Austin wonders about the Quartermaines
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At the Metro Court, Spencer offers a truce to Ava. She tells him not to worry about trying to have a relationship with her because she’s out of Nikolas’ life. Spencer asks if she’s determined to get this divorce then why is she sending his father mixed signals, and brings up seeing them together earlier. She didn’t mean to have the close moment with Nikolas he witnessed. He sternly tells her that her intentions don’t matter and her actions do. Spencer is worried about his father’s safety with this stalker, who easily gained access to Wyndemere. She tells him not to worry about Nikolas because the stalker will leave him alone as long as they are divorced. He begs her to make his father stop fighting the divorce. Ava admits she has been holding onto a bit of hope, but he’s right and she should cut off all communication with Nikolas. She’s also glad Spencer is back because his father missed him. Spencer realizes he returned just in time.

At the bar, Jason and Carly discuss attending Wiley’s party, and she says it will be their first family thing as a couple.

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At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael and Willow discuss spoiling Wiley for his birthday. As Willow wraps the gifts, Michael asks Willow how she’s doing given this is also the anniversary of her son’s death. Willow says she visited Jonah’s grave this morning, and Michael wishes he could have gone with her. She says that Chase was there, and she was grateful for that, but she does wish that it was Michael with her. The two discuss how next year they’ll celebrate both Wiley and Jonah’s birthdays together, and they kiss. Carly knocks on the door and she and Jason enter, giving Michael and Willow enough time to break away from one another.

Michael and Willow can't stay away from one another GH

Carly sends Michael to spend time with Jason so she can chat with Willow. Alone, Carly says she knows Michael loves her, and she can see Willow loves him too. She warns her that if she can see this, others will too. Willow doesn’t want to hurt Chase, but it’s becoming harder to hide her feelings for Michael Carly knows she’s in a hard situation. Willow thanks Carly for the talk, and for accepting her into her family. She always wanted a family growing up, and she never had talks like this with her mother. They hug. Meanwhile, in the cemetery, a mystery woman places flowers on Jonah’s grave.

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Out on the porch, Michael opens up to Jason about being in love with Willow and that she returns his feelings. Willow only married Chase because of his health, and they’ve been waiting till he recovers to tell him. Jason is sure he’ll make the right decision.

In the mansion, Brook Lynn admires the decorations for Wiley’s party. Chase says it was all Olivia’s doing because he can’t do much in this chair. He can’t wait to be able to walk and prove to Willow that he’s back. Valentin enters accompanied by Austin. Brook Lynn wonders what he’s doing there. Austin reveals Michael invited him and said it was a family celebration. Austin introduces himself to Chase, and Monica enters and is glad that Austin was able to make it. Valentin warns Austin that the Quartermaines are a test in Darwinism and its survival of the fittest. He warns Austin that Michael and Ned view him as the enemy. Monica suspects Valentin is offering himself as an ally to Austin. Brook Lynn pulls Valentin aside and into the foyer and tells him to back off, and that if Austin is a Quartermaine then he won’t side with Valentin over his family. Valentin thinks she’s scared by Austin for some reason. She covers and says the jury is still out on Austin, and he may know more about what happened with Maxie and Louise than he’s saying.

Back in the living room, Monica excuses herself to check with Olivia and find out if everything is ready. Alone, Austin asks Chase to level with him and if he needs to watch his back with these Quartermaines. Chase says they’ve been good to him, and they protect their own. Austin wonders what Chase does, and he reveals he’s a detective. Brook Lynn returns as Austin asks Chase if there are any leads on Maxie’s baby. Chase can’t discuss an open investigation. Austin remembers the delivery, as well as being conked on the head, and reveals he’s been having strange dreams of hearing Maxie talking with someone else. Chase thinks perhaps he heard the nurse while unconscious. BLQ appears panicked.

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Later, Valentin asks Austin for a lunch date to discuss ELQ, and how he can help the company to continue to thrive. Chase excuses himself to rest, and Michael and Jason enter with gifts for Wiley. Valentin tells Michael that he and Austin were just discussing ELQ. Michael makes it clear that Ned is the CEO the company needs, not Valentin. Carly and Willow arrive, and Willow asks about Chase. Brook Lynn informs her that he just went to rest and he’s fine.

In another room, Chase attempts to stand up, and as is able to. He then tries to take a step and Austin spies from the background as Chase walks. Meanwhile, Willow goes to find Chase, when the doorbell rings. She answers and is shocked by who it is.

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Sam meets with Shawn in the park and gives him the bad news that nobody has any idea where Hayden is. They talk about Hayden’s connection to Drew, and that it was Drew that Shawn was supposed to kill that day. Shawn reminds her that nobody knew who he was then, and it was on Sonny’s orders. Fortunately, Jordan made him miss that shot. Sam suggests she go back to the scene of the crime, and advises Shawn to let her take care of the investigation. She thinks he should be enjoying his freedom. He wants a fresh start, but he has to find the person who tried to kill Hayden because who knows how many other people they hurt.

Nikolas arrives at Liz’s house and asks if she’s okay and if she heard from Hayden. Liz hasn’t, and Sam was there asking about Hayden’s shooting. She brings up Shawn denying shooting Hayden, and she recalls Nikolas telling her that he shot Hayden to protect her when she was being blackmailed by Hayden and Rick for lying about Drew’s identity. Nikolas reminds her of their later conversation in which he told her he lied about that, and was simply trying to make Liz think that he’d do anything to protect her and that he wanted her to love him. Nikolas claims he didn’t have her shot, so she wonders who did. Nikolas reminds her who Hayden was back then and how many enemies she had and made. Liz felt that Hayden wanted a fresh start after Violet was born. They talk about how they both have moved on too, and Nikolas says life goes on. He leaves, and Liz still appears suspicious.

Nikolas swears he didn't shoot Hayden GH

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