Sam gets call from Drew by pool General Hospital
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Sam and Dante eat by the pool as she talks about her kids. Eventually, they stop talking about their children. After an awkward silence, he asks if this is a date. She says they can’t date because they are colleagues. He reminds her he’s a cop and points out that this feels like a date. She has a lot of male friends she eats with. He has a lot of female friends but doesn’t kiss them. Anyway, he adds, he’s not her type: he doesn’t brood, has a sense of humor, and can cook. The cop continues to ramble until she gets him to stop by kissing him. They’re interrupted by a call. She doesn’t pick it up. He asks if that was more than a friendly kiss. She’s now open to dating. When he leaves to get them drinks, she’s shocked to get another call. “Drew?” she asks as a desperate voice begs for help.

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Spencer, Trina, Joss, and cam pose at Wyndemere

At the party in the gardens of Wyndemere, Spencer, Cam, Trina and Joss take photos and then go through the security Spencer has set up to keep people out of the house.

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Inside, Joss tells her bodyguard to step back while she’s with her friends. They head into the great room and Spencer’s guests complain that all of his other guests are snobs. His friends wonder why he isn’t more worried about what will happen when his father finds out about this party. Joss and Cam go off to the turret, leaving Trina and Spencer to chat. When she mentions Ava gave her good advice, he rolls his eyes. His security guard Costa comes in and says that the launch has gone missing and they can’t reach the pilots on either side. Joss’ bodyguard insists that it’s time for her to go home. After Trina runs off to find Joss, a voice that sounds like Ryan calls Spencer and tells him, “It ends tonight.”

Joss and Cam on the turret General Hospital

Joss and Cam go up to the turret and recall their playdates with Spencer when they were kids. She always thought he was spoiled and obnoxious, but has realized he’s also lonely. They kiss until Trina interrupts to say things are getting weird. The boats are missing.

Spencer is shocked by call from Ryan at Wyndemere General Hospital

Back downstairs, Spencer tells his friends about the call from Ryan. Skeptical, Cam says his pranks used to be better than this. The lights go out and a sign that reads “It ends tonight” glows in the dark. The generator kicks in and Spencer locks the door as he insists to everyone that this is real. Panicking, Trina tries calling the cops but there’s no signal. Spencer and Trina go off to try rebooting the signal booster. Cam admits to Joss that this is starting to feel like a trap.

Trina and Spencer go out on the turret to wait as the booster reboots. As they look at the lights in the sky, a figure in a mask emerges behind them, holding a knife.

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Liz and Laura discuss Cam at General Hospital

Laura stops by General Hospital to pick up Kevin. While she waits, she asks Liz if she’s spoken to her father about Naomi’s death. The nurse thinks her dad is in Africa but has no idea where. They discuss Cam and how well he’s doing now.

Ava remembers Ryan pretending to be Kevin and then bumps into him in the hall. He repeats his assurances that his twin isn’t capable of stalking anyone.

Kevin and Ava discuss Spencer at General Hospital

In Kevin’s office, Ava tells him about Nikolas suspecting Spencer is the stalker. She wonders if it could be true. He waffles on the answer but admits that Spencer has never faced serious consequences for his behavior and he does seems fixated on Ava. Laura interrupts as an orderly eavesdrops by the door. Ava tells them that Nikolas isn’t in Dubai. He’s trying to trap Spencer into exposing himself. They suspect this will end in disaster. As Kevin and Laura head off, Ava calls to arrange for a boat. Someone watches her.

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Carly argues with Jax in kitchen General Hospital

In the Corinthos kitchen, Jax places his phone on the counter and sets it to record as he and Carly argue about the danger that their daughter is in. She insists that the only way to protect the kids is to maintain the illusion of continuity. “The way Sonny protected Morgan?” he snipes. That outrages her and it escalates their arguing. He thinks she should walk away from the mob but she repeatedly insists that she needs to show strength. Jax prompts her to explain what she’s willing to do to protect their daughter. He tries pushing her to admit she blew up Cyrus’s ship. She claims not to know what he’s talking about. As they continue bickering, and he keeps demanding to know what she’s done, she realizes he’s recording her. Carly grabs the phone, unable to believe he would go this far.

On the next General Hospital: Carly lets Jason deal with Jax.

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