Drew in Prison GH
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At the hospital, Brando accompanies Sasha for an ultrasound, and neither wants to know the sex of the baby before it’s born. The doctor gives them a photo of their baby and says she’ll see them at their next appointment.

Brando and Sasha get a baby checkup GH

Ava checks in on Portia, who says she’s doing better thanks to her. In the background, a mystery female nurse spies on them. They take a walk, and Ava is glad that Trina has forgiven her and things are getting better between them. Ava knows what it’s like to have your child realize you aren’t perfect. Portia feels she’s speaking from experience.

Ava and Portia talk GH

Ava tears up as she tells Portia about her daughter Kiki, who died before she could make amends with her. Ava wanted to help Portia and Trina not make the same mistakes she did. Portia must get back to work but suggests they grab a drink sometime. Ava looks forward to it. She walks off and is watched by the mystery nurse, who smirks.

Creepy Nurse stalker GH

In the garage, Ava discovers her car on fire. After the fire department arrives and puts it out, they reveal someone deliberately set fire to the car and they found a medical ID nearby. When she sees it, Ava faints.

Ava car fire GH

Ava is taken back into the hospital and Portia gives her water. Ava explains this was another incident of her mystery stalker, and they just upped the stakes. She shows Portia the badge left behind which is Kiki’s. Ava informs the doctor that she buried Kiki with it.

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At the Metro Court pool, Dante excuses himself to get him and Sam another round. Sam receives another unknown call. She finally answers and is shocked to hear Drew on the other end begging for help. She says this can’t be Drew because he’s dead. The man swears he’s Drew, that he doesn’t have much time, and they are coming for him. She asks where he is, but he doesn’t know. The call is cut off.

Sam gets call from Drew by pool General Hospital

Dante returns and Sam fills him in on the call. Dante has the PCPD try to trace the call. They discuss who it could have been and if perhaps it was Peter given he was responsible for Drew’s death. Sam wonders if this is a way to distract her from looking for Hayden. Dante’s people couldn’t trace the call, and Sam begins to ponder if that really was Drew.

On the docks, Jason calls Brick and says he’s called a meeting with the five families tonight to get an idea where the Novaks and the other families stand.

Jason makes a show of strength GH

In the Corinthos kitchen, Carly can’t believe Jax tried to get her to incriminate herself on a recording and asks what his plan was. Was he going to have her arrested and prosecuted? Jax was trying to save their daughter and Carly. He knew if she incriminated herself then she’d have to choose between the business and Joss, and he wonders which she’d have chosen.

Carly seethes at Jax GH

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Jason returns, and Carly informs him that Jax has been trying to force her to incriminate herself. Carly says even if she walked away from the business, it wouldn’t have walked away from her. Jax knows that if Jason would have taken over he could have kept her out. Carly tells Jax the bond they had is broken and he’s crossed a line. Jax says this isn’t about her and storms out. Carly rants to Jason that Jax betrayed her, and she hopes she didn’t say anything that could get her into trouble. Jason makes a call to Spinelli and orders him to have Jax’s phone wiped. Carly tries to recompose herself for the meeting later.

At Wyndemere, Tony checks in on Cam and Joss, who have been enjoying the fireworks. Tony says the launches are back to take the guests to the mainland. Cam realizes the craziness has only been targeted at the people inside the house, and Joss deduces this is probably about Spencer. The doorbell rings and Tony answers it to find Laura and Kevin. Laura demands to see her grandson. Cam and Joss approach and wonder if they came to break up the party. Laura had no idea there was a party and explains they came to see Nikolas. Joss says he’s in Dubai, but Laura isn’t sure. Joss and Cam tell them what has been going on, and Laura worries if he’d go this far. They wonder who he’s talking about.

Laura and Kevin arrive at Wyndemere GH

On the turret, Spencer assures Trina that nothing and no one will ruin this night. In the background, a figure in a cloak and skull mask watches. They hear some noises inside, so they head in to investigate. Trina suggests he check the WIFI and she’s going downstairs to find Cam and Joss now that the fireworks are over. Spencer goes to check the WIFI only to be grabbed by the cloaked figure who puts a knife to his throat. The figure spins Spencer around, and the boy begs for his life and offers him money or whatever he wants. The figure stabs him and rushes off. Trina runs in and finds a screaming Spencer on the floor, but there is no stab wound when he goes to look. The knife, which was dropped, also has no blood on it.

Skull mask creeper GH

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Trina and Spencer rush into the living room and describe the guy in the hood and mask, who Spencer is positive is Ryan. Spencer tells them about the fake stabbing and says the guy could be anywhere in the house. Laura informs him that they don’t think Ryan is behind this. When Spencer asks who it could be, Nikolas emerges and takes off his mask.

Nikolas removes mask GH

Laura and Kevin are furious with Nikolas for terrorizing his son, along with his friends. Joss and Cam decide to leave with Tony, but Trina stays behind. Laura demands to know why Nikolas would go to such lengths to terrorize his son. Nikolas wanted him to feel as frightened as Ava did when he stalked her. Spencer can’t believe they are going through this again. Trina knows Spencer doesn’t like Ava, and wonders if he would go so far as to booby trap the gallery. Nikolas begs him to confess. Suddenly Nikolas gets a call from Ava, who tells him about the fire. Nikolas relays the news to everyone, and Kevin points out it couldn’t have been Spencer. Laura says, “So Spencer is innocent,” but she wishes she could say the same about Nikolas.

Nikolas Reveal at the Mansion GH

Back at the Corinthos estate, Carly gets a call from Tony to tell her what is going on at Wyndemere. Carly needs to go to Joss, which means she can’t go to the meeting. Jason tells her that Joss is more important and he’ll go to the meeting.

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In a remote dungeon, a man tells Drew nice try and throws him back into a cell.

On the next General Hospital: Laura warns Nikolas he’s turning into his father.

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