Anna wonders where Peter is GH
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At the Metro Court, Laura congratulates Carly on her engagement to Jason, orders champagne, and feels it is important to celebrate the good times. Gladys appears and asks when the wedding is so she can put it in her calendar. Carly says they haven’t set a date, and not to worry because she won’t be on the guest list.

Laura questions Carly's marriage GH

At another table, Brando tells Sasha that he told Carly he doesn’t want to work for Sonny’s business, and she was understanding. Sasha’s phone chimes and she says it was an alarm to remind her to look for a bigger apartment. Brando thinks maybe one day the three of them will move in together. She wonders if the baby is the third person or Gladys.

Brando offers three wishes GH

Brando notices his mother causing drama at the bar with Carly and pulls her away. Gladys joins Brando and Sasha at their table, and they discuss getting prepared for the baby. Gladys points out there isn’t much room at Brando’s place for both her and the baby. Brando informs his mom that it’s time she moves out. Gladys thinks Sasha put him up to this, but Brando says this is his decision and he needs her room as a nursery for the baby.

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Gladys Accuses Sasha of sabotage GH

Gladys asks how Brando will pay both his and her rent. He won’t and tells her that it’s time she gets a job. Gladys doesn’t know who would hire her. Sasha offers her a job at Deception as an administrative assistant. Glady thinks it sounds tedious, but Sasha spins it as a glamourous job with perks like freebies. Gladys agrees to take it and excitedly heads home to get ready for her new job. Brando applauds Sasha’s handling of his mother and getting her out of their hair.

Gladys accuses Sasha GH

Back at the bar, Carly admits to Laura that she still loves and misses Sonny and thinks about him a thousand times a day. Laura tells her that Sonny will always be a part of her, and it’s only natural that her friendship with Jason evolved to something more. Carly knows marrying Jason is the right thing, and tells herself that Sonny would approve. Laura is sure he’d be glad she had Jason to look after her.

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Up at the pool, Trina opens up to Joss that her mom told her she was seeing someone and admits it is Curtis. She has suspected something had been going on between them for a while, and she even thought it was why Curtis and Jordan split. She asked Jordan, who said it was her secrets that led to their split. However, Trina still senses Curtis and her mom may have been together earlier and Curtis cheated on Jordan. She worries if Curtis did that to Jordan, then he could do it to her mom.

Joss warns Trina about Spencer GH

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At Portia’s place, she and Curtis kiss, and she can’t believe this is real. Portia pours them some wine, and Curtis asks about Trina’s reaction to her news. Portia says she just wants her to be happy. Curtis asks how much she told Trina about them, especially their past affair. Portia hasn’t told her anything and doesn’t feel Trina needs to know about them.

Portia afraid to tell Trina GH

Curtis worries that secrets come out and to just ask Jordan. He points out that too many people know about their affair, and it’s bound to get out. Portia still feels it’s nothing for Trina to know. Curtis realizes they are having a fight, but she calls it a disagreement and it’s over. Portia suggests he speak to Jordan, and then they plan their first official date.

Curtis wants to be honest with Trina GH

In her office, Jordan questions Dante about his report on the helicopter pilot, and the vague description of who he saw on the roof with Peter. She wonders if Anna told him anything about what she suspects. Suddenly Jordan gets an alert from Monica that the cameras at the hospital have been knocked out again, and she thinks they should investigate.

Dante answers Jordan's questions GH

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In Helena’s lab under General Hospital, Finn and Anna are shocked that the freezer is empty. Anna asks who else knew about Peter. He swears nobody else knew that he hid Peter there, so she asks if he is sure that Peter was dead. Finn would know if someone was dead, but Anna thinks given the situation he could have made a mistake.

Finn knows Peter was dead GH

In the hospital, Liz worries that Anna got to the body and that Finn confessed to her. Jason is positive he beat Anna to the basement, and it’s possible someone else moved the body. Jason tells her that he had Spinelli search the footage to see if anyone else went into the basement. Jason’s phone rings, and it’s Spinelli with an answer. Spinelli has found no evidence of anyone recently going to the basement, and with the cameras off for weeks, there is no way to know who took Peter’s body.

Jason knows how to prove if Peter is dead GH

Liz reminds Jason that most people don’t know that sub-basement exists and it’s not on the floor plans. Jason asks her to take him through what happened, so she recounts the events of the day through flashbacks. Jason wonders if Peter could have been alive and they made a mistake in their panic state. Otherwise, he suspects someone saw her and Finn and that person took Peter’s body away. Liz decides it’s time to call Anna and Finn.

Liz hopes they can find out where Peter is GH

Dante and Jordan arrive at the hospital and are brought up to speed by the hospital chief of security about the cameras surrounding the basement being disabled. He leads them to the basement and they make their way down. They are surprised to find Anna and Finn in Helena’s lab and wonder why they are down there. Anna says she traced Peter’s possible footsteps from the roof the day he went missing, and she’s familiar with this basement. Finn explains he saw Anna heading to the roof and offered to help her. Dante meanwhile finds blood by the side of the freezer. Jordan says this has officially become a crime scene. Anna tells Jordan that she and Finn didn’t think to glove up, so their prints are likely all over this basement.

Dante and Jordan catch Finn and Anna GH

Later, Anna tells Finn they have to find out what happened to Peter. She offers to find out what the police know and suggests he talk to Liz.

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Back up in the hospital, Finn meets with Liz and Jason. Liz tells him that Jason knows everything, and Finn says so does Anna. Finn has left Liz out of things, but Anna suspects he had help moving Peter’s body. Jason thinks for now the two of them may be off the hook with no body to connect them to Peter’s murder.

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