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At the Metro Court, Shawn and Sam find Naomi’s door unlocked. They walk in and spot her body on the floor. Sam checks for a pulse and finds none. She thinks they should call this in, but Shawn reminds her that she’s still on parole and this could look bad for her. Sam decides to call someone she trusts.

Sam and Shawn find dead Naomi GH

Up at the pool, Nikolas approaches Trina and Spencer. Trina excuses herself to make a call so they can talk. Nikolas confronts his son with the letter from Ryan. He demands to know why the man who killed Ava’s daughter reached out to him and Spencer thought to say nothing. As they argue about Ava’s stalker, Spencer admits he knows Ryan isn’t the one who’s been threatening Ava. He knew Ryan was in a wheelchair and catatonic for over a year, so he can’t be the stalker much less have sent that cockroach. That’s why he returned the letter unopened and thought nothing more of it. Spencer has made no secret how he feels about Ava, but it doesn’t mean he’s in league with Ryan Chamberlain. Trina returns, and Nikolas apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Nikolas sets a trap GH

Nikolas walks off and looks at the letter envelope and realizes the letter was returned before the stalking occurred, which contradicts Spencer’s claim of when he returned it. Nikolas returns to his son and says he just got off the phone and has to go to Dubai on business. He’ll be gone for a few days and is trusting him to take care of Wyndemere. After Nikolas leaves, Spencer tells Trina now is the perfect time to throw the party. In a corner, Nikolas overhears this, books a room at the Metro Court, and plans to make sure Spencer’s party is one he won’t forget.

Spencer has a secret GH

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned gets off a call and is fuming. He tells Olivia they have trouble thanks to Tracy. On the patio, Michael speaks to BLQ about what he and Willow are going through. She is worried about where this leaves Chase. Suddenly Ned enters to call a meeting because they are looking at a major crisis.

BLQ is not happy with Michael GH

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Dante arrives at the hospital and runs into Finn. The detective explains he’s there working on the August case and asks Finn how he and Anna ended up in that basement. Before Finn can answer, Dante gets a call from Sam about Hayden’s mother.

Finn surprised by Dante's news GH

Elsewhere, Monica runs into Willow, who’s excited — it’s her first day as a student nurse and she’s shadowing Liz. Monica suddenly gets a text from Ned and has to head out. Liz gives Willow a tour, and they run into Felix. Felix decides to quiz Willow to see what she’s learned, and she passes. He warns her to be prepared for Epiphany’s return because she will be tough on her.

Nurse willow GH

In Austin’s office, Chase reveals his decision to end his marriage to Willow and walk away. Austin suggests he not settle for a graceful exit and instead make an impactful one. Chase believes he put Willow in a horrible situation and boxed her into a marriage out of guilt. Austin reminds him that Michael has a part in all of this, so shouldn’t he pay for what he’s done? Austin comes clean about his current challenge of Edward Quartermaine’s will and that before his death Edward and his father began to reconcile. He believes the evidence is in Edward’s office, which has been left intact. He asks Chase to help him uncover the truth and use his proximity to the family to help him reclaim what’s his. He accuses the Quartermaines of being cheats through and through and they feel they are entitled to everything.

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Dante arrives at Naomi’s room, followed by Finn, who thought he could help. Shawn reveals Naomi’s been dead for a while. The coroner arrives, and Sam and Shawn fill Dante in on their investigation and meeting with Naomi. They recount the tirade she went on about how Hayden was a terrible mother and hated Violet. Finn says that is not true. A powerful prescription is found in the bathroom, and Dante wonders if it was suicide. Finn refuses to believe that because Naomi made arrangements to see Violet and wanted a relationship with her. Shawn believes Naomi was murdered, and Sam notes that Naomi referred to Hayden by her full name and claimed her middle name was Abigail. However that isn’t true, and the way she was talking gave her and Shawn the impression she was tipping them off. They all deduce someone was likely watching the conversation. Shawn and Sam suspect that Naomi knew where Hayden was, and someone doesn’t want them to find her.

Dante investigates dead body GH

Monica arrives home and Ned reveals that he spoke to Tracy, who shockingly was expecting Austin to surface. Ned explains that as Edward’s health was failing he reached out to Jimmy Lee. As they were corresponding through letters, Tracy found out and started to intercept them, likely to keep Jimmy Lee from getting a cut of the fortune. He believes there may be evidence that gives credence to Austin’s claim that Edward wanted to change his will. BLQ asks how they deal with this. Ned notes if Edward wanted to change his will to put Jimmy Lee back in, and if they deny Austin his shares, then they are no better than Tracy. Monica points out there is no way to know what Edward wanted. BLQ believes all they can do is go with the will they have, and Michael agrees. Ned says then he’ll move forward with trying to cut a deal with Austin. Ned, Olivia and Monica depart, and Brook Lynn gets back to what she and Michael were discussing before. Michael says all he can say is that he and Willow are trying to do the best by Chase.

In the foyer, Olivia tells Ned that she’s proud that he was willing to put the company at stake to do the right thing. He knows he still has to prove he’s worthy of her, and he will keep trying.

Ned reveals news about Tracy GH

Finn returns to the hospital and Liz notes he’s not looking so great. Finn reveals that Naomi is dead. He doesn’t know how to break this to Violet. She offers to help him tell his daughter.

In his office, Austin pushes Chase not to let Michael get away with the company and the woman he loves. Chase says he should go. Austin is counting on him and hope’s he’s in. Chase wheels out of the office and runs into Willow. She asks him if everything is okay? He says it’s not, and he claims he’s still unable to walk and he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be stuck in the chair. Willow tells him to keep up the physical therapy and she’ll see him at home. He assures her that she will. Chase looks over at Austin and wheels off.

Chase is angry GH

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