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In the foyer of the Quartermaine estate, Austin suggests that he and Chase go and get a beer and talk. The cop is determined to confront Willow and Michael for cheating on him. They head into the living room where Willow and Michael are taking photos with Wiley. Chase asks some pointed questions and thanks Michael for comforting Willow when he couldn’t. He knows Willow has had a trying day and offers to listen if she wants to talk later. He’s tired and wheels away fast.

Cam and Carly discuss Joss General Hospital

Monica takes Carly aside. She tells Carly that she’s always respected her bond with Jason and can accept their relationship. If she can get along with Tracy, she can get along with anybody. After she leaves Carly letting out a sigh of relief, Cameron pops up and tells her he wants to discuss his intentions toward Joss. He never wants to make her unhappy again. Carly is still concerned that he picked up a gun on impulse, but seems fine with them dating.

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Valentin and Brook Lynn discuss motives on Quartermaine patio General Hospital

On the patio, Valentin and Brook Lynn discuss how he plans to use Austin as leverage. She wonders if he’s always so calculating. He reminds her he was spontaneous the night they conceived Bailey. Austin pops up after looking at the rose garden. He recalls a story about Edward and his grandma. Brook Lynn gets defensive of the family and reminds him of why Jimmy Lee was excluded from the will.

Everyone gathers around Wiley in the living room to sing the birthday song and open his gifts.

Chase confronts Willow and Michael at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

In the foyer, Chase asks Austin to help him move out. Austin suggests they game this out. He urges him not to throw a marriage away until he’s sure there’s nothing left worth salvaging. When Michael and Willow appear, Chase tells his wife he can’t call it a night until they kiss.

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Spencer and Laura discuss his return outside Kelly's General Hospital

Laura meets with Spencer outside of Kelly’s and she wonders why he decided to come home now. He claims he only came back to make peace with his father. She asks where all of his resentment for Nikolas went. When he calls Kevin, ‘her husband’, she wonders if he has a problem with Dr. Collins. He does, and even compares him to Ryan. Changing the topic, Spencer claims he has high hopes for his relationship with his father now that Ava is out of the picture.

Stella wanted Curtis to realize something at Kelly's General Hospital

Inside Kelly’s, a distraught Stella tells Curtis she blew up a secret that will hurt a lot of people. She explains Trina overhearing her confrontation with Portia. This worries him. He tells her again to stay out of this while he does damage control.

Spencer and Laura sit at a table and go over the stalker situation. He claims that he’s reached out to Ava and they’ve reached a detente. She wonders if he’s found a way to be less antipathetic to her. Joss and Cam walk in and Spencer bickers with them before Cam heads to the kitchen to work. Laura reminds Spencer of what a hard time Cam has had and tells him to stop being petty.

Cam gives Stella her bill. She pulls out a letter and asks where the closest post office is before collapsing.

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Trina confronts Portia about Curtis at General Hospital

Trina confronts Portia at General Hospital for cheating on Taggert with Curtis. The doctor says it wouldn’t have been appropriate to tell her about it when she was a child. Trina thinks she was keeping the secret to protect herself. Her mom says things are complicated. Trina wonders how much Taggert knew about the affair. Portia confirms that he knew and understood. When she insists that Curtis was blameless, her daughter wonders if she’s been waiting for him for years. Trina asks what else she’s been keeping from her. Curtis steps off the elevator and tells them his aunt is sorry for what happened. Trina apologizes for accusing him of being a cheater. After her daughter walks off, Portia sobs.

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At Spring Ridge, Alexis tells Ryan that she will make sure he’s thrown into a hole if she notices any sign of his old malevolence. Harmony pops up, explaining she works as a nurse. As she prepares Ryan for feeding, she explains that he can hear and communicate. Alexis tries a few questions that he blinks answers to, but not when it comes to a question about Ava. Harmony wheels him away for treatment. When she returns, Alexis confronts her for her role in Dawn of Day and wonders if she’s looking for another charismatic leader. Harmony is sorry for all that happened. Alexis worries that she’s repeating her old patterns but Harmony insists she’s trying to move on and not make the same mistakes again. Later, as Alexis is called to her AA meeting, she sees Harmony receiving dictation from Ryan.

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