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Joss arrives at Cam’s house and they share a kiss which a surprised Liz walks in on. Joss quickly excuses herself, and Cam tells his mom that he was going to tell her about his relationship with Joss. He admits he’s used to going to Franco with these kinds of things. They embrace, and she knows how tough it is not having Franco around. Cam later heads out to meet up with Joss.

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At the Metro Court pool, Ava and Trina arrive to work remotely. Ava feels it’s justified, and Trina should use this summer before college to spend with friends. Spencer appears and agrees. Ava heads to the bar to order a drink and tells Trina to order whatever she wants from the pool menu on her. Alone, Nikolas thinks that’s generous of Ava. Trina tells Spencer that Ava’s been a good friend to her, and she wants to repay her by finding out who is stalking her and Nikolas.

Trina realizes Joss is warning her GH

Trina grabs a deck chair, and Spencer snags one next to her. He wonders what he should order on Ava’s tab. Trina thinks he should be able to afford his own drinks. When Spencer brags about the type of galas he can afford to throw, Joss arrives, and Trina announces that Spencer is offering to throw them a party. Spencer says he’s not offering anything yet. Cam enters and Trina reiterates that Spencer was offering to throw a party to make things up to her, but now he’s backing out. Spencer announces, “What the lady wants, the lady gets.” He tells Trina to get ready for the biggest party that Port Charles has seen. After Spencer leaves, Joss warns Trina that Spencer sometimes thinks he’s so incredible that it’s obnoxious. Trina wonders if she’s warning her away from Spencer. Joss won’t judge if she wants to see him, or Victor, and is only here to support her.

Joss warns Trina about Spencer GH

Sam meets with Nikolas in the Metro Court and tells him that she’s working with Shawn to find out who shot Hayden. She was hoping Hayden may have said something to Nikolas about the incident. He reminds her that his marriage to Hayden was unconventional. He’s tried to find her for Liz and Violet’s sake, but she’s all but disappeared. Sam asks him to let her know if he hears anything from her. Nikolas cautions her that Hayden had toxic friends and made questionable choices, so if she goes looking for her, prepare to bring trouble to her doorstep.

Nikolas gives Sam a warning

Later, Ava runs into Nikolas at the bar, and Nikolas informs her that he saw Ryan at Springridge and he is definitely not capable of being the stalker. Ava feels this makes things worse because they have no idea who the stalker is. As long as he’s out there, they can’t be together. Nikolas hates seeing her hurting, and she doesn’t like seeing the pain in his eyes either. They embrace and admit they miss the other. In the background, Spencer spies.

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At the Quartermaine residence, everyone is planning for Wiley’s birthday party. Chase arrives in the foyer and Valentin, who is on his way out, realizes he owes him an apology. Valentin is the reason Peter was raised by Faison, and he turned a blind eye for too long to his bad traits. Chase says only Peter is responsible for Peter’s actions, and the one good thing that came from him is that it sped up his marriage to Willow. Valentin tells Chase that he’s a good man and heads out.

In the living room, Olivia compliments Brook Lynn for being a great mother to Bailey. Olivia leaves, and Brook Lynn tells Louise that she’s better off bonding with Valentin than her real father, and it’s best the two of them don’t get attached and she should save her adoring looks for her real mother. Chase wheels in and asks what she means by real mother. She claims she just doesn’t feel like she’s a real mother, but Chase says she is and she’s wonderful with Bailey. Later, alone, BLQ admits she’s growing attached to Bailey.

Brook Lynn and Louise GH

Dante arrives at Anna’s place to discuss the case. The detective tells her that the blood found in the lab was droplets, rather than a smear, which means Peter was carried out of the basement or walked out on his own. As Dante leaves, he runs into Valentin at Anna’s door.

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Valentin joins Anna in the living room, and Anna brings him up to speed on Finn being the man on the roof with Peter, what occurred, and that Finn is convinced that Peter is dead. However, when she and Finn investigated Helena’s lab they discovered that Peter’s body was gone from the freezer. She also explains the traces of blood found, and that Peter was either carried out or walked out. Valentin thinks they need to find Peter, alive or dead, before the PCPD. He hates to admit it, but it’s much more likely that Peter is alive, which means they have problems. If he’s alive then he’s had weeks to cover his tracks and get away. Anna wished he was dead so she didn’t have to kill him. Valentin says that is where they differ. He swears if Peter is alive that he will find, kill and bury him to protect his loved ones.

Valentin wonders about Finn GH

Dante arrives at the Quartermaine mansion and chats with his mother. Olivia says that Rocco is excited that Dante’s taking him to see Lulu. Dante gets the feeling Olivia has something to tell him that he doesn’t want to hear. Olivia says every time he visits Lulu it takes a toll on him, and even though he’s back at the PCPD, he deserves to have a life. She’s noticed lately he’s seemed to not be as burdened by the guilt of what happened with Lulu, and she wonders if that has to do with Sam. He says Sam is only a friend, but Olivia can see the spark in his eyes when he talks about her. Dante admits it might be time to start thinking about letting go of Lulu. As far as Sam goes, he lovingly tells his mom to butt out.

Dante feels Olivia has bad news GH

Sam arrives at Liz’s place and explains she needs to find Liz’s sister Hayden. Sam reveals she’s also looking into who shot Hayden to help clear Shawn’s name, and asks if Hayden ever mentioned the shooting. Liz thinks back to a conversation she had with someone about who was behind the shooting. Liz claims she doesn’t know anything. Sam feels Shawn believes Hayden knew who tried to kill her. Liz knows that Hayden changed after Violet was born and would not stay away from her for this long, so perhaps something happened and she can’t come back. After Sam leaves, Liz calls Nikolas and orders him to come over because they need to talk about what he did to Hayden.

Liz makes a call about Hayden GH

Back at the Metro Court, Nikolas leaves Ava after Liz’s call, and Spencer approaches a crying Ava. She wonders what he wants. He admits he misdirected a lot of anger towards her, and he’s seen how much she and his father love one another. He extends his hand and asks if they can declare a truce.

Spencer offers peace with Ava GH

On the next General Hospital: Liz confronts Nikolas about shooting Hayden. Spencer asks Ava why she’s giving his father mixed signals. Michael tells Jason that he’s going to take a page out of his playbook.

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