Chase learns of Willow and Michael's affair GH
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At the hospital, Trina, in tears, overhears Stella arguing with her mother about Portia cheating on Taggert with Curtis years ago. Portia informs Stella this is none of her business. Portia acknowledges that she picked Curtis up at a bar and stepped out on her husband, but it’s her life and her mistakes. She tells Stella this has nothing to do with her.

Portia tells Stella to back off GH


Portia walks away and turns the corner only to spot an upset Trina. Trina runs off, and Stella offers to go after her. Portia screams, “Don’t you go one step near my daughter!” Stella realizes that Trina didn’t know. Portia calls her daughter and leaves a message, and then blasts Stella. Stella says this was never her intention. Portia walks away.

Stella shocked by portia GH

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At Kelly’s, Curtis is shocked that Jordan doesn’t want to end their marriage. She believes that finalizing their divorce would be a huge mistake. They grab a table, and she says his aunt made her realize that she gave up too easily. She feels bad about the secrets she kept. He doesn’t know how they can move forward without trust. She promises to do the work and make things right.

Jordan fights for her marriage GH

Jordan quickly realizes by the look on his face that he feels differently. Curtis admits he will always love her, but the life they had isn’t the life he wants anymore. She wonders if that is because of Portia, but he says it is because of him. Jordan knew it was too little, too late, but she felt she should be honest. Jordan says goodbye and walks out.

Curtis shocked by Jordan GH

Joss arrives to see Cam, and he says his break doesn’t start for another twenty minutes. She takes a seat at the bar to order something. Spencer approaches and asks for a BLT and a frittata. Spencer and Joss get a table outside, and Cam brings them food. After Cam’s shift ends he and Joss take off.

Joss tells Cam no GH

Later, Trina appears in tears, and Spencer asks what is wrong. Trina sees her mom calling her phone and ignores it. She reveals she just found out something bad and her mother has been keeping things from her. Spencer relates and runs down his history with his own father. He explains how his father went from being his idol to a person who makes huge mistakes, but he’s still his dad. Spencer advises her mom deserves to have Trina hear her out, and he thinks she’ll feel better if she talks to her. Trina says she’ll think about it, and thanks him.

Trina opens up to Spencer GH

Trina returns to the hospital, finds her mother, and lets her know she’s not okay. Meanwhile, Stella arrives at Kelly’s and finds Curtis. In tears, she says she made a huge mistake.

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At the gatehouse, Chase wonders where Willow could be. Austin suggests she’s upstairs and offers to look. Up in the bedroom, Michael and Willow make love. Downstairs, Austin notices a shirt on the floor, and Chase recognizes it as Michael’s. He wonders what it’s doing there. Austin also finds a belt, and tells Chase that he’s sorry. Chase tries to make it upstairs, but can’t. Austin cautions himself not to push it. He advises Chase not to let Michael and Willow take his progress away from him.

Chase looks for Willow GH

Back upstairs, after making love, Willow gets an attack of conscience. Willow wants to be honest with Chase, but notes that every time she tries, she can’t seem to get the words out. Michael tells her this situation won’t be forever. Willow notes they should get back to the party. As they dress, Michael realizes his shirt is missing.

Willow tells Michael that he's her life GH

After Michael finishes dressing downstairs, he and Willow head back to the party. Chase and Austin emerge from the other room. Chase insists on going up to the bedroom to see it with his own eye. Austin helps him upstairs and Chase sees the bed has clearly been used and there is a condom wrapper on the nightstand. Chase knows if Willow is sleeping with Michael then it means she’s in love with him. He also deduces that Michael wouldn’t trash their friendship over a fling. Austin asks what he will do about this? Chase’s face seethes.

In the mansion, BLQ and Wiley are video chatting with Nina when Carly enters in the background and asks who they are talking to. The call is cut off, and Brook Lynn thinks the signal must have gotten dropped. Michael and Willow eventually return, and Willow asks about Chase. Nobody has seen him since he got into it with Willow’s mother.

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As Wiley opens his presents, BLQ thinks about Nina’s reluctance to turn her camera on earlier, and wonders if something is wrong. She suggests Valentin go to Nixon Falls to check on her. Valentin knows he won’t be welcomed there, but she doubts that’s ever stopped him.

Valentin heart to heart with BLQ GH

Outside on the patio, Joss and Cam talk about Trina and Spencer and what could be going on between them. Joss sees a whole lot of potential for Trina to be hurt by Spencer. They enter the house for the party. Joss takes a photo of Wiley with Michael and Willow so they can all remember this day. She calls them the most beautiful family.

Joss talks to Cam GH

In Nixon Falls, Nina hangs up her phone before “Mike” can see the screen and claims the call got dropped. She says she doesn’t get good service, so he offers his phone for her to call him back. Nina uses his phone to make a voice call, and “Mike” wishes he could have talked to her little guy, but knows she’ll introduce him eventually. Phyllis enters, and they ask how the biopsy went. She reveals Lenny has to stay over night because he had a reaction to the medication. She’s going back after getting some clothes, and Nina and “Mike” insist on returning with her.

Nina caught talking to Wiley and Carly GH

“Mike” excuses himself to make some calls to find someone to manage the bar, and Nina has a heart-to-heart with Phyllis. Phyllis acknowledges how this situation has her questioning everything. She misses her family and says she hasn’t spoken to them in years due to an old conflict. Now faced with losing Lenny, those old resentments feel pointless. Nina encourages her to make things right before it’s too late. Phyllis asks if Nina will take her own advice. Phyllis reveals she ran into Valentin in New York, and she thinks they have unfinished business. “Mike” hears from the background that Phyllis knows Valentin still cares for her. “Mike” emerges, and Phyllis leaves to gather Lenny’s clothes. He asks about her ex, and if Phyllis is right and she’s still connected to Valentin. Nina will never be indifferent to him, but she has moved on, and he is her past. “Mike” asks if Valentin knows she’s moved on, or will he show up here just like her other ex Jax.

On the next General Hospital: Trina asks Portia about Curtis and if she’s loved him this whole time, and Chase tells Michael and Willow that he has something to say to them both.

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