Ava questions Trina about her mom at gallery General Hospital
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Trina arrives at the gallery, chatting with Spencer on the phone about the decadent party he has planned. When Ava arrives, she tells Trina about her civil conversation with Spencer. She’s impressed by his devotion to his father. Trina opens up about her problems with her mother betraying her dad. Ava lectures that no mother is obligated to discuss her affairs with her children. Her mother’s marriage is none of her business and she needs to be more compassionate.

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Laura and Kevin question Nikolas at Wyndemere General Hospital

Kevin and Laura arrive at Wyndemere as Spencer brings Nikolas his bag. The doctor admits to Spencer that he has made mistakes, like treating Ryan, but the enmity that he has for him is hurting Laura. Spencer offers to put that behind them. When they learn the prince is headed for Dubai, Laura announces she will stay there to look after his son. Spencer insists he wants time alone. His grandmother isn’t having it. Nikolas says there’s staff and security already. Laura backs down and Nikolas apologizes to his son for his suspicions. Spencer says they should just forget it and strolls away. Laura wants to know what was so suspicious. Nikolas shows them the letter from Ryan. They read it and are appalled. Kevin needs to pay his brother a visit. Laura explains that Spencer and Ava have struck a truce. That explains why Nikolas got an email requesting he only speak to her lawyer.

Nikolas shows up at the gallery. Ava panics about the stalker. He tells her he knows who the stalker is.

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At General Hospital, Jordan runs into Portia at the nurses’ station and they catch up on Stella. The doctor thinks it may be good Stella doesn’t remember the last few days.

Stella asks Jordan for the truth at General Hospital

Curtis drops by to check on Stella. She asks him to pull some strings to get her released. He says it’s been done and he’s taking her home. His aunt feels like she upset people before her stroke. Jordan enters with flowers and Stella sends her nephew out. She quizzes the cop on what happened the last time they were together. Stella starts to recall the divorce papers but it’s all a blur. Jordan explains she made one final bid at reuniting with Curtis but it was too late. She thanks Stella for being so stubborn.

Portia and Curtis disucss Trina at General Hospital

At the nurses’ station, Portia tells Curtis that her daughter is still avoiding her. He wishes he had something useful to say. They talk about his aunt collapsing with an envelope that’s gone missing. Jordan arrives and Curtis walks off to get his aunt ready. The women discuss what happened with Trina. Jordan is sure they can get past their mistakes.

Back in Stella’s room, Curtis tells her about her confrontation with Portia and Trina hearing it. This upsets Stella. They rehash his marriage ending and she finally accepts it.

Curtis tells Portia that he explained what happened to Stella. She’s worried about how it affected Trina. As they hold hands, Trina shows up and spots them.

Laura and Kevin walk the halls. He’s determined to get to the bottom of the Ryan situation.

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Obrecht and Britt talk Jason at pool General Hospital

By the pool, Scott encourages Obrecht to flaunt her curves. She’s afraid she will combust. As they make out, Britt interrupts and calls for some decorum. She is impressed to see her mom so happy. The topics of Jason and Huntington’s quickly come up. Britt doesn’t want to talk about either. Her mom claims she ‘destroyed’ Jason yesterday with her words. “That’s like talking to a turnip,” Scott says. Obrecht is sure that Britt will haunt Jason forever. Spencer shows up and says hello to everyone. Britt leads him away to catch up. Scott is appalled to hear that Obrecht had an affair with Victor. She says he was dirt and Scott is the stars and then invites him to a medical conference in St. Lucia.

At the bar, Britt tells Spencer not to try using her to push his father away from Ava. He’s throwing a party and wants her to come. She turns that down and notices that he has ‘kick me’ written on his back in sunscreen.

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Jason tries to reassure Carly in Corinthos kitchen General Hospital

In the Corinthos kitchen, Jason gets Donna to use a spoon and she calls him daddy. That makes Carly smile but he looks uncomfortable. She sips coffee and tells Jason how good he makes it. The topic quickly changes to how the other families have turned against them. Jax is worried about Joey Novak going after Joss. He assures her that he will deal with Joey and won’t let anything happen to the kids. “You make it sound like they’re your kids,” she says, asking if he’s okay with being ‘daddy’ to Donna. He thinks she should call him Jason. She tells him how much Donna loves him, just like she does.

On the next General Hospital: “Mike” and Nina get closer.

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