Liz tells Jason Peter is dead in park General Hospital
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Liz and Jason walk along the path in the park. He’s sure she’s in trouble and offers his help. When she claims she can’t explain, he reminds her of the children. Instantly, she tells him how Peter died. She has no remorse for what happened to him but feels terrible for Maxie. The nurse explains the body is in Helena’s sub-basement freezer. “I’m going to make this go away,” he says.

Liz interrupts Finn and Anna at General Hospital

Anna drops by Finn’s office at General Hospital and tells him the hunt for Peter has taken her somewhere she didn’t expect. Gradually, she explains what she learned from the helicopter pilot and slowly unpacks the implications. Before she can get to the point, Liz bursts in. The doctor assures her everything is okay and sends her out. Anna tells Finn that whoever was with Peter before he disappeared might be given special consideration. She’s sure the police will be coming soon so this is his last shot to stay ahead of it. “Tell me what happened,” she says. He offers to show her.

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Monica announces her decision to Britt and Terry at General Hospital

In Monica’s office, she meets with Britt and Terry to discuss who the next Chief of Staff will be. Britt claims that she did all she could to save the hospital from Cyrus and nearly lost her life. Terry thinks the hospital needs a clean break and Britt’s reputation is not clean. Monica says they are both qualified so she’s appointing them as co-chiefs. This doesn’t make Britt happy and she storms out. Terry wonders if that’s the end of the offer. Monica is sure Obrecht will talk her daughter around. But this is a package deal, and if they don’t both accept it, they’re both out.

Walking the corridor, Jason calls Spinelli for a favor and then bumps into Britt. She wonders if he’s talked to Monica about them. He hasn’t and walks away as she demands money for the toothbrush she bought for him. Terry eavesdrops.

At the nurses’ station, Terry wonders to Liz if Britt isn’t as bad as her reputation. The nurse doesn’t think so. Britt interrupts and Liz runs off. Terry makes a jab about dental hygiene to Britt before suggesting she’s refusing the job because of her ex. Britt says if she refuses it, it’s because it’s a demotion.

Jason goes to the sub-basement and finds the freezer.

Finn takes Anna down to the freezer and tells her Peter is in it.

Back in Monica’s office, the head of security visits and informs her that someone is tampering with the security system.

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Nina and "Mike" reunite at Tan-O General Hospital

“Mike” and Nina flirt at the Tan-O. She asks him to get more beer and admires his stubble. He admits how hard it was to resist going to Port Charles to get her. She excitedly tells him all about Wiley and admits his grandma has been compassionate. Nina confesses that she dreams about making a future with him there, but doesn’t see how that’s possible. She’s more worried that her life in Port Charles will taint the life they have there than the other way around. “Mike” doesn’t want the old him to come back. He would give up his old life to have her. After they take a selfie, she says she’s tired. Instead of coffee, he offers her a dance and turns on the jukebox. After he spins her around, they kiss and she tells him she’ll see him in the morning.

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Sam and Jax discuss Alexis at pool General Hospital

Sam and Shawn lounge at the pool until she spots Jax and strolls over. She fills him in on her mom’s changed circumstances. Shawn interrupts and they inform Jax that he is not the person who shot Hayden. They explain the situation to him and ask for help finding Hayden. He tells them they were never close and she cut off all communications when she left. Although he tried to find her before, he had no luck. He suspects that staying away is to protect Violet and urges them to try speaking to Liz. He adds that he and Hayden were working with Nikolas so they should likely start with him.

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Alexis runs into Ryan in prison General Hospital

Alexis is shocked to run into Ryan at her new prison. She waves her hand before his eyes with no response. Nikolas pops up, unhappy to see his old enemy. He never would have had her transferred there if he knew Chamberlain was an inmate. They discuss Spencer’s return and the collapse of his marriage. He needs to find the stalker before it’s too late with Ava. They wonder who could be imitating Ryan.

On the next General Hospital: Spencer ruins Joss’ plans.

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