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At the meeting place of the five families, Carly asks Jason what happened. Jason warns Carly that they are in trouble. The families believe they are weak and isolated, but he has a plan to convince them otherwise which entails them marrying as soon as they can. Carly thought the marriage was to show a united front. Jason explains they see her as a vulnerability, and they demanded that he either marry or kill her. He promises he won’t let the five families touch her, but they see her as a civilian who would give information to the feds. He knows it was only a test to see how they’d react. He vows that their threatening her is the worst mistake they could make, and they will pay.

Jason gives Carly wedding news GH

Jason suggests they set a wedding date and send the family heads invitations. Carly wonders if any part of the wedding will be about them. He promises their marriage won’t be about the five families, and he needs her to stand by him no matter what. She cries she’ll always do that. Carly worries about what will happen when they get married and how it will change things. Jason says they need to hope for the best and trust each other. She suggests September 17 as a date, and he agrees.

Carly worries about wedding GH

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Up on the turret at Wyndemere, Spencer tells Trina that he’d like to know more about her. She thinks they should get back inside and reminds him of his own advice to her about talking to her mom when she was angry with her. She tells Spencer that she is there for him. He believes if she goes with him then he can face his father.

Trina and Spencer on the Turret GH

Suddenly the mystery nurse appears and tells Spencer he can’t go anywhere without her. She approaches and pulls Spencer into a kiss, and then asks who his friend is. Spencer introduces Esme Prince to Trina. Esme says she’s the girlfriend she’s sure Trina has heard all about. Trina hadn’t and excuses herself. Spencer claims to Esme he was going to introduce her to his friends tonight and asks what she’s been up to. She reveals she was trailing Ava, and overheard all about Nikolas’ plan, which gave her a great idea. She admits to setting Ava’s car on fire, which stuns and infuriates Spencer. She said she had to do something to take the focus off him, and they both know he’s up to his eyeballs in this. She thought he wanted his father and Ava to pay.

Esme confesses to Spencer GH

In the living room, Laura fears Nikolas is finally becoming a Cassadine through and through. Laura reminds him of his recent kidnapping of Cyrus’ mother, and now this latest plot against Spencer. She wonders if it’s too late to save him. He begs her not to give up on him. She asks what steps he is willing to take to repair things with Spencer, and warns one more terrible choice and he could lose everything and everyone.

Nikolas warned by his mother GH

Spencer enters with Esme, and he introduces his girlfriend to Laura. Laura thinks he might want a moment alone with his father, but Spencer has nothing to say. He corrects that statement and has one thing to say to him. Spencer tells his father that he wishes he never came back. He refuses to stay there and will take the launch to the mainland with his grandmother. He and Esme exit, and Laura tells her son that it didn’t need to be like this.

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In a hospital exam room, Portia offers to prescribe Ava something if she needs help sleeping, but Ava refuses as she needs to keep her guard up. Kevin arrives to check on Ava. Ava hopes that he and Laura got to Wyndemere before Nikolas did anything stupid. Kevin, unfortunately, informs her Nikolas’ plan was already in motion, but right now he’s worried about her. Ava shares Kiki’s badge with Kevin that was left behind at the scene of the crime and wonders what kind of monster does this. Kevin knows it’s not Ryan, and Ava thinks it’s not Spencer. Ava again asks if Nikolas ruined things with Spencer. He says they will need time to heal.

Ava turns to Kevin GH

Trina arrives to check on Ava, and Portia interrupts to say that an officer needs to take Ava’s statement. Portia and Trina step out, and Portia asks where she has been. Trina says she was at Wyndemere and tells her mother everything that happened, including that Spencer has a girlfriend. Her mother comforts her.

Kevin checks back in with Ava, who still doesn’t understand why this is continuing when she has left Nikolas. Ava feels there is no place safe for her to go and believes for Avery’s sake, she has to leave Port Charles alone.

Ava wonders when stalking will stop GH

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At The Savoy, Britt orders a drink at the bar and thinks about Jason. The nurses and Terry arrive and begin moving tables together for a ladies’ night. She listens to them all joking, approaches the table, and is glad to see them relaxing after a hard day of work. Liz tells Britt that it’s nice having a co-chief of staff who treats the staff as people. Britt welcomes Epiphany back, and Nurse Johnson fires back with an insult about how Britt must know how she feels now that she’s been demoted. Britt returns to the bar wounded, and Terry goes to join her.

Nurses celebrate Terry GH

Britt wishes Terry had extended an invitation for her to join them, but Terry says it wasn’t her invitation to extend. Terry says they may have to work together, but she can’t make people like her. Britt knows she was awful but can’t do much when people won’t give her a chance. Terry can see she has changed, but she burned some bridges, and it will take time to rebuild them.

Britt gets a warning GH

At the table, Amy wonders what Terry and Britt are talking about. Epiphany doesn’t care but Dinah notes how well they work together will affect them. Epiphany plans to treat Britt with respect at the hospital, but outside is a different story. Dinah tells Epiphany what went down with Britt, Cyrus, and Jason while she was gone. Talk turns to Jason and Carly’s wedding. Epiphany never saw it coming, and Liz comments that they don’t know Jason. She rants about how Carly always came first with Jason, and vice versa.

Epiphany warns Britt GH

Terry rejoins the table and sends Epiphany to the bar. Britt apologizes to Epiphany for how she treated her, which she says was low and dishonest. Epiphany says losing her position wasn’t just about the title, it was losing contact with the patients that broke her heart. Britt admits Epiphany is gifted with the patients, and contrary to beliefs, she has a heart and knows what it’s like to have it broken. Britt is trying not to be the person she was. Epiphany heard she risked everything for Jason, who is a friend, and Terry says she’s not all bad. Epiphany returns to the table. Britt sends them a round of shots and then heads out.

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