Laura confronts Nikolas about prison GH
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At the Tan-O, “Mike” and Nina discuss Lenny choosing to come home from the hospital while they wait for news on his biopsy. Phyllis helps Lenny through the door and he proclaims he’s home and never leaving again. Lenny also doesn’t want them to treat him like he’s fragile. Phyllis wants to make sure his quality of life is good, but whatever lies ahead, she wants Lenny to savor the time he has left and enjoy it. Lenny puts on some music and invites Phyllis to dance as Nina and “Mike” cheer them on. The dance leaves Lenny out of breath, so Phyllis insists he rests. She suggests she’ll bring him tea and they’ll plan that trip they want to take.

Nina talks about happy futures gh

After Phyllis and Lenny depart, “Mike” tells Nina that he envies them. Nina knows some people live a lifetime and never find love like theirs. Nina looks at “Mike” and feels blessed to spend this time with him, no matter how much time they have left. “Mike” wonders if she’s talking about Lenny and Phyllis, or the two of them. Nina suggests they take Lenny’s advice and live every moment like it’s their last. “Mike” and Nina move in for a kiss.

Mike and Nina discuss the future GH

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In the Corinthos kitchen, Carly and Jason are interrupted by Joss, who carries a moving box. She’s trying to figure out what to take to the dorm and what to donate. Jason asks her about her bodyguard. Joss assures him everything has been fine, but her dad texted her and asked if she was okay. She found it odd. Carly admits her father found out about the run-in with Joey Novak. Jason also notes Cam is upset about it too, but promises they’ll take care of the situation. Joss sees Jason and her mom being perfect for one another and asks when the wedding will happen. Carly points out she was supposed to be on her way to meet her friends. Joss says that was subtle of her mom, but she does have to go. Joss announces that she’ll be home late because a bunch of them want to get together before they go off to college. Jason decides to assign Tony to be her guard given this event might have a lot of people. Joss departs.

Joss wonders when the wedding is GH

Jason tells Carly that he’s going to have to talk to Jax. Carly reminds Jason that Jax was never a fan of Sonny’s, and Jason was always the lesser of two evils. Jason responds, “Not anymore.” Carly feels Jax believes she’s picking him over the safety of their kids. Jason reminds her that they are doing this to protect their loved ones. Carly is afraid this will change everything between them. Jason says they’ll figure it out together. Carly asks him to drop Joss’ box of donations off at the community center. He heads out with the box, and Carly laments about having to learn to let go of the past and move forward. A vision of Sonny appears and notes, “That’s easier said than done.”

Carly and Jason talk business GH

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At the hospital, Britt runs into Jax and wonders why the long face. They go to her office and he unloads about his concern over Joss’ safety due to Carly and Jason’s marriage. Britt understands, but Jason might not be the problem but instead the solution. She reminds Jax that she’s alive because of Jason. Jax doesn’t understand how Jason causes so much damage yet has people lining up to forgive him for almost anything. He warns her not to fall into the trap of thinking Jason is some kind of hero. Britt still thinks he’s a good guy. Jax doesn’t think a good guy would put his daughter at risk. She suggests he tell Jason that. Jax turns around and finds Jason standing there.

Britt and Jax talk about Jarly on GH

Elsewhere, Trina finds Portia and Curtis talking. Portia is glad to see her daughter, but Trina only came to see Stella. Portia says she’s been cleared to go home, but she’ll check and see if she’s up for a visitor. Once alone, Curtis tells Trina that he’s been worried about her. Trina insists she’s fine. She believes she should have known the truth and Miss Henry did her a favor.

Trina is thankful to Stella

Portia enters Stella’s room, who worries there has been a complication. Portia says she’s still clear to go home, but her daughter would like to see her. Stella assumes she’s going to give her a piece of her mind, but Portia insists her daughter cares about her and it’s why she’s there.

Portia checks on Stella GH

Portia returns to Curtis and her daughter and lets Trina know that Stella is expecting her. Trina goes in to see her. Stella is glad she came and cries how very sorry she is for what she did. Trina says all she did was tell her the truth. Stella is still ashamed and embarrassed. She shouldn’t have judged her mother or confronted her in public.

Stella wonders about complications GH

Back in the hall, Curtis tells Portia that every kid eventually has to find out their parents aren’t perfect. Trina interrupts and tells Curtis that his aunt wants to see him. Curtis leaves, and Portia apologizes to her daughter for hurting her. She hopes Trina can forgive her. Trina confesses she is angry but she’s not sure with who or why. She has missed her mom, but tonight she’s hanging out with Cam, Spencer and Joss. However, they’ll talk more when she comes home.

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Back in her room, Stella tells Curtis that Trina is a fine young woman, and Portia must be a wonderful person to have raised a girl like that.

At the Metro Court pool, Cam questions Spencer about this party he’s throwing. Spencer says he invited some European friends who are flying in, and he invited Britt. He’s also bringing in one of the hottest DJs from Los Angeles.

Spencer pretends to be Victor GH

Joss arrives and finds Cam with Spencer. She asks if there is still going to be a party. He promises there is. Spencer notes the man in the background, and Joss explains it’s her bodyguard. Spencer gets it and says his dad keeps a close eye on him too. Spencer wants to make this night the night to remember.

At Ava’s gallery, Nikolas reveals that Spencer is their stalker. She thinks that is impossible. He tells her about the letter Spencer got from Ryan and the lie he caught him in about the cockroach. Nikolas theorizes Spencer has been home for far longer than they’ve realized and has been behind everything. Ava understands Spencer not liking her but asks why he would do this to Nikolas. Nikolas believes it’s because of how he hurt him by faking his death, and he needs to give Spencer a taste of his own medicine.

Ava learns Spencer is the stalker GH

Nikolas is sure his son is the stalker, and it’s up to him to help Spencer, even if he hates him for it. He swears for all their sakes that Spencer needs to be stopped. Ava begs him not to risk losing Spencer again. Nikolas is sure by the time the night is over he’ll have his son back and the two of them will be together again.

On the next General Hospital: “Mike” suggests to Nina they make long-term plans, and Spencer’s big party begins.

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