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At Sonny’s gym, Brando thanks Jason for their talk about what he’d be risking getting involved in the business because it helped him see what was important. Jason assumes Sasha gave him an ultimatum, and Brando admits she did. However given this past year, and almost dying at Cyrus’ hands, he could have left his baby without a father. He tells Jason that he’s lucky that he and Carly see eye to eye when it comes to the business. He wishes them a happy marriage.

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Sasha meets with BLQ at the Metro Court. Sasha praises her as their new social media director because sales are through the roof. Sasha has a surprise for her. Gladys appears, and Sasha introduces her new assistant. BLQ is shocked and asks Gladys about her experience and if she’s qualified for this job. Gladys says she sold house products for Colby Clean, but Brook Lynn says that was a pyramid scheme and the CEO is in prison. Gladys claims innocence and says if she has an issue with her then take it up with Sasha. She leaves and heads to the bar.

Gladys crashes meeting GH

Brook Lynn wonders what Sasha’s doing to her as Gladys doesn’t have the makings of a good assistant. Sasha reminds her that Gladys is Mike’s cousin. BLQ points out that Sonny didn’t care much for Gladys. At the bar, Gladys tries to sell cosmetics to a woman, but only insults her in the process. BLQ tells Sasha she’ll handle it, and agrees to do this for her sake and for Mike. As BLQ deals with Gladys, Brando arrives and meets with Sasha. Sasha is excited to see his place.

Up at the pool, Jax finds Carly folding towels. He thinks she has people for this, but she explains it’s for stress relief. Carly knows that Jax hates the idea of her marrying Jason. Jax understands that this marriage is more than just about them finding love in mourning Sonny together. Carly says she is keeping her family safe, but Jax tells her that this won’t work and she’s living on borrowed time.

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At the hospital, Terry talks to Britt about her proposal to expand their telemedicine offerings. Britt feels it would cost too much and they don’t have the budget this year. They bicker, and Britt reveals she has no intention of working with her as co-chief of staff and plans to tell Monica she is passing on the job. Terry points out that working together is in their best interest and in the hospital’s best interest. She advises Britt to think about it, and the alternative, someone who will run the hospital as a cost-effective business.

Elsewhere, TJ sits in a room with an unconscious Stella and begs her to come to. He says a lot of people are pulling for her, and his mom is one of them. In the waiting room, Cam and Joss arrive to see how Stella is doing. Portia and Curtis tell them that Cam’s quick thinking likely saved her. Portia explains it was a stroke, but a common type and she will recover. Cam reveals his mother taught him how to recognize the signs, and to keep a victim alert and not let them fall asleep. However, when Stella comes to there is something she needs to know.

Cam and Joss worried hospital GH

Cam tells them about the envelope Stella wanted him to mail, but it got soaked with coffee during all the commotion. Curtis will explain it to his aunty and it wasn’t his fault. Joss and Cam depart, and Curtis wonders if the way he talked to and treated Stella could have brought on the stroke. Portia assures him otherwise. TJ approaches and tells them Stella is coming to, so Portia goes to check on her.

stella had a stoke GH

In Stella’s room, Portia gives her a quick exam and then lets Curtis and TJ in. Stella wonders why she’s there, and they explain she had another stroke. Portia apologizes for coming down hard on her, and Curtis is sorry he left in anger last night. Stella knows the only one to blame for this is herself for causing all sorts of trouble. Curtis tells her about the envelope she needed to be mailed, but Stella can’t remember it and barely remembers being at Kelly’s. Portia tells her that she may remember in time, and they all want her to focus on her recovery.

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At Kelly’s, Cam and Joss are discussing what happened with Stella when Joey Novak approaches and introduces himself. He is a big fan of the PCU volleyball team and says he will be cheering her on during her big game, along with Jason and Carly. Joss has no idea who he is and advises he leave her alone. He asks Joss to tell Jason and her mom that he’ll be sitting right behind them at her game. Joss assures him that she will pass the message on and that Jason will definitely be looking for him. Joey leaves, and Joss has to find her mom. She tells Cam she needs to do this alone because it’s family business and the less he knows the better.

Joey Novak threatens Cam and Joss GH

Back at the Metro Court pool, Britt enters to see Carly with Jax. She walks by, and Carly asks Jax if they are still seeing one another. Jax notes they were never seeing one another. Carly feels bad for Britt. Jax walks over and joins Britt on some pool chairs. She tells him about her job opportunity, and that she’s not exactly a team player. As they talk about Jason and Carly, Jax delves into his history with Carly. He knows how she operates, and he knows when it’s best to stand aside. Britt gets what he’s doing, he’s making her realize her love for medicine and GH is bigger than her ego, so she should take the job. Britt thanks him and departs.

Jax gives Britt a talk GH

Later, Joss arrives and tells Carly about her run-in with Joey Novak, which Jax eavesdrops on. Carly will have Jason handle Joey, and she is going to assign a guard to shadow her at all times. Joss sighs but asks for Devon since he’s at least low-key. Joss heads to PCU for practice, and Jax confronts Carly for putting their daughter in danger.

Cam goes to the gym and takes his anger out on the bag. Jason offers him some fighting advice and asks who his target is. He says a loser who bothered Joss about him and Carly. He says this guy knew way too much about Joss, and he felt like an idiot because he couldn’t protect her. Jason asks what his name was, and Cam tells him, “Joey Novak.”

Brit returns to the hospital and tells Terry that she’s going to accept the job. Terry promises she won’t regret it. Britt suggests they talk to Monica together.

On the next General Hospital: Jason warns Joey of an all out war.

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