Alexis gets a visitor in prison GH
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Anna meets with Valentin at the Quartermaine estate. They realize they should be looking for one of Peter’s enemies, not his accomplices. The pilot, David Hopkins, was scared off by a man on the roof. Whoever it was had something to do with Peter disappearing. Presumably, he’s dead and Finn was involved. She has already seen the proof of this in the doctor’s body language.

Anna has a theory about Peter on GH

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Shawn stops by the PCPD to see Jordan. He has news from his lawyer.

Shawn talks to Jordan on GH

In the interrogation room, Sam and Alexis talk about the facility she’s being sent to. Alexis may be grateful for the shift, but it’s still a prison. Shawn and Jordan enter and he announces he’s now free and Carson is being asked to resign. Sam is jealous that he doesn’t even get parole. Shawn is determined to track down whoever shot Hayden. He wants Sam to help him but she has to check with her parole officer.

Jordan takes Alexis for a tour of the new prison and warns that she can be sent back to Pentonville if she doesn’t behave herself. Once the commissioner leaves her alone, Alexis is startled to see Ryan wheeled in.

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Nina returns to Nixon Falls GH

At the Tan-O, Phyllis and “Mike” try to stop Lenny from doing heavy lifting around the pub. Nina shows up and everyone is thrilled to see her. Lenny takes her aside and tells her he’s grateful for her help. He’s going into the surgery with a lot of reservations. Pancreatic cancer is often a death sentence and he doesn’t want to give Phyllis false hope. He asks her not to let his wife hold on when the worst happens. Phyllis interrupts and Lenny goes to the bar with her. Nina tells “Mike” she’s happy to be there for them. The four of them raise their beers to toast to family. Nina tells “Mike” that she will be staying as long as she’s needed.

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Finn and Liz discuss Peter at General Hospital until Terry interrupts and starts ranting about how he deserves to die.

Britt chats with Austin at GH

Coming down the stairs, Britt thinks about Jason. He appears and they have a tense exchange. Austin interrupts and they get him to step away so they can give each other the silent treatment. Once Stone Cold walks off, Britt tells Austin she’s looking for allies as she goes up for Chief of Staff. She offers to sign off on anything he needs in exchange for advocating on her behalf. He agrees. She then has a confrontation with Terry.

Jason talks about Carly on GH

Jason meets with Monica. He tells her the research Spinelli did confirms everything Austin claims. She changes the topic to his engagement. Her heart hurts every time she thinks of what Carly did to his brother. Carly always used AJ to get to him and destroyed him in the process. Jason says everyone made mistakes back then. He thinks Carly has learned to be more trusting and insists they know what they are doing. Monica just wants him to be happy and gets him to confirm that the marriage is his choice. They hug and he exits.

Monica brings Terry and Britt to her office to tell them who her recommendation for Chief of Staff is.

Finn and Liz discuss Peter's body GH

Finn and Liz take a walk outside and wonder what to do with Peter’s corpse. She suggests they get Terry to shut off the cameras but he shoots that down. He doesn’t want to risk the body being found with her DNA on it. Liz repeats that they should go to Jason. As they debate this, Jason listens in from behind a tree. Once the doctor departs, Jason calls to Liz and tells her they need to talk. “If you know what happened to Peter, tell me. Let me help,” he says.

Anna stops by Finn’s office to talk about Peter’s disappearance.

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Spencer and Trina talk his secret on GH

Nikolas meets his son by the pool. As Spencer goes off to change, Ava and Trina arrive. Trina leaves them alone to find a spot. She sees Spencer and crosses to him with an idea of how he can repay her for his deception. They need to convince Ava and Nikolas to reunite. Spencer is skeptical and not a fan of Ava. Trina is determined to do it on her own then.

Ava at the pool on GH

Later, Nikolas and Ava both receive complimentary drinks. She assumes it’s from Austin and leaps up to thank him just as Nikolas gets up to thank Ava. Spencer tells them that this was all Trina’s doing. She apologizes but just wants them to be happy. After she strides off, Ava makes it clear to the prince that they are still divorcing.

On the next General Hospital: Shawn goes looking for answers.

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