Anna and Finn open the freezer GH
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Finn leads Anna to Helena’s lab under General Hospital and tells her that Peter’s in the freezer. He admits, “Peter August is dead, I killed him.” Finn explains what happened, but leaves Liz out of the story. Anna asks why he didn’t come to her. He says it wouldn’t have helped her find Louise, and he couldn’t leave Violet without a father. He apologizes for being so hard on her for keeping secrets given he did the same.

Anna and Finn and the Freezer GH

Anna realizes Finn couldn’t have transported Peter to the basement alone. Finn says what happened was on him and no one else, but Anna reveals if she could connect him to what happened, then the PCPD won’t be far behind. She understands him wanting to protect someone but Finn swears it was only him. Anna always feared one day she’d have to identify Peter’s body. They open the freezer, only to find it’s empty!

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Up in the hospital, Liz meets with Scott and asks him how the law defines justifiable homicide. Scott explains it comes down to a situation of kill or be killed. He recalls a friend of hers needing legal advice recently involving a disappearance, and he can’t help them because it would be a conflict of interest seeing that she is his priority. He asks her to tell him what is going on. Liz would if she could, but other people are involved. Liz says her friend needs help and she can’t turn on them. Scott advises she stay quiet and not talk because justifiable homicide doesn’t apply here. He advises if the police come to her that she stays quiet and to call him.

Liz confides in Scott GH

Elsewhere, Jason calls Spinelli and asks for another favor, to locate something. Later he finds Liz and Scott, and Scott hopes Jason isn’t the friend Liz spoke of. She swears he isn’t. Scott departs, and Liz fears Anna knows about Peter. She hopes Jason got to Peter before Anna did. Jason reveals he got to the freezer but Peter’s body wasn’t there.

At the Metro Court pool, Carly asks Joss why she’s not with Trina and Cam. Joss is about to tell her something until Spencer interrupts. He gives Carly his condolences about Sonny but also congratulates her on marrying Jason. He notes there is something safe and familiar about a friend, as Joss and Cam know seeing how long it took for them to get together. Carly is surprised, and Spencer realizes Joss hadn’t told her mother. Joss pushes him in the pool and wishes he’d stayed in Europe. Spencer yells that he’s tired of being pushed into the pool. Joss informs her mother that she was just about to tell her about Cam.

Joss shares news with Carly GH

Carly pulls her daughter aside and says she can’t keep pushing Spencer into the pool as it’s a safety hazard. Joss feels he deserved it and hopes Trina stays away from him. Carly asks if they should discuss Trina and Spencer, or her and Cameron. Joss confesses that she and Cam just started seeing one another, and she didn’t want to say anything until there was something to say. She says it came to a shock to her and Cam as well, and wonders if that’s what happened to her and Jason. Carly says it was a little different for them.

Carly gets news from Joss GH

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Shawn runs into Curtis and they discuss his freedom. Shawn notes he still has problems and challenges, and he was hoping Curtis could help him look into who shot Hayden. Curtis tells him that he’s not in the PI game any longer, which Shawn says Sam mentioned. Shawn is working with Sam but hoped Curtis could be of help. Curtis isn’t sure how he can help and asks Shawn what he will do after he finds Hayden’s shooter. Shawn doesn’t know. Curtis heard he has managerial experience, and he needs help running the club from someone he can trust. Shawn can’t promise anything long-term. After he finds who shot Hayden then he has to figure out what life he wants for himself. Curtis will accept any help he can give for as long as he can, so Shawn accepts.

Shawn asks Curtis for help GH

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Trina arrives home and brings up how her mom got in late from work last night. Portia admits she went out with Terry for some fun at The Savoy with Curtis. Trina assumes they hung out together, but Portia admits Terry pushed her to seek out Curtis. She explains it is a new thing for them both, and they are taking it slow. Portia likes Curtis and would like to spend more time with him, and wants to know how Trina feels.

Trina talks with her mom about Curtis GH

Trina just wants her mom to be happy, and wonders how long this has been going on. Portia has feelings for Curtis, but only last night did they agree to see one another. Trina asks if Jordan knows because she thought they were friends. Portia is going to speak to Jordan but wanted to talk to her first. Trina hopes things work out for her, and Trina heads out to meet with Joss. Later Curtis stops by, and Portia fills him in on her talk with Trina. He’s surprised he told her, but she says it felt good. Curtis realizes he should tell Jordan before she finds out another way.

Stella stops in to see Jordan at work to find out what she’s doing to save her marriage. Jordan fills her in on seeing Curtis and Portia kissing last night. Stella thinks it’s time she has a talk with them, but Jordan begs her to let this go. She says Curtis is moving on and now she needs to as well. Jordan signs the divorce papers and puts them in her outbox to be delivered. Jordan holds back tears as she says soon the rest of her life can begin. An officer interrupts and tells Jordan that she’s needed in interrogation. After Jordan leaves, Stella snatches the divorce papers and puts them in her purse.

Stella gets an update on Curtis GH

Back at the pool, Shawn approaches Carly and Joss and tells Joss how grown up she’s gotten. Joss excuses herself to talk to Trina, who has big news for her. Before Trina can say anything, Spencer interrupts, and Joss threatens to toss him into the pool again. He moans that he only tried to help Trina with her parent trapping Nikolas and Ava, and he’s over helping people. He walks away.

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Meanwhile, Carly is glad to see Shawn and hopes they can talk about his future with her family. Shawn says he’s going to be working for Curtis. Carly is sad for her and Jason and could use him, but Shawn knows they can handle anything. Carly says he’ll always have a place with them if he needs it.

On the next General Hospital: Curtis wants to be honest with Trina about his and Portia’s past, Jason is on the case and the search for Peter begins.

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