Chase tells Willow he's frustrated at General Hospital
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Shawn and Jordan have dinner at the Metro Court. He’s eager to find his own place and find out who really shot Hayden. Nikolas can hear this from across the room and interrupts to ask if there’s been any progress on Ava’s stalker case. Stella pops up and yelps at Shawn. He stands up and she lashes out at him for killing her nephew. He suggests they do this in private and they step away. Nikolas returns to quizzing the commissioner about the investigation. She tells him to leave it to the police.

Stella orders Shawn out at Metro Court General Hospital

In the hallway, Shawn offers to listen to Stella’s anger. That only makes her angrier. He reminds her that he is TJ’s biological father and loves him. He just never had the chance to be his father before. Stella thinks he should still be in jail. Jordan interrupts to stand up for Shawn. Stella isn’t about to make peace with him. Shawn agrees to do his best to stay away and walks off. This leaves Stella to lecture Jordan about not taking the chance to revive her relationship with Curtis.

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Britt catches up with Spencer at pool General Hospital

Britt drops by the pool and is surprised to bump into Spencer. They catch up and she encourages him to rebuild the relationship with his father. He happily recalls all the stunts that terrified Ava away. As she gets them drinks, Nikolas calls his son and Spencer encourages him to drop by. He shows up moments later and Spencer instantly takes off. The prince apologizes for accusing Britt of being a stalker. After he leaves, Spencer returns and Britt tells him that trying to play matchmaker isn’t cool. He just wants his father to move on from Ava.

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Trina and Ava discuss Victor in park General Hospital

Ava walks in the park and asks her bodyguard to hold back for a moment while she talks to Trina. Jerome asks her about the new guy. Trina tells her that “Victor” is fun but there’s some weirdness with his family. As they stroll, Trina insists they are just friends and not dating. Ava encourages her to take a chance with him but be careful.

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Terry and Portia talk The Savoy at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Terry tells Portia that they need to go to The Savoy for opening night. Portia tries to suggest somewhere else. Terry wonders why she really doesn’t want to go so her friend opens up about Curtis and how much she still wants him. Portia gets upset as she explains her history with Curtis and her fears. Terry encourages her to give him another shot.

Sasha tells Michael she has doubts at General Hospital

Michael bumps into Sasha and they talk about her nutrition plans. He’s sure Brando would like to help her with all that, but she’s not sure she wants him to. Brando is a great guy, but she thinks they want different things. They agree to be sympathetic ears for each other.

Willow walks in on Chase while he’s doing rehab. He falls over. Chase doesn’t feel like he can be her husband. They can’t even share the same bed. He wants love, not pity. After she exits, Sasha joins him and he asks if Willow has said anything to her. He can tell there is something going on. She reminds him that Willow is human and she holds things in. When he’s left alone, he gives himself a pep talk and manages to pull himself up on the exercise bars.

Michael finds Willow outside. She tells him how frustrated Chase is. He’s taking it out on himself and all she can give him is platitudes. Michael insists she’s doing an incredible job supporting Chase, but she thinks she’s being unfair to both of them. She can’t keep asking Michael to put their relationship on hold. He’ll wait as long as it takes. She wishes things were different.

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Curtis gives advice to Brando at The Savoy General Hospital

Brando is at The Savoy to drown his sorrows. Spinelli joins him and tells him of his relationship woes. Ellie has left him after nine years because he couldn’t distance himself from his friends in the mob. Later, Curtis stops by the table and Brando tells him about Sasha giving him an ultimatum. Curtis suggests she was just being honest about what she can live with. Brando realizes he’s being an idiot and there’s no way he could walk away from Sasha. Portia wanders in. She and Curtis smile when they spot each other.

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