Drew prays to Sam in his cell General Hospital
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On Spoon Island, Cam and Joss debate whether they should get Trina out of the house. Carly shows up and her daughter tells her that what’s been happening is all kinds of wrong. Cam never thought he could feel bad for Spencer.

In Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Spencer, Kevin, Laura, and Trina that someone set fire to Ava’s car. He was so sure that his son was the stalker, but it looks like he was wrong. Spencer wishes he’d never come back. This isn’t the first time his father has turned on him. Laura tells her son that he went too far in trying to teach his son a lesson. Kevin backs her up. The prince insists he just wanted his son to see the error of his ways. Spencer is in tears and storms out with Trina trailing after him. Laura tells Nikolas he let his rage blind him. Carly bursts in and complains she had to drop everything and race over because he’s playing ‘boogey man’. He’s not taking parenting advice from her. As she drags Joss and Cam out, Joss sends Cam to get Trina and then questions her mom about what was happening tonight.

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Spencer and Trina talk forgiveness on turret General Hospital

On the turret, Trina tells Spencer that she should have known he wasn’t capable of being the stalker. “What if I was?” he asks. She changes the topic to her problems with her dad and how they got over them. She’s not going to tell him what to think. They’re friends. “Is that what we are?” he asks. Cam interrupts to see if she wants a ride. She’s sticking around. Once Cam leaves, Spencer thanks Trina for listening to him. They inch closer together.

Back downstairs, Nikolas keeps calling Ava but it goes to voicemail. Kevin exits and Laura returns to lecturing her son for acting like a Cassadine. He might go down the same path his father did if he’s not careful.

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Jax and Obrecht talk gathering evidence at The Savoy General Hospital

Obrecht joins Jax at The Savoy and she asks after Joss. He starts venting about Carly. She assumes Jason is playing a role in this. Jax explains the situation and his attempts to gain information for leverage. She says he should have come to her for some tips. She’d love to see Jason and Carly squirm and is sure they could bring them down together.

Curtis asks Sam if Drew is alive at The Savoy General Hospital

Sam approaches Curtis at the bar and tells him about the call from Drew. She knows he was declared dead, but if anyone could survive, it would be him. Curtis asks if she really believes he’s alive. None of this makes sense to her but she owes it to her kids to find out who made the call. If he’s alive, Curtis wonders why he waited so long to make contact. They wonder if he is being held somewhere. The more she thinks about this, the more convinced she is that Drew was on the phone.

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Drew crawls around the floor of his cell as his guard, Ross, threatens to kill him. Drew offers him a bribe to tell him who his boss is. No luck. When he’s alone, Drew just prays that Sam starts asking questions. He’s desperate to get back and see his daughter. He never meant to be gone so long and vows to return. Ross comes back and tells him that if Sam comes looking for him, she’ll be dead before she leaves the States. Drew lunges at him but Ross kicks him to the floor. As soon as he’s left alone, Drew reveals that he swiped Ross’ pen and takes it apart.

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Jason warns the families in warehouse General Hospital

Jason meets with the five families in the warehouse. They tell him it’s unacceptable that Carly isn’t present. He insists he is authorized to speak for the Corinthos organization. He complains about Joey Novak and threatens repercussions. The other mobsters wonder if he’s challenging Carly’s position and suggest she should be eliminated. The feds have been circling her for a long time and she could be cutting a deal with them. Jason insists that will never happen. They aren’t convinced that either of them is reliable until they are legally protected by marriage. Carly arrives as the meeting ends and the mobsters file out. Jason looks defeated.

On the next General Hospital: Laura gives Nikolas some tough love.

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