Portia tells Curtis she's interested at The Savoy General Hospital
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At the Metro Court, Stella wonders why Jordan isn’t fighting for her man. Jordan is friends with Portia and won’t ask her to back away from something that could make her happy. Stella tells her you can’t quit marriage when it gets tough. Jordan insists Curtis is done and she can’t fight him on a divorce he wants. Stella wonders if she’s throwing in the towel because she feels guilty. If there’s anything left unsaid, she needs to see Curtis and say it.

At The Savoy, Curtis isn’t totally pleased with the opening night… until Portia arrives. She tells him she’s still interested. When they sit down, she gets tongue-tied. Once they establish that they like each other, she admits she hasn’t dated seriously since her divorce. She’s gun-shy and unsure how much of what’s between them is real rather than nostalgia. When he assumes she just wants to leave it in the past, she asks what he wants. She’d never forgive herself if they didn’t try again. Taking a risk may terrify them, but they don’t want to delay it. As they kiss, Jordan walks in and spots them. She runs out in tears.

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Anna and Dante talk confidentiality at PCPD General Hospital

At the PCPD, Anna fills Dante in on her investigation into Peter’s disappearance. There’s a vague description of the man who was on the roof with Peter but they need to keep it confidential. The cop wonders why she is working so closely with Valentin when she barely trusts him. She’s defensive. They ponder who the guy could have been and assume it must have been someone working for Cyrus. He apologizes if he’s been difficult. They rehash how hard things were when he first came back. Dante is still seeing Kevin and Sam has helped him. He’d like to repay her by tracking down Peter.

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Olivia and Sam discuss Dante at Metro Court General Hospital

At the bar, Gladys asks Olivia for the inside scoop on what Carly is willing to do for her son. Sam interrupts and quickly drives Gladys away. Liv immediately starts filling Sam in on the family drama around Austin. When she brings up the Fourth, Sam blurts out, “Dante told you about that?” Liv is confused. Dante arrives and they fumble through an explanation of them falling in the harbor. Olivia doesn’t know what to make of that and gets back to work. Sam asks the cop if he’s embarrassed he kissed her. He points out she’s been avoiding him ever since. Liv watches as they navigate around this. Nervously stroking their own hair, they both insist that they don’t think of each other ‘that way’. His mom eventually comes over and asks them to do whatever they are doing in private because it’s putting the diners off.

Brando tells Sasha his choice at pool General Hospital

Brando finds Sasha sitting by the pool. He knows she doesn’t want to raise a child in a world of crime and he doesn’t want that either. “I choose you and our baby,” he says. As they kiss, Gladys arrives and scowls at them before interrupting to complain about Carly not offering him a spot in the family business. Brando says he would turn it down. Everything he wants is with Sasha. Gladys orders her son to get her a drink. When he walks away, Sasha assures Gladys that Brando won’t regret his decision. Gladys made the same promise to herself.

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Finn tells Liz he feels haunted at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Finn admits to Liz that he’s feeling haunted by Peter. She tries to be reassuring but he doesn’t think anyone gets away with murder. The nurse insists a lot of people wanted him dead and he deserved it. She’s confident they’ll find a way out of this.

Anna drops in and asks Liz for a list of staff members on duty the night Peter disappeared. Finn helps wheel Chase into the elevator. Once he’s gone, Anna tells Finn about the progress of her search. The doctor wonders if Peter even got his hands on the baby. She wishes she’d just put a bullet in Peter. Finn doesn’t think she means that. He’s about to say more when Liz interrupts and he walks away.

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Brook Lynn quizzes Valentin about Anna at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

Valentin breezes into the Quartermaine estate, eager to see Bailey. After he does, Brook Lynn asks him about his adventures with Anna. He’s evasive and insists they are only a ‘team’. Getting a drink, he fills her in on some of his past with Anna and how Peter changed things between them. Whatever his feelings for her are, what’s important now is that they find August and the baby. Chase arrives and Valentin makes himself scarce. Brook Lynn tells Chase about getting into a mess with good intentions.

Valentin calls Anna and she tells him they need to start looking for Peter’s enemy, not his ally.

On the next General Hospital: Anna has a major realization about Peter.

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