Shawn and Sam are shocked by what they find in Naomi's room General Hospital
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Sam and Shawn knock on Naomi’s motel room door. They tell her they are her best shot at bringing Hayden home. He explains that he’s the one who went to prison for her shooting but it wasn’t him. He needs to find the real shooter. Naomi insists that she doesn’t know anything about her daughter and they are on terrible terms. They guess she’s been in contact. She admits that she sheltered Hayden when she needed money. After suggesting that Hayden was a bad mother who resented Violet, she says she never wants anything to do with her.

In the alley, Shawn and Sam don’t think that Naomi’s claims sit right. She calls Sam to check the details and realizes that Naomi deliberately gave them some wrong information.

Naomi and mystery man at motel General Hospital

Moments later, Shawn and Sam return and are horrified to see a body on the floor.

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Scott and Austin discuss his case at General Hospital

A peppy Scott drops by General Hospital to tell Austin about the schnitzel he’s been eating. He wonders how things are going at the Quartermaine mansion and warns his client what that family is capable of. The doctor doesn’t seem worried. He has an idea for how they can turn this longshot into a sure thing. The lawyer suggests they weaponize Michael’s indiscretion. Austin doesn’t want to do anything illicit but he’s sure there are letters by his father and Edward in that house that could change things. There’s a paper record that Edward was going to change his will. They need someone to snoop for them… like Chase.

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Willow and Michael talk truth at Quartermaine's General Hospital

Willow runs into Michael in the foyer of the Quartermaine house and tells him this cannot go on. As soon as Chase can take five steps on his own, she’ll tell him the truth. He feels like they’ve both gone too far enabling each other. They remember having sex last night and insist it can’t happen again until Chase knows the truth.

In the living room, Chase recalls his wedding with Willow until Brook Lynn blows in. She’s surprised he’s lasted so long in the house given all the chaos. Michael and Willow enter and Chase wheels away. Brook Lynn gets them to rehash what happened with Harmony. Willow says that Michael talked her down. They fuss over each other and Willow leaves. Brook Lynn has been watching and guesses they are more in love than ever. She’s not blaming them, but letting someone build a life on a lie isn’t cool. He says that not being cool is necessary sometimes. She knows the feeling.

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Chase vents to Austin at General Hospital

Chase meets with Austin at General Hospital. The doctor urges him to be careful after the setback he suffered last night. Chase insists he’s focused on recovery but then beats himself up for never noticing that his wife and best friend were having an affair. He has to end the marriage and leave them to live happily ever after. Austin says that’s one way to go.

Nikolas and Alexis find mail for Spencer at Springridge General Hospital

At Springridge, Nikolas and Alexis go through Ryan’s mail until she finds a letter to Spencer. The prince is livid. Alexis points out the letter was never even opened. He tears it open and reads it. It’s clear that Spencer has been telling him all about the Ava situation. Alexis thinks it’s time to panic. After getting flustered, Nikolas puts the pieces together and realizes that Ryan seems to be egging Spencer on to do what he couldn’t do to Ava himself. “He’s a ham, not a homicidal maniac,” she insists. She urges him not to accuse his son of anything. It could drive him away forever. He leaves with the letter. When Harmony learns this, she panics about what will happen if Ryan finds out.

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Spencer and Trina discuss her mother at pool General Hospital

Spencer wakes up by the pool and finds Trina has been watching him sleep. They discuss her mom. She doesn’t know what to do. She’s realized Portia isn’t who she thought she was. He urges her not to do what he would do. His vindictiveness usually comes back to bite him. It’s okay for her to have a bad reaction to her mom messing up. Now that she’s got that off her chest, he suggests they have a party. When he turns around, she notices ‘Kick Me’ is written on his back in lotion. She’s about to confess to this but Nikolas pops up and she takes off.

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