquet. He wonders if it’s a vision of his future. “Mike” talks about the afterlife and tells her that what they have will live on. They kiss, but she pushes him away and says it’s wrong. He’s apologetic. She’s grateful that she’s sharing this time with him. He’s finally found his true self. They hold hands. After he leaves to see Phyllis, Nina is shocked when Maxie shows up.

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Willow tells Chase nothing has changed at Quartermaine house General Hospital

At the Quartermaine house, Chase sits in the corner and watches giggling Michael and Willow stroll in. Michael gets called away to see his mom. Chase asks if she wants to go with him. Valentin and Brook Lynn breeze in, bickering about Austin. Chase confuses all of them by saying he’s on Austin’s side since he’s been kept in the dark. He wonders if there is any proof to back up Austin’s claims. Valentin leaves for lunch with the doctor and Brook Lynn returns to the baby. The married couple starts bickering about the basis of their relationship. He insists that he’s never stopped loving her and she says that nothing has changed. “Nothing?” he asks. They have a vague and uncomfortable conversation about their relationship until she gets upset and exits.

Brook Lynn wheels the baby around and wonders what will happen when the truth comes out. After she leaves the kid with Yuri, she’s shocked to walk into the living room and find Chase’s chair empty. He hobbles back in, calling Austin to tell him he’s found the proof he needs. Brook Lynn demands to know what’s going on.

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Carly and Michael talk wedding in Corinthos kitchen General Hospital

In the Corinthos kitchen, Joss quizzes her mom about what was happening last night and who she was meeting. Carly claims she was just with Jason. When Michael arrives, his mom announces that she and Jason have set a date. Excited Joss hugs her and rushes off. Michael wonders if his mom is rushing this. If the wedding is supposed to be a message, it should be a big deal. She begins quizzing him about what’s happening with Willow. He’s evasive but suggests that her marriage of convenience to Jason could bring her close to a happy ending.

Willow arrives at the Corinthos compound and tells Michael that she can’t go on deceiving Chase.

Martin hits on Anna by pool General Hospital

Martin sits next to Anna by the pool and asks about her relationship with Valentin. He makes it clear that he hopes they are friends. He’s fascinated by her ‘mystique’ and wants to get to know her better. “Marty, are you hitting on me?” she asks. He flirts. Valentin arrives and watches this for a while before interrupting. After Anna leaves to make a call, Valentin asks Martin if he’s “getting ideas” about her. He thinks she should be off-limits. Martin agrees after he threatens to take away his retainer. The lawyer gets a call and runs.

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Laura forbids Spencer to live with Esme at home General Hospital

Laura and Kevin are startled to come downstairs and discover Spencer and Esme have breakfast prepared for them. Spencer tells them how resourceful Esme is and thinks about her setting Ava’s car on fire. She leaves to tour the town. Laura asks Spencer why he hasn’t mentioned her before. The topic quickly changes to Nikolas and Spencer is adamant that he’s finished with his father. When Spencer announces he needs to find a place for Esme to live, Laura forbids their living together. He insists they aren’t planning to. His grandmother wonders what his financial plans are since his father controls all of his money. He storms out. Laura wonders how she can help him. A distraught-looking Martin shows up and tells her they are in trouble.

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Joss meets Esme at Kelly's General Hospital

Trina stops by Kelly’s looking for Joss. Cam is there and asks her what happened at the party after he left. She tells him that Spencer has a much larger support system than they’d realized. On cue, Esme strolls in and they greet her. Joss arrives and gets an introduction to Spencer’s girlfriend, who knows all about her. Spencer turns up and Trina walks out with Joss following her. Trina insists that she’s not upset about Spencer having a girlfriend. Cam comes out and they worry about Esme being “a little extra”.

On the next General Hospital: Brook Lynn questions Chase’s actions.

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