Lenny dies on GH
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At the Tan-O, “Mike” tells Nina that he’s been thinking about the story that Lenny tells about meeting Phyllis on a fishing trip. He thinks they should recreate it. Nina isn’t sure how much Phyllis likes fishing. He points out it is more about the experience and the vacation than the fishing. Nina likes the idea.

Mike surprises Nina gh

Phyllis and Lenny relax out on the porch and watch the sunset. Phyllis leaves to refresh their drinks and finds Nina and “Mike” huddled together in the bar. She wonders what they are up to. “Mike” tells her that Nina will explain everything and he’ll go get Lenny. Outside, Mike finds Lenny has died. He heads back inside and Phyllis drops the pitcher of tea and gasps. She knows by the look on his face that Lenny has passed.

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They go outside and Phyllis takes Lenny’s hand. She can tell it was quick and peaceful. She asks for a moment alone with her husband. “Mike” and Nina leave her, and Phyllis breaks down in tears.

Back inside, “Mike” tells Nina that he can’t imagine losing a spouse like that and how it must be like never-ending pain. Nina gets a look on her face as he says that. He doesn’t remember who he lost in his former life, but this feeling of pain is so familiar to him. “Mike” wants to help support Phyllis. Nina takes his hands and says they’ll do it together.

At the hospital, Shawn and Sam meet with Dante and Jordan for an update. The cops reveal that the medical examiner has ruled Naomi’s death was unlikely an accident, and that she was injected with a powerful drug in the back of her neck.

Jordan pulls Shawn aside and asks if he really wants to get involved in this case. She suggests he let Sam investigate and that he focuses on what’s next for him. She points out he just got out of prison and being found at the scene of a murder could have gone bad if it was anyone but Dante on the case. She asks him to reconsider things and think about TJ. He agrees to think things over.

Jordan has a question for Shawn about his work GH

In Britt’s office, Jason arrives and finds Jax venting to the doctor about Jason. Jax confronts him about the ever-growing danger to his daughter. He knows Jason loves Carly and Joss and would give his life for them. However, he fears that with Joss living at Sonny’s place that she is in danger and a target. Jason points out that she’s always lived there, and he has his best bodyguard assigned to her. Jason swears that everything he is doing is to keep Cary and Joss safe. Jax feels his answers aren’t good enough, and he’s done co-parenting with the mob.

Jax upset with Jason GH

Elsewhere, Sam and Dante are interrupted by a call from Danny, so she excuses herself. Jax approaches Dante to speak about Joss’ safety now that Carly and Jason have taken over Sonny’s business. He informs Dante about Joey Novak approaching his daughter. Dante can’t do much given a crime hasn’t been committed. Jax gets that Dante’s hands are tied, but notes his aren’t, so he’ll do whatever it takes to protect his daughter.

Dante reconnects with Sam, who relays that Danny got locked out of some online game. Dante’s been there with Rocco, and jokes they could start a parental support group. Sam wonders when the first meeting is? Dante suggests now, and he knows a place that serves great beers. They head out together.

Dante asks Sam a question GH

Back in Britt’s office, Britt can see this is hard on Jason, and whatever is going on, is costing him. Britt asks why he came to her office. He explains he was looking for her out of concern that Joey Novak might target her because of their history. Britt reveals that nobody has approached her, and reminds him they are history. He awkwardly asks how she’s doing. Britt chimes that Huntington’s hasn’t reared its head yet. Jason wishes he could help her deal with this. She cries that he can’t and says to take care of himself. Jason departs.

Britt watches Jax confront Jason GH

At Wyndemere, Joss, Trina and Cam arrive for the party. Joss tells Spencer how amazing everything outside looks. Spencer says his father just texted and is over the Atlantic, so let the party begin. He gives them VIP bracelets giving them access to the house which none of the other guests have.

Spencer wants to cause trouble GH

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Trina and Joss go off to the west wing to change into their dresses, and Spencer has an outfit for Cam. In private, Joss confesses to Trina that Spencer likes her. She swore she wasn’t going to get involved, and won’t tell her who to date, but warns Trina that she doesn’t know Spencer like she does. Inside his fun exterior package is a messed-up guy who’s done some messed-up things. Joss explains he grew up super rich and there were never any limits imposed on him. He tends to push things too far without realizing it. Trina thanks Joss for looking out for her.

Meanwhile, Spencer loans some threads from Milan to Cam. Cam informs him that this party is too much and he’s trying too hard. He advises Spencer to stop acting like a jerk and putting up barriers because he finds out that people actually like him. The gang reconnects and Spencer tells them to prepare for an epic rager and a night of misbehaving. Elsewhere, a mysterious figure watches the kids from a distance.

Joss and Cam at Spencer's Party

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In the Corinthos kitchen, Carly gets another visit from Sonny. She was afraid recent developments had kept him away. He knows she’s planning to marry Jason. She is afraid of losing the perfect friendship and relationship she has with Jason, and marrying him could change everything. Sonny thinks she should be having this conversation not with him, but with Jason. Carly worries that marrying Jason will mean she’ll finally have to let go of Sonny. She says she’ll never love anyone like him, and she’ll love him forever. He tells her, “Right back at you,” and vanishes.

Carly gets visit from Sonny GH

Jason returns home and asks Carly if she’s okay. She says she is now and is glad he’s home.

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